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Do you want to move internationally? Then, it is time to organize your relocation. It takes time to do everything properly since moving internationally is the most difficult type of relocation. Therefore, it is important to find global international movers since moving alone is impossible. In addition to this, if you are a music fan and have a piano, it would be a shame to leave it behind. There is no reason to move without your piano, especially if it makes you happy. For this reason, here is how you should move your piano. Then, here is how the cost of moving a piano overseas so you can prepare your budget in advance.

What is the cost of moving a piano overseas?

Moving the piano internationally, such as moving from USA to Europe, would be the most expensive relocation. Such a service costs between $2,000 and $5,000. You should find movers that will assist you in calculating the approximate cost of your instrument’s transport. Additionally, movers should help you in relocating your upright or grand piano and provide top-notch services. You should not hire movers that have no experience in moving a piano internationally. This would only result in a big disaster. Therefore, when looking for movers, make sure to check their credentials. If something happens to your piano during the long transport, it is going to be very expensive to replace or repair it. Not to mention the trouble of finding a place where you can fix your piano in a foreign country. Avoid this by hiring reliable and trustworthy movers.

The cost of moving a piano overseas in dollars
The cost of moving a piano overseas is usually between $2000 to $5000

Where to find movers?

Finding international piano movers is one of the first stages in transporting a piano. If movers can transport your piano abroad, they could or might not be freight forwarders. The freight forwarder coordinates with the steamship line and consolidates the goods for transportation into containers. The company will pick up your products and transport them to the freight forwarder, who will inform you of the steamship line, port, dates of departure and arrival, and container number that your goods will travel on. To protect them from excessive humidity while in transportation, piano manufacturers usually wrap their instruments in airtight plastic. As you can see, the process of shipping your piano is long. For this reason, you need to find movers. Here are all the ways to do it.

  • Suggested by your friends and family members
  • Ask in stores where they sell pianos
  • Search online
  • Ask on your social media

How to pack your piano?

Your piano should be properly wrapped before being secured to a sideboard for international shipping. To guarantee that the sideboard doesn’t move during shipping, it will be attached to a platform with the piano. The sides of the container will be around the piano to keep it safe during transport. To further guarantee there is no moving during shipment, the spaces will be filled with hard packing material. Movers will label the box, seal it, and place it into a vehicle for transportation to the ship via air or sea. This is how you should pack and prepare your piano for overseas relocation. It is better to have professional movers handling everything since it is important to do every step properly. Your piano shouldn’t move during transportation since any movement can cause great damage. This is the most effective way to prevent any damage.

ships with cargo
Your piano needs to be packed properly when shipping it via air or sea

Do you need to get insurance when moving your piano internationally?

It is advised that you buy insurance on the item’s replacement value at the destination. Think about every insurance choice the moving company is presenting to you. Replacement value insurance often only covers a portion of the item’s worth. Find out if your homeowner’s insurance will cover the shipping of your piano if you have it, or do more research and get a separate type of insurance for your shipment. If you are wondering if you should get insurance when moving a piano internationally, the answer is yes. Pianos are usually quite expensive. In addition, it takes more effort and special moving equipment to move your piano. Again, since the distance is quite large, you need to insure not only your piano but also all the household items of great value. There is no need to insure everyday items you can easily replace.

The problem of shipping pianos made of ivory

If the piano you intend to move contains ivory keytops, you can run into difficulties. Many countries will require the removal of ivory from the piano due to the international ban on the manufacturing and sale of ivory. If the piano is older than 100 years, it could be permitted to pass through with the right paperwork issued by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Give yourself at least 3 months days to obtain the required paperwork. On the other hand, if your piano is younger than 100 years old, either don’t move it or prepare to have the keys re-topped with plastic before shipping. If you decide to get your piano keys back, do it before the relocation since the customs officials could damage the keys when they remove the ivory. If your piano doesn’t contain any ivory, you shouldn’t have any problems.

wooden piano
Check if your piano contains ivory

Should you move your piano internationally?

The answer is yes. You should not leave your piano behind, especially if you are permanently moving to a foreign country. For this reason, now you know the cost of moving a piano overseas. Take your time to find reliable and suitable movers for your relocation. Make sure to check whether they are offering piano moving services to the destination of your choice. Then, prepare your budget and all the necessary documents for the relocation. Since it is an international relocation, you will need to start with your moving preparations at least a couple of months in advance. It is important to give yourself enough time to organize everything properly.

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