The importance of furniture padding when moving overseas

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    There is a lot on your mind, besides furniture padding when moving overseas. Unless you are prepared to have some of your belongings damaged, you better start to think about securing your furniture for relocation. Check with your international movers New York if they will do the packing or do it on your own. As you can imagine, your furniture will endure a lot of handling, especially with an overseas move. Either way, it is important to use furniture padding for both nearby and long distance moves.

    What is furniture padding?

    If you haven’t moved before, you’re not probably familiar with furniture padding. They are also known as moving blankets, bubble wraps, etc. and they are used to protect furniture and other fragile pieces. Usually, professional international furniture movers use paddings to wrap furniture and prevent any possible damage during transport.

    Bubble wrap
    Bubble wrap is commonly used for protecting furniture

    Furniture padding is usually made from a blend of materials. There are furniture pads from polyester, microfiber, cotton, etc. All of them are heavy-duty, durable covers, designed to protect furniture during transport. You could also use it inside of overseas moving boxes, for better protection of your belongings. They are designed to absorb a shock, knocks, and prevent scrapes. There are various types and sizes of furniture padding, the most common is the size and shape of the blanket.

    Why do you need to use furniture padding when moving overseas?

    There are so many reasons for using furniture padding. When you are moving, especially long distance or overseas, like moving from USA to Spain. You won’t be able to supervise or even be present for most of the relocation process. Therefore it is crucial to secure items as best as possible.  Use furniture padding when moving overseas and prevent the damage from shifting and bumping during transport. They are, in a way, a buffer zone between your furniture and the boxes or crates. This way, your belongings will stay undamaged.

    couple using furniture padding when moving overseas
    Good padding will keep your furniture safe

    If you have an antique furniture piece and you can’t disassemble it, use furniture pads. They are useful on this particular occasion. Wrap padding around the piece of furniture, paying attention to the legs, handles, and similar parts that are sticking out. Furniture padding will prevent those parts from breaking. The best way to be sure is to wrap first the legs, handles, etc, and then wrap the rest of that piece of furniture. Use furniture padding to move bulky or heavy furniture around your home. If you place padding beneath the furniture, you will be able to move them easily. Keep floors and walls safe from damage during moving in and out.

    Applying proper furniture padding when relocating overseas is the best thing you can do for the safety of your items

    As you can see furniture padding when moving overseas is one of the most important things when it comes to the safety of your items. Make sure that you apply them well and find good movers to help you along the way.

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