The pros and cons of living in Norway

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If you are moving to Norway, you are in for an experience of a lifetime. It is a beautiful and very unique country with so many interesting and different things to do. Still, even though Norway is a modern and well-developed country, Americans who decide to move here may have difficulties adapting. If you are still in the deciding stage, and you are still not sure whether living in Norway is a thing for you, Transparent International NYC has prepared this article with all the major pros and cons of that decision.  Take a look and see whether moving to Northern Europe is a good choice.

Many things will be different if you are coming to Norway from the US

As we already mentioned, you are in for a change. If you are moving to Norway from the USA there will be many things that you will find different, interesting, but also frustrating. However, you will be moving to a modern and wealthy country with a high standard so any kind of problem that you encounter will be easy to solve and overcome. Still, because Norway is such a unique country, there are many things that could fall under both the pro and con category. Naturally, depending on your own preferences. For example the weather. The weather in Norway may be considered a bit extreme.

However, if you like snow and winter temperatures, you are in for a treat.  Nevertheless, let’s take a look at what are the pros and cons of moving to Norway. Read them before you start searching for overseas relocation services. An international move is an expensive process and you do not want to make a mistake and move half-way across the world just to realize you made a mistake.

a man looking at fjord
Norway is beautiful but you will have to adapt to certain things

Pros of living in Norway

  • High standard
  • Fantastic nature
  • Quality housing
  • Language

Cons of living in Norway

  • High expenses
  • Employment
  • Cultural differences

Norway is a wealthy country with a high standard

The number one advantage of moving to Norway is the high standard. If you have found a job in a Norwegian company you can expect to have higher pay than you had back in the US. Therefore you will have no trouble covering your relocation costs. And you will not have to spend days researching international moving companies and comparing international moving quotes. You can just find a company that is reliable and will be enough.

You will enjoy a beautiful and unique nature

One of the things that are so specific to Norway is its nature. If you are planning to00 move to this beautiful country you have surely had an opportunity to see how this magnificent country looks like. Fantastic mountains, hills, and famous fjords. That is certainly one of the biggest advantages when it comes to all Scandinavian countries.

Homes in Norway are of great quality

If you are moving to Norway you will be able to enjoy their quality housing. All homes in Norway are well built and well maintained and up to the high standard that this country is trying to sustain. Norway has a bit of extreme weather. So the houses there need to be in perfect condition to be able to protect its dwellers from snow and cold, which this country is famous for. This is is going to be a change for anyone moving to Norway from USA.

Norwegian homes
Generally, Norwegian homes are of better quality than in the US

Almost everyone in Norway speaks English

Another great thing that you will see when coming from the US is the usage of the English language. English in Norway is widely spoken and you will have no trouble communicating even with older people. Imagine how many problems you can encounter in a country that doesn’t speak English so well. Luckily, in Norway, you will have no such problems.

The high cost of living is one of the major downsides of moving to Norway

When it comes to the cons of moving to Norway, one of the first things that come to people’s minds is the expenses. Norway has one of the highest median home incomes in the world. Still, the cost of living in this country certainly follows. Luckily, if you decided to move to Norway because of the high wage, do not worry. Even with such high expenses, you will be able to save plenty.

It can be difficult to find a job in Norway if you are an expat

Surprisingly, finding a job in Norway is not that easy for an expat. You will have to compete with their highly educated locals for the job. Their laws and regulations in this country make it nearly impossible to get fired. Combine that with their natural responsibility and you will get a system where people rarely leave their jobs. For this and a few more reasons, finding a job for an expat can be very difficult. Still, you wouldn’t be moving there if you haven’t found a job already.

You need to adapt to a different culture

Another con of moving not just to Norway but to any other foreign country is the cultural differences that you will need to overcome. Luckily, Norway is a western country with similar values as in the US. So you will probably have no difficulties adapting.

a woman crocheting
Norwegian culture is different so you will have to adapt to certain customs

Weather can be both good and bad

Finally, one very distinctive thing about Norway that can be both good and bad is the weather. Of course, it all depends on your preferences and, of course, the place you are coming from. If you are moving to Norway from Florida, for example, adapting to low temperatures, snow, and rain can be pretty problematic. If on the other hand, you are coming here from Alaska, you will have no trouble adapting to Norwegian weather and you might even enjoy it.

You will enjoy Norway, that is for sure

These are the major pros and cons of living in Norway.  Naturally, there are many more things that you will need to consider before you actually decide whether to move there or not. Still, one thing is for sure, you are in for a change that you will enjoy.

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