The pros and cons of moving to Spain

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Spain is one of the most beautiful countries and a hotspot for all the ex-pats. Having said that, ex-pats occasionally struggle to integrate, so it’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself before relocating. There are many things to like about Spain. However, you should have reasonable expectations if you have a comprehensive understanding of the nation, its culture, its advantages, and its drawbacks. For this reason, here are all the pros and cons of moving to Spain. The benefits and disadvantages listed here are general perceptions most people have. You might have a different experience but it is important to know what to expect before hiring international movers New York and moving to this Mediterranean country.

Culture and the cost of living

Spanish people know how to have a good time and enjoy life. Their rich culture, active social life, and plenty of leisure activities attest to this. Spaniards adore getting out, whether it be to bars, restaurants serving tapas, museums, or cafes where they can people-watch. A tip to remember, don’t count on anything being open on Sundays. In addition, they are frequently friendly and chatty. People moving from USA to Spain won’t experience any major culture shock because there are sizable ex-pat populations in major cities. In addition, Spain’s cost of living is fairly affordable when compared to other places like the United States. Major Spanish cities like Madrid and Barcelona are far less expensive than New York, or Los Angeles. You will have cheaper food and eating options, low-cost healthcare, affordable transportation, and affordable rent and utility costs.

aerial view of Barcelona
The biggest advantage of living in Spain would be its rich culture

Healthcare system and living in cities

The healthcare system is another advantage you can expect when moving to Spain. Basic and preventative care is guaranteed. The Spanish Social Security system is also accessible to ex-pats who work there and retirees. You won’t be required to pay anything to see a doctor or obtain any necessary treatments if you are eligible for public healthcare. Furthermore, private insurance coverage is fairly comprehensive and reasonably priced if you need private healthcare because of your visa. Spain boasts some of the world’s top cities and towns. It will be hard to choose one and have international furniture movers deliver your items there. Here are some suggestions.

  • Madrid – a busy metropolis with rich Spanish history
  • Barcelona – offers a more global feel with a Catalan flair
  • Valencia – combines the allure of the coast with an urban cool vibe
  • Seville – more typically Spanish
  • Bilbao – great food and art

Work culture and housing

Low productivity and extended working hours are a huge disadvantages of Spanish overseas relocation. Work hours are between 9 am and 6 pm or 10 am to 7 pm. Additionally, a lot of jobs need you to take your summer vacation the most. Generally, August is considered a holiday month. Spain, sadly, has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, and the labor market is quite competitive. The majority of young Spaniards are educated to the point that they possess multiple degrees. As a result, you’ll frequently be up against overeducated Spaniards who have little to no job experience. In addition, get used to apartment life. While some apartments come with a balcony or terrace, many do not include outside areas. Check if your apartment is indoors for insulation or sunshine you receive. Be aware that heating and cooling systems may not be present in apartments.

people talking about The pros and cons of moving to Spain
People tend to live in apartments in large cities

Natural spaces and bureaucracy

Spain is home to several magnificent mountain ranges as well as its world-renowned beaches. Beyond this, Spain lacks a variety of natural spaces. Spain’s natural beauty may or may not suit your tastes. In addition, outside of the main tourist districts, parks are frequently found to be poorly maintained with trash and worn-out signs. Camping and hiking are not popular like in the US. Furthermore, you often need to register with several offices and complete paperwork. Be ready to wait a long time in line. Things move slowly, and the majority of governmental organizations do not fully adhere to working hours or schedules. Simple tasks might take days or even weeks to complete. Finally, everything is in Spanish. You won’t find many government employees that are bilingual. Therefore, bring a Spanish-speaking friend, hire a translator, or see an attorney.

The pros and cons of moving to Spain are the weather and language barrier

You can see the weather and the language barrier as both a pro and cons of moving to Spain. Get ready for the heat as early as May to as late as October because Spain tends to have long summers. The intense heat can be a major disadvantage since it prevents you from going outside from 12 to 8 pm. However, the northern regions of the nation are cloudier with considerable snowfall in the winter. Spain often has significantly warmer winters than nations further north. On the other hand, Spain’s official language is Spanish. Given that Spanish is one of the top most spoken languages in the world, it is a great advantage if you are fluent. English and other languages are not common throughout the nation. Depending on your level of fluency and your willingness to study Spanish, your life will be either harder or easier.

people at the beach
The weather is hot but you can spend your days at the beach

Should you move to Spain?

Moving internationally is always exciting. You can experience life in another country, meet new people, try the local cuisine, and so much more. The same applies when you want to live in Spain. For this reason, it is important to know all the pros and cons of moving to Spain. This way, you can see whether life in Spain is suitable for you or not. As you can see, the major advantage would be the rich culture and relatively low cost of living. However, a high level of unemployment and low salaries are something to be worried about. Lastly, you should learn Spanish since relying only on English might make your life there less enjoyable.

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