The pros and cons of ocean freight forwarding

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Ocean freight forwarding is one of the most used ways of transporting items. It’s suitable for the transport of any kind of goods from moving boxes to cars and even planes. Of course, as with everything else, it also has its advantages and disadvantages. It is very important for you to be familiar with all of them before you make any kind of decision. In order to give you a helping hand, we at Transparent International NYC are going to present you with both pros and cons of ocean freight transportation. After reading this article, you will know exactly what to expect and what to pay special attention to.

Ocean freight forwarding is cost-efficient

In comparison to the road, rail, and air freight rates, ocean freight rates are more affordable. As a matter of fact, on some occasions, it is more than 50% cheaper than air freight. You see, the maintenance costs are much lower. This is one of the main reasons why ocean freight rates are not high.

A wallet in a pocket
Ocean freight forwarding is probably the most cost-effective way to have your belongings transported

So, if you are relocating to Australia, for example, feel free to count on this kind of freight. It is advisable to hire international movers to Australia who will help you get to your new home stress-freely. They will help you by completing several tasks on your behalf and you will have fewer things to take care of.

It is also great for bulky goods

Heavy and bulky items can be a massive problem sometimes. They require a lot of space, their weight is greater in comparison to a great majority of other items, it takes a lot of time to move them around, etc. These are all the reasons why ocean freight forwarding is the best solution. Since ocean freight rates are not high, you will even get to save some money. In fact, you can find out how large the costs of forwarding your freight are going to be. All you should do is to ask for international moving quotes and you will see that this really pays off.

You will know that your belongings are safe

Ships are designed to transport dangerous materials and critical cargo safely. This means that you should feel free to put your trust in them since you will know that your belongings will be in great hands. It has happened before that a certain freight gets misplaced, but things have changed greatly during the past decade.

Ocean freight
You will not have to worry about the condition of your belongings – they are going to be safe

The overall security is much greater than before, which means that you will get to welcome all of your belongings to your new home in perfect condition.

Ocean freight forwarding is slow

Once you find yourself in your new home, you would like to have your belongings with you as soon as possible. However, should you choose ocean freight forwarding, you will have to be patient. Ocean transportation is quite a time-consuming mode. It can take even a month before your goods arrive. Luckily, there is something you can do about the matter. If you already know that you are going to send your goods by ship, you can send the most important items in advance. In this way, you will wait for them for only a week or two, depending on when you send them.

You will have more paperwork to do

Yes, this is a cheaper way of having your items delivered to your new home, but that does not mean that the process itself is less complex. Namely, if you are doing this on your own, you will have a lot of paperwork to finish. You will need a lot of time to learn what documents you are going to need and then to fill them in.

If you are going through this on your own, you will have to fill in a lot of documents

However, there is one thing you can do – hire a professional. They are going to complete this step on your behalf, which will give you more time to complete some other tasks. You should make a plan for your relocation in advance. That way, you are going to finish everything on time.

Prepare yourself for some additional costs

Even though this is the most cost-efficient way of forwarding your freight, there are going to be some additional costs. These can be some additional taxes, duties, and fees. One way in which you can prevent this from being a shock to you is by asking your freight forwarder what you can expect. They will surely provide you with all the important pieces of information. This way, you will know for sure how much this service is going to cost you, and you will be prepared. It is advisable to put some money aside, even before you start with preparations for your relocation. Bear in mind that, usually, people need more money than planned for this process.

We have presented you with both pros and cons of ocean freight forwarding. The final decision is only up to you. Bear in mind that the most important advantage is the lower costs, while the greatest disadvantage is longer delivery time. Take all of the pieces of information into consideration, and you will not have a hard time making up your mind. Once the decision is made, you will be able to dedicate completely to other aspects of your move. Start thinking about this on time, and you will manage to complete everything without being late.

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