The secret to staying in touch after moving to Australia

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When you move far away, the going gets rough… Especially if you are moving to Australia from USA. And one of the most complicated things can be staying in touch after moving to Australia. Without friends, life can be boring and empty. Unfortunately, in the modern rhythm of life, there is less and less time left for people that are far away. However, we’ll try to give you a few secrets you can use.

Staying in touch after moving to Australia 101

When you are moving your household across the ocean, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. If you are thinking about how could you be staying in touch after moving to Australia, the basic rule is: pay attention to your friends. The minimum you can do is not to forget someones’ birthday or some other important dates. Suppose you can’t really talk every day – but nothing prevents you from communicating.

box - staying in touch after moving to Australia
Staying in touch after moving to Australia can be hard.

So, call your friends whenever possible. Live communication will help you stay in touch with your friends. If you find it difficult to reach a loved one after your Australia move, send them voice messages. When there is no time for conversations after work or on weekends, you can always tell them what’s going on in your life.

Create rituals

Once you’re done with international moving services you may be thinking about how to stay in touch with your friends. One of the best solutions is to create rituals you can do every week pr month. Reminisce about moments from your past, and strengthen ties with them. Don’t be afraid to take the first step and show an example of an ideal relationship. A friend who treats you will sincerely take the initiative and will treat you as you will treat him.

Don’t waste your time

Moving to Australia and finding the right international removal companies takes a lot of effort. So once you move, don’t waste energy on people who are just called your friends. If friends call you when they need help but don’t pay enough attention to your problems, they may be using you for their personal purposes.

Use social media

Social media excludes us from the real world, but without social networks, we become excluded from the world of those who use those networks… And everyone uses them! Using social media can create the feeling that you are involved in a large community where you have many friends to talk to at the touch of a button.

At first, you may not feel good about using social media. Do you consider yourself less connected to people because they are suddenly unavailable on a virtual platform? Keep in mind that the feeling of community on social media is just an illusion. Instead of making honest connections with people, such friendships are often temporary, especially if you spend most of your communication online. So, ask yourself do you really want social media to be the foundation of your relationships with other people?

two men and a woman sitting on the side of the road playing the guitar
Once you move, don’t waste energy on people who are just called your friends.

Maintaining friendships can be additionally challenging

Most of us in the current world situation are forced to rely on social media to keep in touch with friends. That way, you may distance yourself from some friends. So, how can you honestly be in touch with your friends?

Call first

Calling your friends is always the best solution. This way of communication is more personal than other virtual communications. This way you at least see each other’s faces and expressions, which greatly improves communication. If you have more than one best friend, suggest a group video call.

Play games online

You can download many different games. And a game night can include a lot of fun games and at the same time provides you with a video or audio call. Find something that works with all of you, such as quizzes or questionnaires.

Send them an email

One of the creative ways to communicate is email or letter. This somehow makes you focus more on what the other person has to say to you. This method is very specific and personalized, but it can provide you with an escape from stress as you write. For more creativity, send them a postcard or some kind of greeting card.

Do things together… Online!

It is always best to hang out with friends by going for a coffee or for a walk. Of course, when you live far away, that may be a problem. Try to include your friends in activities such as walking the dog, reading together, training together, etc. Video calls can just make you feel closer to each other.

Notebook with to do list written on it
Try to include your friends in activities such as walking the dog, reading together, training together, etc.

Accept the fact that your friendship may fade

As you grow older you go through changes, and that change can encourage friendships to fade, different interests separate you. Friendships should be natural and bring you peace and happiness. Of course, sometimes extra effort must be made to strengthen the relationship. But forcing a friendship is unhealthy and often becomes toxic. Although scary at first, remember that making new friendships is very exciting and broadens your horizons.

Choose what is best for you

Don’t force friendships. And certainly don’t do something that makes you feel unworthy or unwanted. Take control of it instead of it taking control of you. If you’re already struggling with the decision of whether you want to keep in contact with someone or not, at least consider limiting your time you with that person. The process of finding what is best for you may not be easy for you, but it is doable.

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