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Moving from NYC to Dubai is a big step in your life. You are changing one culture to another, which is always exciting. This kind of relocation is however quite difficult, logistically speaking, and you might need some assistance. Your best bet is to hire one of the overseas movers to help you with your move. While there are ways that you can accomplish such an endeavor on your own, hiring professionals is the easiest and most comfortable way. But there will also be things that you need to do, in order to prepare. You will most likely not have the means to travel back and forth multiple times so you will need to do everything in one go. This article is going to provide you with some useful knowledge for this venture.

How to prepare when moving from NYC to Dubai?

Here is the list of things that you might want to do if you want your relocation to be easier:

  • Hire professionals to assist
  • Gather packing supplies and pack seasonal items well in advance
  • Consider renting a storage unit when moving from NYC to Dubai
  • Prepare your children for the move
  • Arrange transport for your pets
  • Stage your home for a sale
two colleagues in modern tech support office
Contact your professional mover and schedule an appointment.

Moving from NYC to Dubai is a long-distance relocation – Hire professionals to assist

First of all, inter-continental relocations are usually the domain of professional movers. You will want their aid in the time to come and selecting the right ones is critical. International household movers will make the entire process much more manageable and convenient if you choose right. They will know Dubai inside our and they can ensure the timely arrival of your belongings. Without their help, you are looking at shipping every single item on your own, learning about various laws and regulations, and dealing with numerous service providers. It is a lot easier to have to deal only with one company than with dozens, after all. In fact, almost every single intercontinental relocation is performed by one of the moving companies due to these reasons.

Gather packing supplies and pack seasonal items well in advance

To make the relocation easier on yourself, you may want to accomplish some tasks well before the moving day comes. One of those tasks is packing all of your seasonal items as soon as you can get to it. You are not going to need them prior to your relocation, anyway, and packing them early will save you valuable time when you need it the most. As for when you get there, you can hire packing services from moving companies overseas if you want to reduce your workload. You may want to have as much time and energy on your hands when you reach Dubai. There will be a lot to think about and a lot of things to do, and utilizing time-savers such as that is a fine way to ensure you can focus on the important matters.

moving box, packing tape and jeans
Pack your seasonal clothes early when moving from NYC to Dubai!

Consider renting a storage unit when moving from NYC to Dubai

Whenever you are moving into a new home, there will be things you want to improve upon before you truly settle in. If you want to have a much easier time of it, consider renting a storage unit in Dubai for some of your belongings, while you remodel your home to your liking. Furniture moving services are quite affordable and readily available, after all. Even if you don’t plan on remodeling, you might need some time to figure out where everything will go. Or you might want to buy additional furniture and other items. Regardless, having some of your stuff within the confines of a storage unit will allow for much greater flexibility.

Prepare your children for the move

If you are moving with children, it is really important to prepare them for the trip ahead. Moving into another country means that they need to be prepared for everything they might be exposed to. For these matters, it is best to consult your local doctor, as well as the CDC. Apart from that, you may want to assuage any concerns that your children might have. Try to be calm, collected, and patient when dealing with your kids. They might be afraid, or anxious, and it is your job to make it easier on them. Make sure to talk to them a lot prior to the relocation.

woman moving from NYC to Dubai and holding a dog
Make sure that your pet is safe to travel!

Arrange transport for your pets

And if you are planning to bring your pets with you, what you need to do is check for any rules and regulations that concern them. Your moving company will be able to arrange transport but you need to make sure that your pet is safe to travel. Additionally, you may want to prepare your pets for travel, according to the aforementioned regulations, as well as ensure that your pets are in a good physical and mental state for an international flight. It can all get quite complicated at times so this is something that you would need to research earlier rather than later.

Stage your home for a sale if you are moving from NYC to Dubai

Finally, if you haven’t sold your home yet, it would be prudent to invest in staging it before you leave. Staging a home for sale is an endeavor that you want to be present for. Never let the work crews do their job while you are not present. If you can avoid it. This process can take quite a while so, again, you might want to start with it as soon as you can. While you can leave someone in charge of it while you are not around, it is highly advisable that you do not do so, even if you have someone that you can trust completely. It is just not the same if the owners are not around, after all. You will get the best price if you commit to the task, personally.

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