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Just like moving, education is an essential part of life. Therefore, people often pursue college education to learn more and get better at what they love. One part of that journey is internship. It’s an amazing opportunity to learn new skills and perfect the ones you already possess. On the other hand, why would you limit yourself to opportunities you have in your country? Applying for an internship abroad will be a fun and useful experience in terms of education, social life, and learning to be independent. International removals often give you a chance to make your life better. It might be a completely new idea to you, so we are here to help you with the ultimate guide to internships abroad.

Why should you try applying for internships abroad?

Internships are excellent chances to gain knowledge, experience, and useful skills for our future workplace. Many students are unaware that they are eligible to apply for internships overseas, but as long as you have the time between your classes, there is no excuse not to! Internships frequently result in job chances that you may not have previously known about. Even if the internship provider doesn’t currently have any openings, they can typically send you in the proper direction and give you a strong recommendation. However, that’s not all. Businesses all over the world will be impressed and willing to schedule an interview with you if you have an overseas internship on your resume. Therefore, it’s a good idea to contact international relocation companies and move to your country of choice where you want to complete your internship.

a photo of people near a wooden table talking about the ultimate guide on internships abroad
Doing your internship abroad gives you the chance to learn new skills and learn about a new culture at the same time

Are the job opportunities the only advantage of internships abroad? Not at all!

Professional prospects are not the only advantage here. An international internship can give you a unique perspective on the working environment and traditions of the country you are living and studying in. For instance, there are significant differences between workplaces in Portugal, for example, and the United States that can only be realized by entering the workforce oneself! You will understand the standards of morals and work ethics in your host country much better once your internship is over.

What are the different types of internships abroad?

Some types of internships abroad include:

  • summer internship abroad –  Summer internships are usually shorter, you may spend a few weeks or your whole summer there. These internships will give you much-needed experience in the field you chose to study or academic credit. In most cases, your school will arrange a summer internship for you, but there are also independent internship options in industries like tourism and hospitality.
  • international internship abroad for credit – Universities and colleges collaborate with businesses to provide students with internships that may be used to earn academic credits. While working hard and pursuing your degree, these credits give you practical experience.  Therefore, a  fantastic method to accomplish two objectives at once is to do an internship for credit.
  • service learning – With this particular kind of internship, you are employed by a formal community institution like a library, shelter, or community center
  • non-profit internshipsNon-profit internships are typically available at institutions like hospitals, schools, government offices, and non-profit organizations. Offering a community service is the goal of non-profit internships. Non-profit internships are generally unpaid, yet they stand out on a résumé or CV.

When is the best time to apply?

Depending on the size of the corporation you want to be an intern at, it can be very important when you choose to apply. Early application deadlines are more common at bigger organizations with more competitive programs. Opportunities for internships are likely to be available during the spring semester and even during the first few weeks of summer break for programs that are not so complex, small businesses, and startups. Typical internship programs might last between 10 and 15 weeks in the fall and spring and between 10 and 12 weeks in the summer. So, depending on what internship you choose, it’s best to apply from 3 to 6 months before the starting date.

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Make sure to apply for your internships on time, about 6 months before the end date

What are the best countries for your internship abroad?

Now you know all the benefits of going abroad for your internship! Therefore, since this is the ultimate guide to internships abroad, we want to help you choose the country to go to! Here are a few recommendations.


Portugal is the first country in the ultimate guide on internships abroad. It offers internships during the whole year, however, most foreign interns choose to work in the summer. It can be challenging to approach organizations about internship possibilities unless you have personal contacts with Portuguese companies.

Applying for an internship through a third-party program provider who already has relationships with regional Portuguese organizations may be significantly simpler. Make sure to start looking at internships well in advance of your intended trip with moving overseas companies, and pay attention to any potential application deadline changes.

Some of the popular industries in Portugal include education, economics, and tourism.

Make sure to learn the language

While many abroad internships offer you the opportunity to learn in English, if you consider moving to Portugal from US, it’s the best to learn Portuguese. Learning the language will be crucial in your internship placement. This is due to the fact that most companies prefer hiring those that speak the language well. It will also make everyday life in Portugal much easier. 

two women holding pens and talking about the ultimate guide on internships abroad
Learning Portuguese is essential if you want to be an intern in Portugal

The etiquette 

When it comes to workplace etiquette, the Portuguese are quite strict and formal. They put a lot of emphasis on things like hierarchy and dress code. You need to pay close attention to your appearance, behavior, and manners. It may sound like a hard environment to work in, but everyone treats each other with respect. This is why it’s also very important to show your respect to seniors and follow the rules.

Building relationships with colleagues is very important

Another thing the Portuguese pay a lot of attention to are connections. The reason for that is rather simple. When they do business, they prefer to do it with those they can put their trust in. Direct interaction with your colleagues is the best way to meet people and build trustworthy relationships with them. There are quite a few internship programs that organize networking events for interns to make it easier for you! 

United Kingdom

The next country in the ultimate guide on internships abroad is the United Kingdom. Whether you are a college student or a recent graduate, you are sure to find intern opportunities in the UK! With a well-established economy, the United Kingdom is one of the best locations for your internship abroad. One of the advantages of moving to the UK from USA and doing your internship there is that there is no language barrier. Therefore, you’ll be able to upgrade your skills with ease. What’s important to know is that the internships are usually not accredited by the universities as part of your courses, but they might be acknowledged or accredited by professional training organizations.

a picture of london tower bridge under a cloudy sky in
The United Kingdom is one of the best countries for people willing to be interns overseas

How long does an internship in the UK last?

Depending on what company and field you choose, it may last from one week to one year. Usually, student internships last shorter than graduate ones. Summer internships, which we mentioned before, are also available in the UK. They last long enough for you to get a picture of what working in your desired field looks like. Students usually choose to do these so they can decide what part of the field they want to focus on. 

How much will you get paid for paid internships?

On average, people who choose to be internet in the UK earn about $25,000. If a company employs you as a worker, you must at least receive the minimum wage. Most companies who take in interns employ them as workers, they perform the usual tasks their regular employees do. Therefore, it’s only logical that you need to get a chance to be paid the same amount of money. 


Amazing internship possibilities are available in Belgium with top companies. What more could you ask for than friendly people, beautiful cities, and top-notch beer? It turns out that the nation’s central location also makes it very simple for you to visit other parts of Europe. A few hours on the train will send you to Paris, Amsterdam, or even London. This is why Belgium has to be the ultimate guide to internships abroad.

Student and graduate internship

One of the two types of internship in Belgium is a student internship and it is  If you want to apply for one, you need to have a few things in mind. Finding the perfect position needs careful planning in advance. This applies whether your internship is a required component of your study program or it is a volunteer internship to boost your CV.

Once your project proposal is complete, your educational institution and the internship provider must both approve the scope of your internship. If the internship is a required component of your studies, you’ll receive study credits once you have successfully completed your job placement.

As for the graduate internship, they are useful to those who have found a Belgian company they would like to work in. If you’ve ever dreamed of moving from USA to Belgium and working for one of their companies, this is a great opportunity for you!

Work permits

Since you are coming from the USA, a non-EEA country, you will most likely need a work permit to do your internship in Belgium. This is something that is regulated by your employer and you don’t need any special documentation for it. However, there are a few cases in which you won’t need the permit such as doing an internship for less than 90 days at a Belgian public authority. Be careful, in these special cases, you still need to apply for a long-term visa to enter the country. 

a person signing a paper with a gray twist pen
To do your internship in Belgium, you’ll most likely need a work permit


Australia is a great place to intern if you want a fun and adventurous experience. In addition to having limitless prospects, the culture is also very diverse. In Australia, your time spent away from the office will be just as educational as your time spent there. this is the main reason why moving companies to Australia always have their hands full! We say that it’s a win-win situation, you’ll learn all the necessary skills, while enjoying the amazing Australian lifestyle. 

Popular industries for international interns in Australia

Marketing and public relations 

You can improve your knowledge and job experience in the world by taking advantage of internship opportunities in Australia with prestigious marketing, public relations, or advertising agencies and departments. You will gain practical knowledge in the creation, implementation, evaluation, and transmission of various advertising mediums throughout your internship. Your tasks and projects may include promotions, sales, copywriting, or graphic design. All of this depends solely on your performance and how you approach the tasks given to you. 


Young and new members of the fashion industry are welcomed and honored in Australia. You will be able to participate in a range of duties and projects. Some of them are merchandising, showroom preparation, design, production, social media, trend research, marketing, and PR. Australia is an ideal place for those looking for a place in the modern fashion industry.

a woman wearing a white cap standing in front of a blue background
Australia is an ideal place for fashion interns


By giving you experiences and abilities that will help you stand out from other applicants, moving from USA to Germany and doing your internship there will improve your chances of getting a job and help you become ready for the working world. Work-related experience is not the only advantage here. Spending time in Germany’s culture both at work and outside of it will provide you with the kind of cultural literacy that many companies highly respect.

Finding internships in Germany

In recent years, Germans started noticing how the essential internship is for every student and graduate. Therefore, internship opportunities have been constantly growing. 

Search for internship directly from German universities 

Direct internship positions from German universities are a one of the choice that is worth considering. These internships often involve research and are held in settings connected directly to the German university. Numerous universities in Germany have liaison offices in the US and are happy to offer advice on any prospects.

If you are fluent in German, you can checkout online databases

In the ultimate guide to internships abroad, we can’t fail to mention that there is a big number of internship databases in Germany online. They are a great source of information if you are struggling to find something that can pick your interest. Organizations like IAESTE and AIESEC often offer help to students wanting to complete their internship in Germany.

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