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    Portugal is a wonderful place to live in. It is a highly developed country with low crime levels and with a great quality of life. Another great thing is that Portugal is very affordable, especially for Americans. It is one of the top countries to move to and it’s a choice of many people. A lot of people from the United States choose Portugal as a country to move to for all of the reasons above, and many more. If you are already looking for overseas removalists here are a few things you should consider before leaving the US for Portugal.

    One of the things to consider before leaving US for Portugal is how good it is for families

    It is quite common for people to move with families. So this is one of the most important things for them, whether the country they are moving to is good to raise a family in. And the good news is that Portugal is great for families. With everything from the quality of education and childcare. To opportunities for work and quality of higher education. So if you are moving to Portugal from US you don’t have to worry about any of those things. And there is a lot of International schools in Portugal and they are quite affordable. With cost being:

    • The average cost for private education is around $400-500 per month
    • While for higher education tuition fees go for around $3.000

      Family standing on a dock watching sunset
      You can have a good work-life balance in Portugal and enough time for your family and hobbies

    There is a great work-life balance

    Everyone who has visited Portugal will tell you that life there feels relaxed and that people are enjoying themselves. That is because of the great work-life balance which Portugal has due to its strong economy. And a good job market due to the economy. So if you are planning on starting a new life in Portugal you are going to have a lot of time for yourself and your family. Which is one of the biggest reasons why a lot of people move to Portugal.

    An important thing to consider before leaving US for Portugal is how you are going to transport your things

    There are two ways to do this and both have their pros and cons. Moving to Portugal is easy due to its geographical location. So all of the options can be quite affordable. The first option is to ship your things by Sea Freight. This is what people most often do. The second option is to ship your things by air freight which is much faster. Although it will cost more than sea freight. But you can downsize your home before moving overseas. This way you will have fewer things to ship and it will cost less.

    Portugal has a good healthcare system

    This is definitely one of the major things to take into account and consider before leaving US for Portugal. Portugal has a public health care system that is not completely free but is very cheap. But if you want to go for private health care, they are quite affordable too, so you won’t have to worry about paying too much for healthcare. And it is another great thing about living in Portugal.

    Young woman inquiring about health insurance as one of important things to consider before leaving US for Portugal
    Make sure to inquire about the health care system and pick an option that suits you the most

    The job market is good

    How easily you can get a job is definitely one of the things you should consider before leaving US for Portugal. The good news is that Portugal has a steadily growing economy which is reflected in its job market. Especially when you look at the IT sector which is thriving. But outside of it too, the other sectors are doing great. Although learning how to say common words and phrases in Portuguese is nice. If you want to be successful it would be good to learn Portuguese better.


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