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Packing for your international relocation is a very important process. A process that bears many questions. So what will you do when you cannot decide what things to toss and what things to take with you when moving overseas? You ask professionals. Transparent International NYC has prepared a list of items that should be on your inventory list no matter your situation. Take a look and make sure that you do not forget something important.

Deciding about things to take with you when moving overseas is a time-consuming process

Moving internationally is a complicated process that has many obstacles that need to be dealt with. One of the things that most people do not pay too much attention to until the final moment is dealing with their items.  Naturally, when you start dealing with a  problem at the last second, most likely you will make a mistake. Therefore, the first and most important thing is to start brainstorming about this at least a month before the move. You will have many things to check and consider before you make a final decision.

Are you moving long term or short term? Will you be moving to a furnished home, or you will need to fill the place with furniture on your own? Do you want to hire international piano movers to ship your instrument, or not? What will you do with items you are not taking with you? As you can see there are many things to think about before deciding what things to take with you when moving abroad. So make sure that you start thinking about this on time.

watch closeup
You will need some time to decide so do not wait for the last moment

Compare your shipping costs

Another important aspect that you need to consider while you are answering those above questions is the shipping cost. As you can probably imagine, shipping your entire household abroad doesn’t always come easy on the budget. You need to count the cost of moving your items as well. Naturally, the bigger and heavier your items are the more expensive it is to ship them. So after you make your preliminary list of items that you would like to have in your new home, go online, get international moving quotes from reputable shipping companies, and see how much will it cost. Only then, you will be able to make your final decision.

Making a final decision about what items to pack is difficult even with all the facts

Even if you take a lot of time and include all the facts about your move to the equation, actually deciding what things to take with you when moving overseas will be a troubling process. Firstly and most importantly, people tend to bond emotionally to items. Especially items with some sentimental value. In that case, realistic decision-making is usually not present. Secondly, the chances are that you never saw a home that you will be moving into. So it can be really difficult to determine whether you can fit something or not. Thirdly, weighing between the cost of international furniture movers and the value of your items is tricky.

Naturally, there will be other doubts and questions as well. And when you are overthinking you are also susceptible to making a mistake and forgetting about some things that are really important.  Here are some examples.

seven doors depicting different options
It is not easy to make the right decision

Do not forget to pack your gadgets

What is more important than your passport, your wallet, or your food when relocating overseas? Even though they are impossible to forget, because of their significance for human wellbeing we put them in the first place on our list. Electronic gadgets, of course. Pack your phone, laptop, tablet, or whatever else you have in your most secure bag. Naturally, don’t forget the things that always go along like earphones, chargers, spare batteries, and so on.

There are many important documents to prepare

When you are moving overseas, depending on the country you are moving to, you will probably have to do a lot of paperwork. Still, visa-related papers are not the only documents to carry with you when relocating internationally. You also have to take your medical paperwork with you. So make sure you visit your doctor and get them. If you are moving with kids you need their school records, If you are moving with pets, their vet certificates. Make sure that you got it all packed.

Pack your memories

Do not forget about your memories and things that have sentimental value. When you are packing for an overseas move, in all that chaos and confusion, it is easy to miss some items that you would feel sorry about if they are left behind. Things like old photos or old figurines. Check your attic and make sure that you have all you care about with you.

pile of old photos
Do not forget to pack your memories as well

Make sure that you pack the right clothes

Naturally, your clothes will be one of the things that you will surely want to carry with you when moving abroad. However, what pieces you will pack depends on the country you are moving to and its climate. So make sure that you check that before you start packing.

Do not ditch your hobby

If you have a hobby, you will probably want to take items that allow you to do it with you. For example, if you are a painter, you will probably want to bring your tools with you. If you are a photographer you will carry your cameras and lenses abroad as well.  Having a hobby is an important thing. Do not ditch it just because you are moving abroad.

Do this right if you do not want to feel sorry later

That is it. We have shown you how to decide what things to take with you when moving overseas and we gave you a few examples. Make sure that you do this right though. The last thing you need, when you are somewhere on a faraway beach, drinking cocktails, is to cry and feel remorse because of some old carpet that you forgot to pack.

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