Tips and tricks for moving during the winter season from US to Switzerland

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    Moving, in general, can be a tiresome process. From taking care of documents to packing cutlery, it can have its ups and downs. However, moving during certain periods of the year can be harder to handle. For example, we know that the busiest moving period in the year is from May to September. People like to move during spring and summer for various different reasons. One of those is nice weather. That is why spring is ideal for moving. In case you do not live in a rainy area. In addition, international moving experts say that moving within this time frame is also the most expensive as well. On the other hand, the time comes when people need to move during winter. No matter it is cold or snowy, it is still possible to do this. In this article, learn all you need about moving during the winter season.

    Hello winter, hello Switzerland!

    If you need to move to Switzerland during winter, you can actually have a nice time. Have you ever seen how this beautiful country looks in winter? It is literally a fairy tale. Therefore, get started as soon as possible. As for every major event in your life, you will need good preparation. Strat creating a to-do list for your moving during the winter season. Of course, you cannot take two months off work for moving preparations. However, when moving from USA to Switzerland, you should use as much of your free time as possible to get all you need. That includes different kinds of packing materials, booking reputable movers. In addition, you will spend much time getting the necessary documentation. Finally, there are all those appointments to make such as visiting a dentist, getting a medical record, seeing a vet, etc.

    creating a to-do list for moving during the winter season
    Create a to-do list for moving during the winter season

    Moving  your car during the winter season

    When it comes to moving a car internationally it is never easy. In addition, this is something that we recommend only professionals should handle.

    Your car is one of the most valuable items you have. Plus, it can suffer damage very easily especially during winter under very low temperatures. For this reason, you should let professionals take proper care of this. International car transportation needs skills, experience, and a way to do this. To ship it overseas, experts use ocean freight. This is one of the most convenient transportation methods for such a bulky item. Moving companies usually have their third-party partners who also provide all the necessary documentation for car import. Also, before you ship your car over the ocean, make sure that it undergoes a check with a mechanic. It is definitely better to do any mending while still in the US.

    Hire professional packers

    That is always a good idea no matter during which season you are moving. Winters in New York can be harsh. The temperature might go below zero degrees. This can very likely cause damage to your possessions.

    a car on the road
    A shipping company should handle car transportation

    Your books, documents, and all paper items can get in contact with moisture. The same can happen to your clothes, shoes, and some highly valuable goods. For example, there are some paintings or china that you need to pack. These items are also sensitive to bumping as well. For this reason, it is very important to have proper international packing crates. Who can provide you with better packing crates than professional packers? Book this service with your movers. Let them protect your items from snow, water, or scratches. In addition to the packing service comes disassembling of the bulky items. Let professionals pack your kitchen appliances as well.

    Packing furniture for moving during the winter season

    One of the safest shipping methods is of course shipping by air. In addition, it can be pretty expensive. But sometimes, especially when you move overseas, it is reasonable to pay for this service. During winter, prices may dropdown. Also, remember that there are certain restrictions regarding this way of transport. For example, there is a weight limitation if you wish to ship furniture using air freight. Any piece of furniture you need to transport by air, you must disassemble first. To protect your items further from low temperatures, use blankets, and towels. Also, you may need to get some special climate-controlled storage options. These could be some metal, or plastic packing tubes, packing peanuts, etc. Check with your movers if your items and packing materials meet air shipping conditions. There are many rules and regulations regarding this way of shipping. So inform yourself on time.

    a man packing a box
    Hire professional packers for a long-distance move

    Protect your items during winter relocation

    For every long-distance move, it is very important to protect your items with different types of insurance. Especially if you are going overseas during winter. The chances that some damage happens are greater. On the other hand, insuring your possessions is also cheaper during winter. Read about or ask your movers what kind of insurance they offer for moving during this unpopular season. In this case, we highly recommend putting full coverage insurance into your sipping contract. In addition, before shipping movers will inspect your inventory and provide you with its value. When you reach your new home in Switzerland check your items first. If any damage happened, immediately report it to the shipping company. This way you can ask for a refund or replacement of the items which suffered damage. It would be perfect if everything goes just smoothly.

    Although moving during the winter season is not easy, it is still possible. The first thing you need to provide is enough time and a good moving plan. Then everything will go more easily. Get your movers to pack and protect your furniture and other valuable items. In addition, professional shippers will take good care of your car. You will not have to worry about getting the right documents either. Movers will do this for you. The only thing you need to get is the right packing materials. Your packing can start. So can your looking forward to spending your first winter in Switzerland.


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