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It’s not rare for people to relocate internationally for various purposes. For instance, many people go from the USA to Europe on a daily basis. We know that because our international moving expert has helped so many people relocate both ways. Therefore, let us help you with your international relocation as well. We will do our best to help you turn your relocation into a success. Therefore stay with us to learn how successful international move to Switzerland happens.

How to turn your international move to Switzerland into a success?

There are so many things you need to do if you want to make your relocation successful. We will list some things you should keep in mind. First of all, keep in mind that there is a big difference between moving within the country and international relocation. That’s why you should do your best to prepare well and keep in mind some of our tips.

One of Switzerland's streets where the train is passing by
Everything about this country is simply enchanting.

Anyway, let’s see how international relocations differ from those within one country:

  • You need to get in touch with your movers way ahead – To ensure a successful international relocation, you need to find a company that conducts international relocations. If you’re moving from USA to Switzerland, you can count on us to give you a hand.
  • Learn everything you need about the country you’re moving to – Since you’re moving to Switzerland, you need to learn some things about the country, from what documents you will need to some fun facts about the place.
  • Search for the ideal location – You need to find the city you want to live in in Switzerland. This city should be the place where you’ll work, take your kids to school, and so on.
  • Set a firm budget – It’s of the essence to set a firm budget when moving. Therefore, you should start with that. And, make sure you stick to it because changing it could affect you in the long run.

Is it possible to conduct a successful international move to Switzerland?

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about Switzerland must be its mesmerizing lakes, enchanting winters, great standard of living, and highly educated people. While all this is true, there are still some more interesting things about this country you need to know. Nevertheless, we will go through some of the most important things you need to keep in mind when planning a successful international move to Switzerland. Let’s see what those are:

  • Check your visa requirements – Non-EU citizens are required to obtain a visa when relocating to Switzerland. Although Switzerland is not an EU country, it still has some sort of a deal with those countries.
  • Think about how to transfer your belongings there – In some instances, you might find international car transportation helpful. Make sure you check it out and schedule it on time.
  • Introduce yourself to the Switzerland healthcare system – Get to know the system. You will need to arrange your health insurance once you move to Switzerland.
  • Look for a job way ahead – Swiss are not fond of people who come without any indications that ex-pats will look for a job. Make sure you get in touch with your employer to regulate those things. They are very vigorous about it.
  • The standard of living is higher than in the US – This is a rare thing because Switzerland is one of the few countries that has a higher standard of living than the rest of the USA.
  • The crime level is low – You will be pleased to know that there are no beggars on the streets, people are living a quality life, you can walk through the streets in the middle of the night and not feel threatened.
Lake in one of Switzerland's cities
You will be surrounded by so many beautiful natural landscapes.

Let’s see how you should prepare for your international move to Switzerland

Another thing you should know about Switzerland is that education is free for everyone, especially for undergraduate students. This is a rare occurrence in the USA, to say the least. Moreover, you should know that their education system is top-notch. Also, it’s interesting to mention that the Swiss respect the 9-5 culture and respect their free time. Thus, if you want to get out on Sunday, you should know that everything is closed. Don’t forget to check our international moving crates in case you need them.

Life in Switzerland will be like living in a fairytale

Probably one of the most beautiful and respectful things in Switzerland is the fact that it’s clean and fresh. Therefore, you will enjoy dashes of fresh air and clean rivers, lakes, and nature. Its residents invest a lot in their environment and take good care of their country. Moreover, they have the most amazing wine, chocolate, beer, and cheese collections. If you’re a fan of at least one, you will fall in love instantly. Anyway, let’s see what places are a must when it comes to visiting Switzerland:

  • Chillon Castle
  • Rhine Falls
  • Lake Zurich
  • Jungfrau
  • Jungfraujoch
  • Chapel Bridge
  • Mount Pilatus
First snow in Switzerland
Everything about this country is amazing.

Summing things up

As you had the chance to see, we were able to tell you almost everything you need to do in order to conduct a successful international move to Switzerland. Now it’s time to sum things up a bit. So, you need to book your international movers on time, check if you’ll need car transportation services, set a firm budget, and learn something about Switzerland before moving there. These are just some basic things.

Finally, we told you some of the most important things you needed to learn in order to go through a successful international move to Switzerland. You will see that life in Switzerland is amazing and you will feel it the moment you get off the plane. Nevertheless, make sure you contact us to get all the information you need for your trip. We will be more than glad to help you. All in all, good luck and enjoy your life in Switzerland.


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