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Being an expat and moving abroad may be an exciting journey, but there are many difficulties as well.  We as the leading international movers New York City have decided to help you. Today we’ll share with you some of the best tips for expats choosing a neighborhood overseas. Choosing a community to call home is one of the most significant decisions you’ll ever make. You should always make an educated choice and research before you make any decision. This article will offer advice on how to choose the area that best suits your requirements.  So let’s dive in and see what can you expect from moving abroad as well as what tips might come in handy.

The most important tip for expats choosing a neighborhood overseas is the cost of living

For most people, finances will be the precedent and it’ll matter the most. If the country is too expensive you probably won’t move there even if you like it. Or you should sacrifice a lot of things along the way to reach your El Dorado somewhere in the Swiss Alps. As you can see you can’t go anywhere without proper planning and setting a budget. That’s our first tip take all of your “free money” and if you can with a job that would be fine and make a budget. If you don’t know where you are going or you just like, for example, France, you should talk to someone about moving boxes overseasOn the other hand you can use the power of the internet and find just the right neighborhood for you.  Here are some best websites where you can do that.

  • Ramsey Cost of Living Calculator
  • SmartAsset Cost of Living
  • BestPlaces  Cost of Living Calculator
  • Expatistan
  • PayScale Cost of Living Calculator
  • Numbeo
  • NerdWallet Cost of Living Calculator
Euro bills;
Don’t forget to convert other currencies into USD.

At some point, you’ll probably be needing international household movers. Most people call companies to assist them since it’s too complicated to deal with a lot of things at once. You’ll have to work with tons of paperwork, visas, job relocations, school transfers, change of address, etc. That’s why moving companies can assist you and make it seem like child’s play. Plus you probably won’t be thinking about the storage, how should you disassemble the built-in wardrobes, kitchens… This is if you’re planning to move your house completely. One extra tip when it comes to moving abroad check about utility costs and any potential hidden costs. Don’t forget to compare prices since it’s 2023 and the recession is hitting harder than ever.

Crime rates and amenities

You’ve probably already done amenities but let’s go once again and check them out together. So we all like cinemas, swimming pools, the great outdoors, zoos, etc. But after you’ve checked if you can afford them all you should also think and be honest with yourself; will you use them all or do you use them all here in the US? Overspending is popular, especially in the part where you’ll be trying to fit in the first year or two. Most people won’t use local gyms, gift cards for weird food restaurants which you might not like, wellness and spa centers, etc. These all might look great on paper or once you fit them all in your diary and you start dreaming and imagining. But new studies especially if you’re a younger person suggest that we’re lonelier than ever. So think about all the amenities that you will (not) need.

Instead of googling where can you buy organic bread and how many pandas are in the Zoo, focus on crime rates. This is especially true if you’re thinking about traveling anywhere these days but we’re looking at you Europe. As you can see there are disturbances in Paris, France because of the pension reforms. That’s only if you watch the news there are also a lot of shootings across the US. Here are the top 11 countries that have the lowest crime rates in 2022: Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, Austria, Portugal Slovenia, Czech Republic, Singapore, Japan, and Switzerland. Many people are afraid that they’ll be scammed in the US when it comes to international moving quotes if you don’t want to be a part of small statistics research the company first.

CSI tape;
Crime rates are more important than the cost of living.

Locals, measures, and future

Before you hit the road Jack you should consider the future in general. So think about the future before you settle in or how long you plan to stay there. This was one of the top tips for expats choosing a neighborhood overseas. Because a lot of people aren’t aware that it’s not like moving from California to Texas it’s a whole new country. This will be even more complicated and harder if they’re not speaking English and that’s one of the biggest problems that we as a company that deals with overseas moving services see. We know a lot of expats and they’ve helped us make this article so thanks to all of them and the all-mighty Internet.  But moving abroad isn’t a joke and you should use a “crystal ball” to try and see the future. If possible contact someone who is already living there for extra tips.

Another thing that you’ll have to adjust for is meters not feet. Measuring units are almost in all countries different than in the US. Kilometers per hour not miles per hour, grams not ounces, etc. One more great thing is that locals in neighborhoods are usually welcome and friendly so they’ll help you adjust.

Scales and a measuring tape;
We hope that you’ll be lucky to convert all of the kgs into lbs and ounces into grams.

Tips for expats choosing a neighborhood overseas in a nutshell

That’s it for today and we hope that you liked our tips for expats. You should just be extra careful when calculating the cost of living and if you know anyone who’s living there ask them for the real experience of the place. Use the power of the internet to check crime rates, parts of cities, and amenities and think about the future. Have a nice trip and if you have any questions be free to ask us.

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