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Moving your piano overseas is a big task. There is no need to leave your piano when relocating. However, you should remember that transporting a piano is a delicate task. When moving to Portugal from US you may need a lot of time to organize your relocation. At the same time, transporting valuable and expensive items is a part of the move you shouldn’t do on your own. Here are some tips about moving a piano overseas.

What to consider before moving a piano?

Before moving a piano of any kind, you should consider asking a reliable moving company for advice. It is no secret that most injuries happen when moving bulky and heavy items during your relocation. Without the help of a professional international moving companies NYC, you shouldn’t even start this somewhat complicated process. Most relocation specialists will advise you to take action and prepare everything for moving home, but ask for help when it comes to moving a piano overseas.

Should you ship piano overseas on your own?

There are numerous reasons why you shouldn’t move any piano or pack it for relocation without the help of professional movers. Preparing a piano for a move takes good preparation and knowledge about the instrument itself.

grand piano
Before moving a piano overseas, make sure to find out about all necessary shipping requirements.

As we all know pianos are musical instruments that are quite delicate and expensive. While moving, you may need to move your piano, no carry it. On the other hand, you may need to take it apart to prepare it for shipping. When moving a piano overseas, you may need special packing materials to protect it carefully for transport. That is why professionals advise not to move a piano on your own. Many injuries or damage can occur if someone without proper equipment and knowledge prepares piano for shipping long distance.

Reasons to hire professional movers when moving a piano overseas

Most movers with years of experience will tell you not to touch your piano when moving home. This is a job for professional international piano movers. Also, there are multiple reasons why you should leave this part of your packing process to a reliable moving company. Here are the reasons why it is best to let a professional piano mover handle your piano transportation:

  • Years of experience. Movers with years of experience know how to properly disassemble your precious instrument and prepare it for transport. So, unless you are a professional who is repairing pianos all the time, you should consider getting a professional piano international removals to transport your instrument.
  • Movers use specific equipment. All moving companies that specialize in piano relocation will use professional moving tools and equipment to transport your sensitive and expensive instrument. They know how to safely move and disassemble your piano. On the other hand, movers know how to take off some of the removable piano pieces. After they carefully prepare your piano for packing, they are here to make sure your instrument doesn’t suffer any damage during long distance transport.
  • Insurance. When moving a piano overseas, it is important to have an insurance policy in place. If you are packing your piano on your own, you may use additional insurance coverage. However, this insurance policy may require professionals to properly pack and protect your instrument so the insurance policy may take place. This way, it is better to use a reliable moving company to transport your piano with insurance in place.
inside of a piano
Professional movers will know if it’s necessary to disassemble your piano before the move.

How much does it cost to move a piano overseas?

You may already know that moving a piano overseas may be costly. This is the part of the equitation that puts people off at the first glance. However, when you calculate the real value of your instrument it is not that hard to imagine why this part of your relocation might be more than you expect. Your movers are responsible to properly protect your valuable instrument and guarantee that it will arrive safely at your new home.

The price for piano relocation may vary. Also, the price of moving a piano overseas may depend on multiple factors. The distance of your move, the transport option you choose, and the insurance coverage you agree upon with your movers affect the price of piano relocation a great deal. For this reason, you should be careful when choosing a moving company that will transport your piano to your new home.

How to choose professional movers for your relocation?

Many people move each day around the globe. However, when moving a valuable instrument to a long distance location, finding a reliable moving company may be different than finding good movers to move your belongings to a home nearby. It is crucial to find a reliable moving company that has experience in moving pianos overseas and still can transport your other belongings. These types of movers are out there.

piano keys
Keep in mind that a piano is very easy to damage during transportation.

The only thing you need to do is do your research and find them. It is recommended that you list all the moving companies near you that specialize in piano relocation. Make sure to find movers with great reviews and reliable ratings. Contact more than one company and ask for a moving quote. Every reliable moving company will provide a moving quote in writing. After you get a moving quote and an estimate of your moving costs, you may be able to choose which company will best suit your needs. Quality movers with experience will make sure to explain the process of moving a piano overseas after you hire them. When choosing a moving company for this complicated long distance relocation that includes the transport of your most valuable items, make sure to check their credentials and id number.

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