Tips for moving rugs and carpets from US to Spain

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Moving from the USA to Spain? You have packed almost everything, and now it’s time to pack your rugs and carpets. Not sure how to do it? At first, it seemed like an easy task, but now you realize that it requires more attention than you previously thought? You thought you could simply roll them up and load them on a moving truck, but it isn’t that simple. Like many other items, your rugs and carpets may get damaged or destroyed if not packed properly and handled with care. But, don’t worry, our international movers New York prepared a simple guide on how to move them properly. They made a list of the most common tips and tricks for moving rugs and carpets from US to Spain without stress. Read on to find out more.

How to prepare your rugs and carpets for an international move

In order to prepare rugs and carpets for moving from USA to Spain, you first need to clean them properly. Remove the leftovers from your carpets by vacuuming. Then, remove the stains by sponging with a detergent and then rinse the carpet. You can also wash your carpets and rugs entirely and let them dry in the sun. If they need more cleaning or you don’t have enough time to let them dry naturally, hire professional cleaners to wash them for you. Pay attention that your carpet is completely dry to avoid mildew. This is essential, especially if you are going to store your carpet in a storage unit. Cleaning your carpet before moving will make your settling into a new home easier and faster. After cleaning the, move on to packing.

Two persons packing a carpet
Rolling up and taping rugs and carpets is not enough when you are moving internationally

How to prepare your rugs and carpets for moving

First of all, you should remove everything from your rugs and carpets and lay them down flat. Usually, the soft side of the carpet should be facing up, unless the carpet is damaged or the backside is very stiff. Then, it should be facing inward. After that, roll up your carpets but pay attention to the direction of the fibers. Roll them up based on it to avoid deforming. Also, roll them as tightly as possible. Then, tape or tie them. Do this on the edges of the cylinder (approximately two feet from the edge). To make sure that your rugs and carpets are packed properly, you can use archival tubes. These tubes won’t only help you to easily roll up your rugs and carpets but will keep them safe from cracking or bending during the move. Most importantly, will be easier for you or your movers to carry them.

What packing supplies to use for moving rugs and carpets from US to Spain

Although it may seem that all you need to pack your carpets and rugs is a string and a tape, it’s not all. There are many other packing supplies you can use to prevent cracking, wrinkling, or tearing. Here are some packing materials to gather:

  • strings
  • ropes
  • scissors
  • packing paper
  • bubble wrap
  • archival tubes
  • rug storage and shipping bag
  • original package
  • big cardboard corrugated boxes for rug packing
  • cardboard carpet tube
  • small cardboard boxes for smaller rugs

If you are not sure how to pack your rugs and carpets and move your boxes overseas, hire professionals to help you. They will find a perfect solution for packing and crating your carpets. Most importantly, they will provide you with the best packing materials that will ensure safe relocation. This way, your rugs and carpets will be fully protected from any damage.

A couple moving rugs and carpets from US to Spain
Use archival tubes to avoid bending your rugs and carpets

Things to avoid when moving rugs and carpets from US to Spain

Carpets and items may seem sturdy and resistant, but in fact, they are prone to damage. So, that’s why you should be very careful. There are many things to avoid while packing. First of all, and this is crucial, avoid folding rugs and carpets. Why? When you fold carpets, and they stay folded for many days, wrinkles may appear. These lines may not ever straighten. On the other hand, rugs can be folded if the fabric is not prone to crumpling. Another thing to avoid is putting things on your carpets and rugs after loading them on a truck. Also, place them upright. However, if you need to lie them down, pay attention not to put anything on them. Putting heavy things on them can damage your rugs and carpets, especially during a long-distance move such as moving from the US to Spain.

Extra tip: Find some help

Packing and moving heavy and bulky carpets requires some help. Don’t try to pack them by yourself because you can hurt yourself, and the last thing you want is to suffer injuries while moving. Avoid getting injured while moving and ask your family and friends for help. With their assistance, you can pack your rugs and carpets properly. Just follow the instructions from this article. Remember to dress properly, wearing long sleeves to avoid cuts and scratches. Yes, carpets can cut you like paper. If you are not sure whether you can pack the rugs and carpets safely, ask moving professionals to handle the task for you.

Two people about to carry a carpet
Ask professionals to help you with moving carpets from US to Spain

Moving rugs and carpets from US to Spain is now easier with Transparent International

Relocation is very demanding and stressful, so it is always good to have some help around, not only with loading and unloading but also with packing. Packing is one of the most daunting moving processes and takes a lot of time. To avoid the stress that relocation imposes, hire moving professionals to handle the move. Transparent International is here for you to meet all your requirements and expectations. We offer a wide range of services, from packing and crating, storing, loading, and unloading both locally and interstate. Besides that, you can ship your car overseas using our international car transportation service. To find out more, contact us, get a free estimate. Let us handle moving rugs and carpets from US to Spain and have a safe and sound relocation.


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