Tips for moving to the UK from USA with kids

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Are you moving to the UK from USA with kids? If you do, you are in for a task. We all know that everything we do with our children requires thorough preparation and a high level of caution. The same goes for moving. Still, since you are preparing for overseas relocation, the problems you will face are going to be numerous. Luckily, international moving companies NYC have prepared this guide for people who are in your situation. Hopefully, it will help you to go through this process smoothly and without too much stress.

The preparation process requires a lot of time

Relocation is a very complicated process. However, some types of relocations are more difficult. Naturally, an overseas relocation is the most complex and demanding type of move. However, even the international move can have different levels of difficulty. As you can already imagine, moving internationally with kids is one of the most difficult processes that you can go through in life. Even if you have top international moving services by your side. To prepare for this properly you will need a lot of time. It is estimated that you need at least two months in order to prepare properly for an international move with kids. Therefore start preparing on time.

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Start preparing on time

Prepare a precise moving plan

Of course, the first thing that you need to do is to prepare a moving plan. Moving to the UK from USA requires you to complete a great number of tasks. And if you do not have them written somewhere you are bound to forget a few. Especially when you are dealing with kids and their needs at the same time.  That is why you should take a piece of paper, or use other means to write down your upcoming tasks and make a precise schedule on what to do and when.

Talk to your kids and make sure that they understand what is going on

Once you complete your plan, it is time to talk to your kids. Relocation is always a stressful time for children. Especially if you are moving to another country. Of course, how difficult talk awaits you depends on the age of your kids.  Youngest will have an easy time accepting the change. On the other hand, you will have a lot of issues with teenagers who have to leave their friends or even a relationship. The most important thing is to explain to them why you move and to make sure they understand and accept the upcoming change.

Research may help them understand the upcoming process better

Research is one of the things that you will have to do in any case, however, it can also be a thing that will help your kids make their piece with this, for them, stressful decision.  You should research your new country, city, neighborhood, look for a school and learn about the customs. Luckily for you, you and your kids will not face a new language so the adaptation period is not going to be long and hard. Still, you should use this as an opportunity to prepare your kids for the change.

two kids looking at a computer
Moving to the UK from USA with kids can be stressful for them – prepare them well

Find a proper international logistics company that will help you with moving to the UK from USA with kids

Another thing that you can do together with your kids is selecting a moving company that will help you with your household moving process. Of course, you will have to find an international logistics company that will help you move your belongings as well as deal with paperwork. Your movers should have years of experience in the industry. They need to be well equipped. And offer a plethora of services and options. Make sure that you check them thoroughly before you decide on the company that will conduct your move.

Start preparing for the move

Once you select your movers, you should start preparing for the actual move.  Of course, how you will do this and how much time you will need depends on the number of items that you are relocating to the UK. If you are moving your entire household with all the belongings, you will spend a lot of time packing. Still, even if you are not relocating your furniture and other stuff that you have in your home, you will surely need to pack for the road.

Hire professional packers to pack your inventory

If you are moving your entire household inventory the easiest way to do it is to hire a professional packing service. You could, of course, do it on your own. However, when it comes to international relocation, some items do need special packaging or to fulfill certain conditions before they can be boarded on a plane or even a cargo ship.  International packers know these conditions and will provide your items with proper protection whether they are using regular boxes or wooden crates to do it.

packed items boarding a plane
Items need proper packaging before they can be boarded on a plane – hire professionals to do it

A bag with essentials is one of the most important parts when moving with kids

A bag with essentials is one of the most important things that you will need to prepare when moving to the UK from USA with kids. Of course, the content of the bag depends on the age of your kids. If you will be traveling with a baby or a toddler your bag with essentials should contain wet tissues, diapers, pacifiers, food, water, toys, and everything that will help you to have complete control during the trip. Remember, even if you are flying from NYC to the UK the flight will last around 7 hours. And if you include the trip to and from the airport, the time you will spend at the airport itself, the whole adventure could last up to 12 hours.  Be ready for this. Especially if you are moving with small kids.

Follow this guide if you want to have a smooth transition

As you can see moving to the UK from USA with kids is a complicated process that requires thorough preparation. However, if you follow this guide things should be easier. Make sure that you keep your kids safe during the trip and everything will be fine. Good luck!


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