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A lot of people find packing the hardest thing when it comes to moving. Either you are looking for temporary storage or a long-term solution to your clutter, renting storage is the best option. If you are planning to move to a new place, or even relocate to a different city, you might need some helpful tips for packing your items to a storage unit. To avoid missing items in your storage, International moving companies NYC will assure your belonging are safely stored. However, you should learn a thing or two about preparing your belongings for storage. You need to know how to protect your furniture from damage and how to take advantage of all the space in your storage.

What do you need to do before you start packing your items to a storage unit?

Firstly, you need to pick one of many storage places near you. For example, if you are moving from USA to Germany, you want to make sure your things will stay safe and well-maintained in a storage unit. So, after that, you should prepare the unit for keeping your belongings. This whole process will go from cleaning your storage space to taking inventory of your stuff.  Meanwhile, there are a couple of things you need to take care of:

  • Be sure that your storage is the right size for all your belongings
  • Cleaning of your storage unit
  • Cleaning of your things before packing your items to a storage unit
  • Make a list of inventory
  • Learn how to pack all of your belongings for storage (furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing)

Cleaning all your things before packing them for a storage unit is important

Why is the cleaning of the storage unit important?

The answer to this question is simple – because you want to save your items from possible damage. Before renting the unit you should examine the walls and roof for cracks and leaks. The storage unit’s floor can be dusty so make sure to sweep it. You don’t want dust on your belongings. You can protect the floor with some cardboard or plastic foil (similar to the one for painting the house). That way you can save both floors and all of your heavy appliances. If you are moving abroad, after the right choice of international moving services, your next concern should be that your items are safely stored in your storage unit.

Prepare everything that’s going into the storage unit

Cleaning everything that will go into the storage unit will save you time later when unpacking comes. If you put something dirty it will only be dirtier after few months. Before you start packing your items to a storage section make sure that everything is clean. You should wash your clothes and remove any stains. If you have wooden furniture, try and wax them before storage. Leather furniture should be cleaned with gentle soap. All of your appliances need to be wiped inside and outside. If you are insecure about maintaining your items, don’t hesitate to ask professional furniture movers for help.

Make an inventory list

With many boxes in the storage unit, it is so common to lose something. Save yourself some time and don’t spend hours trying to remember where did you put a particular item. Instead, take some time and make an inventory list. Before loading your items to a storage unit, write down every item you are going to move. If you are lazy to write, a simple excel sheet will also work. Make categories the way that is most logical for you. You can even add pictures if that’s easier for you. That way you will be certain where your items are at any time.

Having inventory list will save you time when finding items in your storage
By making an inventory list before packing your items to a storage unit you will save time later when you try to find something.

What is the best way for packing furniture and appliances in storage space?

By having all of your stuff appropriately packed and organized you will prevent any possible damage to your items. No matter what are items you are putting into the storage unit, these tips will help you protect them. Let’s start with furniture. Furniture should be taken with extra care. Try to avoid plastic packing materials and use some old sheets instead. If you need to tape over coverings for some more fragile items, do not tape directly onto the furniture. You can accidentally cause paint or fabric removal. When it comes to appliances, the most important thing is to drain any remaining liquid. Remove all the fragile or glass pieces that could be damaged while moving. To avoid odors, put a little baking soda inside the appliance and leave the door open once you move it to the unit.

How to pack electronics and clothing for a storage unit?

If you have decided to pack your electronics for a storage unit, pay special attention to it. Perfectly, your electronics should be in their original packaging. Try to label all of the wires before unplugging them. Usually, wires are the first thing that goes missing or is misplaced. For packing them, simple packing paper and a box will do a great job. On the other hand, for your clothing, you may need a plastic container with clip-on lids. It will protect clothes from dust and moisture. Make sure to secure it with some cedar balls to prevent moth’s damage and odors. Try to fold and clean all of your clothes before packing your items in storage space.

Packing your items for a storage unit is easier with boxes
Packing your items properly will save them long-term from possible damage

Organize your storage to maximize space

Once you are done with loading your stuff to the storage space, the only thing that is left to do is organizing your storage. Labeling boxes that contain your items will ease up finding them later. Take some time and label everything the proper way before packing your items to a storage unit. To take advantage of your storage space and maximize its capacity, put your heaviest and bulkiest things on the bottom. The furniture that you are going to put into storage can become a shelf for some lighter boxes. If needed, you can easily add up some build-in shelves to gain space in your storage.

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