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Are you planning to move your office to another location soon? Packing the office space for relocation can be an exhausting process that requires meticulous planning. That’s only one of the reasons why office moves should be handled by professional moving companies such as Moving Transparent, who know how to effectively move out of your working premises. Imagine hiring an unreliable moving company to handle your office equipment and documents – what a mess! To find out how to handle the packing process and lessen the stress, take a look at our packing guide below! 

Early planning is the key when packing your office space for relocation

When you start planning your office space relocation early, you’ll be able to pack well. There are a lot of things to be packed, starting with a furniture and electronic appliances. If you’re moving overseas, then you should seek help from Overseas movers who can give you more specific advice. When you make an appropriate plan, you’ll be able to sort things out in the boxes and have them easily unpacked when they’re moved to the new location. While it might look like an easily overlooked step, specifically planning out what and when you’re going to pack will make the transition to new premises seem seamless

writing a list
Making lists will help you keep track of the obligations and progress!

Make lists to make the process easier

Don’t forget to make lists in order to stay organized! One of the main traits of a good moving company is efficacy and organization, so those are the features that you should be aiming towards. By making lists, you’re staying organized in your mind as you are on paper. They are a visual representation of how far you’ve come, but also how much you’ve still left to do. It’s a very useful tool that will help you keep track of all the information that you’ll get along the way. You’re sure to get a lot since office packing is an extensive process, so make sure that your lists are well-organized too! 

packing your office space for relocation and labeling boxes
Box labeling will help you unpack easier and get back to work in no time.

Label the boxes to make packing your office space for relocation easier

Packing offices may seem like a lot of work – and it is, which is why it’s best if it’s handled by someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. International furniture movers are the go-to company of many other companies who need their premises relocated. Box labeling may also seem like an easy process, but it requires careful planning. If you don’t plan your packing process well, you’ll just end up putting everything in the boxes as you get your hands on the items. That will make the whole relocation process much more daunting, as you won’t know where the important items are, or whether you’ve packed them well.

When you’re packing your office space for relocation, this is what you’ll need:

  • Marker, to write the content of a box on the outside
  • Tape, to tape the box if needed 
  • Knife or scissors, to cut out the excessive materials 

Those are the elementary items that you’ll need to label the boxes correctly. Don’t forget to write “fragile” on the ones that contain fragile items. Write “fragile” on every side of the box so that it’s impossible to miss. 

Consider moving a chance to declutter

Just like any other company, you must have gathered numerous items over the years. If you have any papers, machines that don’t work, or broken chairs, consider throwing them away. Moving companies overseas can bill you a lot for big, bulky items. That’s because they go through quite a process to come from point A to point B. That’s why it’s best if you sell them and buy them at the new place. If there are items that you can sell at the current location and buy at the new one – don’t hesitate to do so. Your workers will get new items, and you’ll have to pay less for the moving process. Considering moving as a chance to declutter can also mean telling your workers to clean out and pack their own office space. 

man taping a box
By hiring a reliable moving company, you ensure that your offices can continue working very quickly after the relocation.

Hire a professional moving company to help you with packing your office space for relocation

Choosing a quality, the reliable moving company is only one of the steps that you’ll need to do in order to perform a successful move. Do you want your company’s belongings, documents, and electronics handled by an unreliable company? Of course not, it’s what you’ve put your energy and money in! By hiring a reliable moving company, you ensure that your offices can continue working very quickly after the relocation. The more time you loose on the moving process, the more money your office workers fail to make! Keep that in mind when searching for a quality moving company. You don’t need to hire one to handle the whole process. Delegating the difficult parts may be the best for both your wallet and mental health, as office moves are known to be hard and complicated, anxiety-inducing events. 

What packing supplies will you need?

Some of the packing supplies that you’ll need include: 

  • Boxes: Whether you choose cardboard or plastic ones, it’s best if you rent them. That way, you won’t have to deal with them after the move. They are known to take a lot of space, and you’ll need the offices to be decluttered and ready to go as soon as you can. This option will save you a lot of time. 
  • Packing paper
  • Blankets 
  • Tape
  • Scissors/Knives 
  • Sponges to secure the corners of the electronic appliances 
  • Styrofoam to fill in the empty space in the boxes which aren’t fully stacked

The tactical approach to packing

Remember to have a tactical approach when it comes to packing your rooms. Professional movers know that it’s important to pack only one room at a time. That will leave other ones tidy and the space inside of them available for use. Some of the rules that you should stick to include: Remember to pack one room at a time and pack the smaller items first. That will allow you to move the boxes with the small items out of the way and deal with the heavy items at the end. If you find yourself looking for help when packing your office space for relocation call a reliable moving company to have a stress-free move

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