Tips for safeguarding temperature-sensitive cargo in transit

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Safeguarding temperature-sensitive cargo in transit is one of the biggest problems in logistics. Luckily, Transparent International and other reliable shipping companies have been doing this work for many years. As such, they have a routine that ensures that temperature fluctuations don’t become an issue. If you are working with temperature-sensitive items, this guide will show you the best practices when it comes to transporting it.

How to safeguard your temperature-sensitive cargo in transit

Safeguarding temperature-sensitive cargo in transit is not a simple thing. It is not the same as moving furniture overseas. You need to have proper packaging, certain procedures, use special equipment, and more. Here is how to protect your thermosensitive cargo.

  • Find a great shipping company. This is the most vital part.
  • Work with an experienced freight forwarder. They will give you all the answers.
  • Use the right packaging. This is the best way to keep your items safe.
  • Establish clear handling procedures. And make sure that everyone knows about it.
  • Use appropriate equipment. You cannot move thermosensitive items without it.
  • Store in suitable conditions. Make sure the cargo is in the right setting.
Cargo ship
Choosing the right shipper is one of the essentials when it comes to safeguarding temperature-sensitive cargo

Choose the right shipping company for safeguarding your temperature-sensitive cargo in transit

The wellbeing of your shipment mostly depends on your shipper. After you hand them over your goods, they will be the ones who will handle your items. If you trust your goods to a company that has no prior experience in transporting thermosensitive cargo, you are entering risky waters. That is why it is important to find reputable shippers before you start shipping overseas.

If your business partners know some, then ask them to give you a recommendation. If not, use the Internet to find the best option for your needs. Find shipping forums and read their reviews with great care. And make sure that your shipper has the experience, skills, and tools to do a good job.

Consider all the variables of transporting your temperature-sensitive cargo

International shipping can be really complex at times. That is because there are so many things that you need to think about. And it seems that there are countless options for every problem that you encounter.

Do you need to pack your items? You can use cardboard boxes, plastic containers, wooden crates, thermosensitive wraps, or others.

How to transport your items? You can send them via air, sea, road, or even rail.

Are you moving to New Zealand from the USA, for example? You need to know New Zealand’s import laws and regulations.

Of course, that is not all, but you get the picture. A good freight forwarder should give you the best answer to every question that you have. 

Use good packaging to safeguard your temperature-sensitive cargo

When it comes to transporting temperature-sensitive items, one of the most crucial parts will be packaging. The packaging is going to be the first line of defense. Therefore, you will need to make sure that you are using appropriate moving crates. Alternatively, you can use other types of packaging to ensure that your items retain the right temperature.

A wooden crate
Sometimes you will just need to use a simple wooden crate

Test your packaging before utilizing

Before you decide on the type of packaging that you will use to transport your cargo, you will need to test it. You need to make sure that your boxes are going to withstand different kinds of weather, but also impacts, vibration, and shock.

Document your packaging specifications

Document your packaging specs for every temperature-sensitive item. It has to be made according to the tests that you conducted prior to shipping.

Check the packaging before shipping

Before shipping, check your containers for holes, tears, and defects. This is because that could affect the temperature inside. The packaging needs to be in good condition, clean, dry, and free of odors.

Establish strict handling procedures

You will need to set out clear handling procedures before shipping your thermosensitive items. So, after you set your instructions, document them. Make sure that everyone involved in shipping knows these rules. This means your freight forwarders, drivers, intermediates, and everyone else working with your international household movers. You want to make sure that everyone involved knows how to handle your temperature-sensitive cargo properly.

Use appropriate equipment when transporting temperature-sensitive cargo

Using appropriate equipment is one of the essentials when transporting temperature-sensitive cargo. This means that you need to hire good overseas moving services. They need to have experience in shipping perishable goods. But they should also have suitable equipment for such work.

When you are searching for a carrier, make sure that they own appropriate trucks, trailers, temperature-sensitive monitors, and controls. Furthermore, they should also provide a complete cold chain. Luckily, there is a number of shipping companies that are specialized in transporting this type of cargo. Of course, make sure that your shipper receives a copy of your handling procedures. Also, make sure that they follow them to the letter.

Appropriate storage is vital for safeguarding temperature-sensitive cargo in transit

When you are shipping overseas, most of the time, your cargo will have to be stored. That can happen in CFS-bonded warehouses, in a customs warehouse, but also at your items’ destination. Of course, the type of your items will dictate the required conditions. The important thing is to make sure your cargo will be stored appropriately before you send it. Talk to your freight forwarder, carrier, and a buyer. And make sure that everyone understands the cargo requirements.

An empty warehouse
You also need to make sure that your items are stored properly

Do everything that you can to keep your temperature-sensitive cargo safe in transit

Safeguarding temperature-sensitive cargo in transit is complicated. Therefore, hire an experienced freight forwarder to make it much, much simpler. Furthermore, use suitable packaging, equipment, and storage, and establish strict handling procedures. Your precious cargo should arrive at its destination in perfect condition.

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