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    Moving is always a demanding and stressful process, with not much room for mistakes. Especially when you are moving to Australia from USA you will come across a lot of difficulties. Sometimes it is handy to periodically send small packages. Even if you are not moving, you simply want to send something to Australia, you should know a few things. There is a way to lower the costs since shipping small packages to Australia can be very expensive.

    Shipping small packages to Australia at the best rate

    Shipping moving boxes overseas can be very expensive, even if you have small packages. This is obviously because of the great distance between the USA and Australia. In order to lower your expenses you can try to:

    • Reduce the weight of your package. If the package is lighter, it will cost you less to ship it.
    • Check if a local delivery or pick-up is costing extra. If it is, you can deliver or pick up your package by yourself. Do it only if it is cheaper this way.
    packing a box
    Make your package as light as possible

    Choose the right way or the right shipping rate.

    Check for different carriers. You would be surprised how the price can vary, depending on the carrier and for the same package weight. Transparent International NYC offers free quotes online.

    Ask for the movers’ quotes if you are moving home

    In case you are moving overseas, it is a good idea to check international moving quotes. Sometimes it can be both cheaper and easier to hire a professional, instead of trying on your own. Moving is always a demanding process and usually, there are some things you forget about. Moving overseas is the case when you can’t simply forget something and hope home to get it.

    Fast delivery or a slow one?

    Delivery speed is another thing that has a great impact on the price. Assuming that you are not using overseas relocation services, but sending a single package. Faster delivery is usually more expensive. Depending on the time you need to bring your package to a destination, you can choose whether to have faster delivery or a slower one. Slower delivery sometimes lasts more than 30 days. On the other hand, fast delivery is usually from 1 to 5 days.

    plane on a world map
    Plane shipping is faster

    Shipping small packages to Australia can be done with Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail, and by using a Flat Rate. You should check the prices with individual carriers and see what is the best fit for your type of package.

    Use your own packaging or not?

    When you are shipping small packages to Australia you can use your own box. You have an option to pack it yourself or to use a flat rate box. A flat rate box is free, but it can be more expensive in the end. As strange as it sounds, it is a good idea to check the rates in both cases. In case you are shipping some kind of product that you sell, you might want to consider if the commercial of your package pays out in the end.

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