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Tired of living in New York? Despite the fact that it can be a great city to live in, we admit that it can sometimes be too much. You may want to move a less crowded, more affordable place, or you just want a change of environment. All of these reasons are valid enough for you to want to move somewhere else. But why limit yourself to only American cities? There is a whole wide world out there and many cities to choose from – especially in Europe. That being said, let’s take a look at the top 10 cities for ex-New Yorkers!

1. London, one of the ideal cities for ex-New Yorkers

Despite belonging to different continents, New York and London have many things in common. This means you won’t have that much trouble adapting to the new environment. There will be no need for learning a new language, spend more on living expenses, etc. Since we’re on the topic, let’s start by talking about how expensive moving to the UK from USA is. 

aerial photography of London which is one of the best cities for ex-New Yorkers
The average cost of rent in London is about 30% lower than in New York

London is the capital of the United Kingdom with a population of 9 million, it’s a very popular destination for expats, but the high cost of living might be a problem for some. However, as someone relocating from New York, you can take this to your advantage and save up. Numbeo Statistics says that consumer prices in London are about 16% lower than the ones in New York City. 

We have even better news for you when it comes to real estate prices. In London, you’ll spend about 30% less money on rent. It is a well-known fact that rent in NYC is incredibly high, so why not hire international moving companies and move to London?

As for temperature, London has a milder climate than NYC. Winter temperatures are usually around 40°F, while summer temperatures go up to 70°F.

The last but not least – public transport. Just like NYC, London has an extensive underground train system. It’s true that it’s not as well connected as the NYC subway, but there are other types of public transport you can combine with this option. 

2. Glasgow

Glasgow is the fourth largest city in the United Kingdom. Therefore, it has a well-established economy with $21,12 billion gross value added. This means you’ll have just as many job opportunities as you did in New York. 

Believe it or not, it’s very similar to NYC which will make you feel at home. People in Glasgow have their own ‘Statue of Liberty, similar city sightseeing tours and they have a pretty similar cosmopolitan lifestyle. 

Rent prices in the center of the city vary from $683 to $1,093 depending on what kind of place you’re looking for. Prices outside of the city center are about $200 lower, so if you don’t mind that, it might be a better choice if you want to save money. 

The cost of the move from New York to Glasgow will be about $1,500, including the international moving crates and other equipment necessary for the moving process.

city skyline across a body of water in Glasgow, one of the best cities for ex-New Yorkers
Glasgow has a lot to offer in terms of job opportunities and affordable rent prices

3. Cambridge

Cambridge is most known for being the home to one of the best universities in the world. That being said, it’s ideal for students who want to move somewhere from New York. Unlike NYC, Cambridge is a much smaller city with a population of 129,000, so it’s a good city for people who want to move to a less crowded area and enjoy some peace. 

One of the things you need to plan ahead is getting a place to live in, whether you want to buy or rent. Unlike NYC that has so much space you can rent or buy, Cambridge has a bit of a problem. Shortage of properties is present mainly because about 25,000 people in Cambridge are students looking for accommodation. You’ll be surprised to hear that NYC is 151% more expensive than Cambridge in terms of rent.  

In conclusion, you’ll have to make bigger efforts to create a place for yourself in such a small city, but it’s definitely worth it.

4. Sydney, a popular city for expats and one of the best cities for ex-New Yorkers

Sydney is considered to be very popular among American expats – about 37% of people currently living in Sydney were actually born in New York. What attracts so many New Yorkers to come live here? It’s a city in which residents lead a pretty similar lifestyle, but even better options for leading a good quality life. 

Sydney is considered to be expensive, but as someone who’s living in New York right now – you’ll find it cheap. The cost of living in Sydney is about 20% lower than the one in NYC. However, something that will be pretty costly to you is the cost of the moving process itself. People moving to Australia from USA spend from $7,184 to $20,526 on average on their move.

There are various factors that determine the price of your move, so it’s on you to make it as cheap as you can. Things that will have an impact on the price are the amount and weight of your possessions, the shipping methods you choose, number of people in your family moving with you, etc. The most expensive thing when it comes to moving your possessions will probably be moving furniture overseas.

a city with high rise buildings and a bridge
More affordable cost of living is a big reason why people choose to leave New York and move to Sydney

5. Zurich

This might be one of the most similar cities to New York when it comes to the cost of living. From healthcare and fitness to groceries and utilities, prices are almost the same and you’ll face no shocks regarding this matter. However, there is one thing that you can take to your advantage – rent prices. In the center of New York, people pay about $3,882 for rent on a monthly basis, while people in Zurich pay around $1,907 for an apartment in the city center which is about 50% cheaper. Lower prices also apply to the area outside of the city center.

So what’s in it for you? Why move somewhere when the prices are pretty much the same in both places? Well, the answer is simple. Zurich is a city with a rich history, culture, and plenty of outdoor activity options. While you may be able to experience some of this in New York, learning about a new culture and taking on the challenge of living in a completely new country has the potential of being a life-changing experience for you. So, why not count on international moving services and try them out?

6. Vienna

Vienna is another popular destination for expats and is one of the best cities for ex-New Yorkers. What makes it so great? Vienna was ranked as the best city to live in. Not only this year but for the 10th time in a row! Meanwhile, New York didn’t even make it into the top 20. We think it’s obvious that the quality of life in Vienna is a lot better than the one in NYC. 

If you are worried about being a stranger in a completely different country – don’t worry. As we mentioned before, it’s the home to many expats from the US who regularly organize events for expats where you can meet new people and share your experience. Not only that, but residents of Vienna who are not American speak English very well – so the language barrier is almost non-existent. Therefore, moving from USA to Austria is not that big of a problem.

We cannot skip talking about rent in Vienna. Considering the fact that it has one of the best living standards in Europe, you’d think rent prices are over the roof. However, that’s not true. Believe it or not, rent prices in Vienna are more affordable than in cities like UK and Switzerland. Prices vary from $300 to $700 a month depending on what part of Vienna you choose to live in. It’s a funny price compared to the $3,882 average in New York. 

a white ferris wheel near city buildings in Vienna which is one of the best cities for ex-New Yorkers
Despite being a German-speaking population, residents of Vienna will have no problem communicating with you in English

7. Melbourne

Melbourne is home to not only about 5 million of Australians, but to people from all around the world as well. There are so many cultures coexisting together in this Australian city and it’s one of its beautiful sides of it. Being someone who comes from New York, you’ve probably met quite a few people from very different cultural backgrounds. So regarding this matter, you are already used to being surrounded by a variety of cultures and won’t have that much of a hard time adapting.

As for the cost of living, it’s considered to be pretty high. Depending on what kind of lifestyle you are leading you will be spending about $960 a month without rent. For those moving with their family, that number can rise up to $2000 a month. However, compared to the cost of living in New York with overpriced apartments, this can be considered a very affordable place to live in. Something you’ll spend quite a lot of money on is the moving process itself and moving boxes overseas. 

a white bus near a white an yellow dome
Being a multicultural city like New York is what makes Melbourne so beautiful

8. Basel

Another city in Switzerland on our list of top 10 cities for ex-New Yorkers. Just like in Melbourne we mentioned above, a lot of people from all around the world decide to move out of their home country and move to Basel. This is something that most ex-New Yorkers reminds of their hometown. The biggest difference you’ll face when moving from USA to Switzerland is the pace of living residents of Basel are used to. In New York, everyone is constantly rushing and busy, so they often come off as rude while the fast-paced lifestyle is to blame. Meanwhile, people here in Basel like to take things slow, and they are much more friendly.

One more big plus for Basel is safety. If you are a woman living in NYC, you must have experienced quite a few scary situations that made you concerned about your safety. While Basel is not a place where those situations ever occur, it’s a lot safer and women feel much more comfortable walking around the city, even late at night.

As for public transport, you’ll be surprised how clean it is! Countries like Switzerland and Germany pride themselves on the cleanliness of their cities, which applies here too. They are also very punctual people, so the buses and trains are almost never late, so you’ll get everywhere on time at any time of the day.

9. Perth is one of the cities for ex-New Yorkers looking for a less crowded area to live in

This one is for everyone who wants to move to Australia but wants to move to a city smaller than Sydney and Melbourne. If you enjoy a slower-paced environment with only about 2 million residents – Perth is the right place for you. This is what can be considered the biggest difference between Perth and New York. In NYC, you’ll fight the everyday trouble of getting through masses of people from point A to point B. In Perth – not really. 

numerous high rise buildings during a sunset in Perth which is one of the best cities for ex-New Yorkers
If you enjoy a more slow-paced lifestyle, moving to Perth will be a great decision

On the other hand, the climate is very similar to New York’s climate, if not even a bit more intense. Perth gets around 2,300 hours of sunlight per year. As for the temperature, in the summer what you’ll mostly experience is around 30°C, which is considered to be pretty high, but still acceptable. However, something you need to be careful about is the temperatures that go up to 40°C, so be prepared for them as well. Winters are not that bad, considering the fact that temperatures range from 8°C to 19°C. This is the reason why it has never snowed in Perth. If you dislike it, you know where to move.

10. Salzburg

And the last, but not least, on our list of best cities for ex-New Yorkers is Salzburg. Something you had no chance of experiencing in New York is visiting a place where Mozart used to live and seeing the exact same violin he played as a child. If you love art and music, Salzburg will be able to give you so much more than NYC. Another thing is that Salzburg is incredibly eco-friendly and its residents are known for taking great care of their environment. You can see this on the streets, many people choose to walk or cycle to school, work or anywhere else. They avoid using cars and other transportation options that can do harm to their city. However, you can still use international car transportation services to transport your vehicle and drive it in Salzburg, you won’t be the only one.


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