Top 10 European cities for art lovers

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You are an art lover who plans on moving from USA to Europe soon? You are on the right track! Europe is one of the places that has so much to offer in terms of art. It’s a continent with a very rich history, so it’s only natural that art was present in every single era throughout history. Why? Art is a big part of history in a way, because no matter what time they lived in, people felt the need to create and express themselves. And what better place for exploring art is there other than Europe? That’s why we are here to talk about the top 10 European cities for art lovers.

1. Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Luxembourg will be the first city on our list of the top 10 European cities for art lovers. This city might be a small city in terms of the area it’s covering, but it has a lot to offer in terms of art. As you are considering a move to Europe, moving to Luxembourg from US might be your top choice after you hear about how beautiful this place is. So far, it has been named the European Capital of Culture twice. It’s an ideal destination for museum lovers. You’ll be able to learn about this city’s history and beautiful art created over the centuries.

white and brown concrete building in luxembourg which is one of the best european cities for art lovers
As a city that has been named European Capital of Culture twice so far, Luxembourg sure has a lot to offer

Whether you want to visit a modern museum such as Mudam Luxembourg Modern Art Museum or something more traditional like Lëtzebuerg City Museum, you’ll be able to find it. However, museums are not the only places art lovers like you would be interested in visiting. There are also countless galleries, art centers, and concert halls. Some of the most popular attractions you can’t miss out on are Am Tunnel, Casino Luxembourg, and Villa Vauban.

2. Barcelona, Spain is one of the best European cities for art lovers

Moving from USA to Spain will give you the opportunity to enjoy some amazing surrealistic art, breathtaking architecture, and much more. Something that is a guarantee that you will get to experience amazing art is the fact that many geniuses like Picasso, Gaudi, and Dali studied art in Barcelona. When we are talking about the most popular art movement in Barcelona, it was definitely Modernism. Antonio Gaudi is one of the people who greatly contributed to this. Some of his most famous creations like Colonia Guell and Sagrada Familia are protected by UNESCO. 

Barcelona will also be heaven on Earth for those who greatly love and appreciate Picasso’s work. At Picasso museum, you’ll be able to see over 3000 pieces created by this genius, mostly from his formative years in Barcelona.

And for people who prefer visiting galleries, here is a list of some we would highly recommend:

  • Opera Lounge
  • Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona
  • Base Elements Urban Art Gallery
  • Villa del Arte Galleries

3. Oslo, Norway

When people think of Norway, something that first comes to mind is its beautiful nature. However, moving to Norway from USA is not only a great choice for nature lovers and those who enjoy outdoor activities. This country is considered to be a world-class art destination that will absolutely blow you away. In Oslo, you’ll be able to find many amazing galleries, museums, and sculpture parks that will take your breath away. 

shallow focus photo of a gray builiding in Oslo, one of the best European cities for art lovers
Moving to Oslo means you’ll get to enjoy world-class art whenever you want

We’ll start with the National Gallery, which was founded in 1837. This is a place where you can find the largest number of paintings in Norway. The opening of this gallery is something that helped Norway detach itself from Sweden and become an independent country in 1905. Today, this gallery hold over 10 thousand art pieces from both Norwegian and international artists. As someone who enjoys art, you’ve probably heard of  ‘The Scream’ by Edvard Munch – this is where that painting is now. 

Let’s talk about architecture for a bit. The National Museum of Architecture is something that shows how important of a place architecture has in the culture of Norway. People describe the building this museum is in as a mix of classicism and modernism. This museum displays, photos, models, and historic documents that will spark joy in anyone who enjoys the art of architecture. 

4. Basel, Switzerland

Basel is known as a host of one of the most famous art fairs in the whole of Europe. It’s called Art Basel and people from all around the world come here to enjoy this beautiful event. Moving from USA to Switzerland means that every year, you’ll be able to see 300 galleries presenting the artwork of thousands of artists. This might be interesting to people who enjoy modern art as it’s a good chance to get an insight of what’s currently going on in the art world. 

a group of people looking at photos and paintings
If you are a fan of modern art make sure to check out Art Basel – one of the biggest art fairs in Europe

One of the most famous museums in Basel is Kuntsmuseum Basel. In this museum, you can see a big variety of art pieces from the 15th century to the present. This means you’ll be able to find something you enjoy whether you are a fan of old-school art or something more modern. Some of the artists that are the creators of art pieces in this museum are Dali, Magritte, and Miro. 

5. Paris, France is another gem among the best European cities for art lovers

In Paris, you’ll find so many types of visual art, contemporary, Renaissance, classical, and much more. However, something that always comes to mind first when talking about the art of this beautiful city is the world’s most mysterious smile – Mona Lisa

Since we mentioned Mona Lisa, let’s talk about Louvre first. If you’ve ever planned on moving to France from USA or visiting this place before, this museum must have been on your list of places you want to visit. This iconic museum is a place that is the home to works of art as old as those that were created in the 6th century B. C. as well as those from the 19th century A. D. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to see the biggest collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings in the world!

Of course, Louvre is not the only place in Paris that’s worth the mention in this guide to European cities for art lovers. Some other great places we highly recommend would be Musee d’Orsay, Palais de Tokyo, Passage Verdeau, and Le Cent Quatre.

people walking inside Louvre in Paris which is one of the best European cities for art lovers
Louvre should be the first destination for all art lovers who are moving to Paris

6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

This one is for the lovers of  Van Gogh. This Post-Impressionist artist is one of the most popular ones in the history of art. In Amsterdam, you can find the biggest collection of his works, even though he didn’t live there for a very long time.

The Van Gogh Museum is truly a paradise for art lovers. Every single room in this place represents one period of  Van Gogh’s career. They are all placed in chronological order. 

Another great place you will most likely love if you are a fan of contemporary art is Stedelijk Museum. It’s a very unusual tub-shaped museum that is definitely going to attract your attention. You’ll get to see pieces of art created in the early stages of Dadaism, as well as other great artworks by Picasso, Renoir, and Matisse. 

As for the art galleries, some of our favorites would be the WONDR experience, Cow museum, and Renssen Art Gallery. 

7. Bilbao, Spain

We are going back to Spain to talk about another great city for art lovers – Bilbao. This city can be considered a hidden gem when it comes to art. 

The most popular museum in Bilbao is Guggenheim. It’s located in the Art District of Bilbao where you can find a huge number of beautiful open-air sculptures by Kapoor, Dali, and many more. The most popular one is surely the giant Puppy by Jeff Koons.  The Guggenheim itself, it’s a museum of modern art that an architect Frank Gehry designed. Two years ago, this museum was celebrating 20 years of its existence.

high-rise building in Bilbao
Guggenheim is a must-visit if you even find yourself in Bilbao

8. Florence, Italy – A European city for art lovers that will take your breath away

Renaissance lovers, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. This is the place where the Renaissance blossomed long before it got to Rome. 

Before you go anywhere else, make sure to check out the Uffizi Gallery first. It’s a perfect mix of Renaissance and medieval art you are sure to enjoy no matter what you are preferences are. This one is in top 3 museums that people choose to visit when they visit or relocate to Italy. The majority of art pieces in this gallery are from the Renaissance period. However, you can see many other great pieces from 13th to 18th century. You’ve probably heard of Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” – well this is where you can find it today. It’s high likely that you will get lost in the dream world created by beautifully painted and decorated ceilings, outstanding statues, and other masterpieces by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Botticelli.

One more famous piece of artwork, if not the most famous sculpture in the world, is Michelangelo’s ‘David’. You’ll get to see this beautiful piece if you decide to visit Galleria dell’Academia. This statue is 17 feet tall and it represents the ideal of male beauty. Well, at least in the way Michelangelo saw it. The position David is in shows that he is preparing himself for a battle. The whole weight of his body is shifted to mostly one leg. This is the reason why this statue is also representing strength and courage, the one of a brave warrior like David. 

9. London, England

London is a place where you’ll be able to see world-class art from almost any art period. If you had all the time of this world, you still might not be able to visit every single one of these outstanding museums in London. They are all outstanding to say the least. Here is something you will absolutely love about museums in London – entry is free almost anywhere you go! This way, you can save so much money while still being able to enjoy amazing art and fulfill the needs of an art lover. What are you waiting for? Pack your bags, hire an international moving company, and you’re ready to go!

brown wooden framed wall art
The best part of visiting museums and galleries in London is that it’s almost always free!

 Something you can’t miss out on is Tate Modern – a place with a variety of different forms of modern and contemporary art. This is exactly is what makes this museum so special and unique. Movies, paintings, sculptures, and photos are only some of those you’ll see if you choose to visit this place. Some pieces of art you cannot allow yourself to miss are:

  • Nude Woman in a Red Armchair by Pablo Picasso
  • Lobster Telephone by Salvador Dali
  • Peasant boy by Amadeo Modigliani 
  • Seagram Murals by Marko Rothko
  • The Snail by Henri Matisse 

10.  Rome, Italy

Last, but not least, we are going to talk about the beautiful art you can see in Rome. You can say that this place is a synonym for amazing fine art museums that will take your breath away. Believe it or not, moving companies have their hands full with international removals to Rome because many people get blown away by the art in Rome when they visit that they decide to permanently move there!

Since we are talking about Rome, the Vatican is a place that we simply have to cover in this guide to top 10 European cities for art lovers. Vatican museums are located in the Vatican city complex which is full of mesmerizing pieces of art. It’s true that you will get to see so much artwork that will catch your attention, but something that will truly amaze you is Sistine Chapel. What makes this chapel so special? Well, in 1508, Michelangelo was asked to come from to the Vatican from Florence to paint the ceiling of this outstanding building. Four years of devoted, hard work are what Michelangelo had to sacrifice to create something many art enjoyers and critics admire even 5 centuries after his death.


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