Top 10 places for international students moving to Europe

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A lot of people say that student life is one of the best things you can ever experience. It’s a period of your life where you get to experience many new things. One of the essential parts of student life is also traveling. As a student, you probably use the status to its fullest and travel wherever you get a chance to and have time to do so. At some point, you’ve probably visited Europe and maybe got the idea to permanently move there. In case you are not sure about the exact location yet, we are here to help you. Let’s talk about the top 10 places for international students moving to Europe.


This will be the first country on out list of places for international students moving to Europe. Germany has been in the top three countries that international students moving to Europe choose as their new home. This country is surrounded by 11 different countries, so you could say it’s a country with an amazing position and a center of many important events.

brown concrete gateway during daytime
Germany is an ideal place for history geeks and food lovers

Things that first come to your mind when you think of Germany will probably be different depending on what your interests are. It might be Oktoberfest, cars, or something else, but Germany has so much more to offer. Something that Germany especially prides itself on is its breathtaking nature – mountains, lakes, and beautiful coastlines. Not only that, but this country has a very rich history.

There are countless museums you can visit, amazingly creative street art in Hamburg, fascinating architecture, and much more. Whatever you choose, depending on your interests, you are bound to have the best time of your life. In case you are a night owl and enjoy parties and similar events, you’ll get to enjoy Germany’s nightlife to the fullest.

Germany is one of the countries with the best-established economy in the whole of Europe. This means you will get many chances to build your career and earn as much work experience as you need during and after your studies. Not to mention the fact that Germany is the home to one of the best universities in the world. If this fits your need and what you are looking for – it’s time to pack your bags. Moving from USA to Germany might be on of the best decisions you have ever made.


If you are interested in history, enjoy trying foods from all around the world, and love the art – there is no better place for you on this planet than France among all other places for international students moving to Europe. French locals are very proud of their culture and the impact it has on the rest of the world, which is totally understandable so let’s see why. This is a country with one of the most famous museums in the entire world. It is also the home to various luxury fashion houses. Not only that, but along with Germany, it has some of the best and most respected universities in Europe.

It doesn’t matter where in France you choose to study, whether it’s the center of the country or a smaller city – you’ll always be in touch with their beautiful culture. All those tasty dishes are heaven to every person that enjoys trying new food will make you want to move there and enjoy them forever. If you are a fan of wine, you’ll always find a good on to pair up with your meal in France. There’s not only a big variety of wine in France, but each region of it is a small world of its own. This means that you will never run out of new places to visit and explore. In case you enjoy adventures and like to explore things that are unknow to you – you might want to consider moving to France from USA.

bridge during night time in france - one of the best places for international students moving to europe
The most fun activity you’ll have in France is getting to know their beautiful culture

United Kingdom

The first thing that comes to your mind when someone mentions this country are probably some of the most prestigious universities in the world:

  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • the University College of London

Not only these universities but schools in the UK, in general, are considered to be one of the best. This is because the quality of teaching in this country is on a whole new level. In the UK, education is taken more seriously than in many other countries in Europe. If you are set on building your career while getting the best education in the world, moving to the UK from USA might be the right choice for you.

However, it’s not all about studying and education in the UK. This is not the only reason why this country is on our list of best places for international students moving to Europe. If you like going on adventures and enjoying that kind of lifestyle, England, Wales, Ireland and other parts of the UK have a lot to offer in that field. It also prides itself on the rich history that many castles all over the UK tell. It was Shakespeare’s home, after all.

What to do in the UK?

You can enjoy tea of the highest quality, visit historical places you had no idea existed, and much more. For those who are more interested in the modern side of this country – you won’t be missing out on amazing things either. There is a variety of modern sports, various kinds of events, and opportunities for socializing and meeting new people. You’ll also have incredibly easy access to the rest of Europe which will be more than useful to a student like you who enjoys traveling. And if you decide to make your decision and move to the UK, make sure to hire door to door international movers for an easy move.


Sweden is a dream come true for all students who are big fans of outdoor activities. These are mostly people who want to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle. This includes those who also just want to enjoy the breathtaking nature of this beautiful country.

Most of the cities in Sweden, if not all of them, are close to a lake or a forest. This means you don’t have to go miles and miles away from home to relax and enjoy everything the nature of Sweden has to offer. One of the most famous attractions is surely skiing, northern lights, and saunas. If you visit some of the famous Swedish museums, you’ll get to know about all the important events that happened between the time of the Vikings and how they lived to the rise of the popular pop group ABBA. After moving furniture overseas and once you start living here, you’ll probably start enjoying sail boating and picnics during summer.

a house near a body of water during daytime
In case you like sports and other outdoor activities, Sweden is a place for you


Denmark is rated as one of the happiest places in the world with an incredibly high living standard. You probably won’t find such welcoming locals who are ready to accept you as one of them anywhere else. Residents of Denmark are people who give priority to events like social and family gatherings. This is why it won’t be a problem to you to feel at home.

You lack inspiration and need something to help you with that? Studying in Denmark might be the right answer. The Danes pay a lot of attention to being innovative, creative, and thinking critically. These are not the only reasons why Denmark is such a great country. They are also very environmentally conscious people who put in a lot of effort into keeping their country clean. This is why you would maybe want to choose to move to Denmark with the help of international removals New York.

a boat beside a dock
One of the best parts of living in Denmark is the high standard of living

The Netherlands

Since you are a student looking for the best places for international students moving to Europe, this country might be for you. It is a well-known fact that the Dutch are big fans of coffee and cycling. If you are striving to become an engineer or an entrepreneur, you should definitely consider moving to this country. People from Denmark are open-minded and believe that every problem has a solution. They will never give up while trying to find one. History and art are something that are very appreciated in this country. The Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the Anne Frank Museum are something you simply can’t miss out on.

With an outstanding educational system and well-established economy, the Netherlands is an amazing country for building your career. Both while you study and after you graduate. You are also bound to have an amazing time outside of school and work life in The Netherlands. Sport is insanely popular, and the EDM scene is considered to be one of the best in the world. There are also countless events and festivals you can enjoy in your free time.

Using international relocation services will help you relocate to The Netherlands as quickly as possible in case you choose this as your destination.


Italy is a place that is probably one of the most popular places around the world. This is not just because of the pizza, pasta, and amazing ice cream. It’s because of the breathtaking villas of Lake Como, spectacular trails through the Cinque Terre, and beautiful beach towns. These are only the tip of the iceberg.

Italy’s rich history is something even more outstanding than everything we previously mentioned. Travel to ancient times at the Colosseum or the Pantheon in Rome. You will see the Sistine Chapel with your own eyes in Vatican City.

You can also go back in time to the year 79 A.D. in the preserved ruins of Pompeii, and explore the ancient network of canals in Venice. You’ll get waves of inspiration observing Milan’s outstanding fashion scene. The oldest university in the world is located here, in Italy. This only tells you about the long history of education in this country.

venice grand canal in italy which is one of the best places for international students moving to europe
Italy is the home to the oldest university in the world


Do you dream about a never-ending summer in Europe? The gleaming coast and colorful buildings of Portugal surely go well with being one of the places that get the most sunshine in the world. Visit Porto for beautiful sights and a taste of port wine. Go to the Douro Valley to see the vineyards with your own eyes. Stroll down the coast to some of the most amazing beaches in the world of surfing. Make sure to also visit the the cozy towns located near them, like Ericeira and Nazaré.

Are you headed to the coastal capital of Lisbon? You will be able to enjoy some street art and miradouros nestled around the hilly city. You’ll also get to visit numerous bars that are one of a kind packed into Bairro Alto. You will also be able to get a taste of traditional pastéis de Nata in Belém. This will make you feel like you are in the world of magic for a little bit.

If you decide to move to Portugal, make sure to hire a reputable moving company as they will provide proper international moving crates for your move.


Switzerland is the place to go if you want to enjoy the surreal beauty of the European wilderness, wander through majestic and stunning towns and cities, and enjoy delicious cuisine. This nation may be most well known for its breathtaking scenery and skiing in the Alps, rather than just for its watches and knives. However, the views and histories in Swiss cities like Basel, Lucerne, and Geneva will astound you on their own. Even little cities like Fribourg and Interlaken are sure to leave you speechless.

This nation, which tops the list for accomplishing career objectives, is also renowned for having one of the most developed economies in the entire world. Students who are career-driven, particularly those with an interest in banking or finance, have discovered heaven. If you are a language lover, there will be countless opportunities for you to learn something new in this field.

brown wooden houses near green trees in Switzerland which is one of the best places for international students moving to Europe
Switzerland has one of the best-developed economies in the entire world


Eight of Spain’s top institutions are located in the country’s second-largest city, attracting students from all around Spain and Europe. Barcelona is without a doubt one of the top European towns to study abroad. Because of its wonderful year-round climate, stunning and historical city center, excellent cuisine, and affordable cost of living. You also have access to some of the top clubs on the continent and the beach. Who wouldn’t want to study at the beach and go out on a wild night to celebrate getting a good grade?

However, it should be noted that finding student housing in Barcelona might be challenging. There’s a lot of competition because it’s a city with both students and tourists. Bear one thing in mind, it’s an old city, so the apartments won’t be anything modern, but they have their own charm so it’s still on our list of top 10 places for international students moving to Europe.




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