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Moving to a new country is a significant step. For that reason, you need to have safety as a major concern. For anyone considering an international relocation, you need to feel at home and safe at all times. Before you contact an international moving expert, it’s crucial to consider which are the safest countries to move to, based on various metrics that ensure that you feel completely safe and never concerned about your safety in general. Thankfully, there are plenty of places around the globe that can offer you just what you need. Let’s explore the countries that will be right for you if you prioritize safety. 

What are some criteria when picking the safest countries to move to?

When choosing a safe country to relocate to, essential criteria should be taken into account. Those need to include strong healthcare and education systems, an absence of conflict, and other standards to make you feel at home. To hire overseas relocation services you have to be completely sure about the country. For that reason, even economic stability and income equality can be of importance when it comes to safety. Usually, places with high unemployment and strong income disparities can have increased crime rates.

A police officer on a motorcycle
There are a lot of details that impact safety.

A strong legal system, respect for human rights, and low corruption are also vital factors that contribute to a country’s overall safety. However, we defined these three major factors when picking the safest countries for you, including:

  1. Gun control
  2. Political stability
  3. Crime rate

Gun control

The presence of rigid gun control laws is often a hallmark of some of the safest countries to move to. Countries with strict gun regulations tend to have lower rates of gun-related violence and deaths. Such laws limit or prohibit civilian ownership of firearms, impose strict requirements for gun ownership, and enforce penalties for illegal gun possession and use. As gun violence becomes a significant concern globally, gun control becomes an increasingly important factor when considering moving to a new country. That’s why we made it one of the key factors when choosing a safe country for you.

Political stability

Political stability is an important factor when selecting a safe country to relocate to. The absence of civil unrest, riots, frequent government changes, or conflicts with other nations typically characterizes a politically stable environment. When you pack your home and have international furniture movers relocate your cherished furniture for thousands of miles, you want to know that your new destination is going to be your home for a long time. With a stable political situation in a country, you get the peace of mind that you need. It’s never pleasant to be in a country with riots and violent protests going on. Besides that, a stable political climate allows for sustained economic growth and social welfare, making the country a secure and comfortable place to live.

Crime rate

The lower the crime rate, the safer the country. Nations with low crime rates generally have effective law enforcement agencies and a justice system that deters potential offenders. When considering the safest countries to move to, it is essential to look at both violent and petty crimes, as well as the police’s responsiveness and efficiency in handling and preventing such incidents. A low crime rate is a strong indicator of overall safety and quality of life. With less crime in a country, there will be fewer worries to have. Generally, countries with a lower crime rate will have a much calmer feel to them, with crime not being a major factor of concern.

A man putting handcuffs on another person
Low crime rates are a good indicator of safe places to live in.

What are the top 10 safest countries to move to?

The safest countries generally excel in several key areas. They often have strict gun control laws, low crime rates, and stable political systems. Their governments are not only democratic but also transparent and low in corruption. These countries typically have strong economies, low levels of income inequality, and robust social safety nets. These factors contribute to high levels of public trust in both government and law enforcement agencies, which are efficient, professional, and not prone to abuses of power. In these countries, safety isn’t just about low crime. Above all, it’s about the harmony that arises from social, political, and economic stability. Take a look at the ten countries that are globally considered extremely safe:

  • Switzerland
  • Portugal
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Iceland
  • Japan


Switzerland is a country that exemplifies safety in many ways. Despite being one of the highest weapons exporters per capita, its stable economy, democratic government, and low crime rate contribute significantly to its safety. If you consider moving from USA to Switzerland you will have a much safer environment. The country’s long-standing neutrality and avoidance of war since 1815 have helped it maintain peace. Only recent tensions, such as the war in Ukraine, have pushed Switzerland closer to NATO through sanctions against Russia. Although Switzerland has high gun ownership rates, strict regulations have led to extremely low rates of gun-related crime. Moreover, Swiss citizenship grants extensive rights throughout the EU and EEA, despite Switzerland not being an EU member state. Overall, with Switzerland, you get to move to a country that hasn’t experienced as much turmoil as other countries on the continent.


Portugal boasts stunning scenery, a Mediterranean climate, and laid-back vibes. Low-income inequality plays a significant role in Portugal’s low crime rate. When you look at the states, the top 20% of earners make only 7.5 times more than the bottom 20%. After moving to Portugal from US this stat will be more than visible among the population. A strong rule of law, a stable government, and a corruption-free environment further add to its appeal. Portugal’s government remains committed to diplomatic resolutions and hasn’t been directly involved in a major war for over 200 years. Easy residency options, such as the D7 and Golden Visas, make Portugal a welcoming and safe haven in Europe. Whether you’re a young professional or a senior looking to retire, Portugal can be the right place for you.

A view of a street in Portugal with trams driving in it
Portugal is among the safest countries to move to.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the safest countries in the Asia-Pacific region. The country is known for its isolation from external conflicts due to its remote location. This makes it very stable when it comes to politics. One of the concerns for people moving to New Zealand from US is that it’s prone to natural disasters. One of the ways the country battles events like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions is by implementing strict building codes to minimize damage. While New Zealand has seen a drop in militarization, especially in weapons import and export, it remains a secure and peaceful place to live, boasting an environment where most residents are well-prepared for potential disasters, thereby contributing to the country’s overall safety. If you’re looking for a mix of safety and beauty, this is the place for you.


Norway is a country synonymous with safety. It has a low crime rate resulting from its wealth, low-income inequality, and extensive social safety net. The country feels like the right place as you can walk anywhere during any part of the day or night. By moving to Norway from USA you can forget about feeling scared to go outside at certain hours of the day. Its government is one of the most transparent and least corrupt globally. As an arctic nation, Norway is committed to peaceful international cooperation and has significantly reduced its military presence on foreign soil in recent years. Despite a relatively high cost of living, Norway’s robust economy, welfare programs, and excellent healthcare and education systems make it an attractive and safe destination for expatriates. With Norway checking almost all of the boxes, you will have a great time living in this peaceful country.


Austria consistently ranks as one of the safest countries in Europe. Known for its remarkable quality of life, it boasts a very low crime rate, excellent public healthcare, and a stable political environment. Austria’s gun laws are severe, requiring thorough background checks and regular renewals of gun licenses. It has a well-trained police force known for its professionalism and effectiveness. Moreover, Austria’s neutral stance in international politics and its absence in major conflicts further contribute to the country’s safety and stability. Those are just some of the reasons making it an attractive destination for individuals and families looking to move abroad.

A small town in one of the safest countries to move to, Austria
Austria is both beautiful and safe.


Denmark is often cited as one of the happiest and safest countries in the world. With a high standard of living, comprehensive social welfare programs, and low levels of corruption, Denmark provides a secure environment for its residents. The country maintains a low crime rate, particularly in relation to violent crime. Danish police are professional and approachable, and gun ownership is strictly regulated. Denmark’s political system is stable and transparent, further contributing to the sense of safety and trust that residents and newcomers alike feel in this Nordic country.


Ireland is known for its friendly locals and breathtaking landscapes, and it is also one of the safest countries in Europe. The crime rate is relatively low, especially in rural areas, and violent crime is rare. Ireland has strict gun control laws and a professional and effective police force, known as Garda Síochána, whose members are generally unarmed, emphasizing the country’s commitment to non-violence. Political stability, a strong judiciary system, and economic prosperity further contribute to making Ireland a safe and attractive destination for those considering relocation.


Singapore stands out as one of the safest countries in Asia and the world. Known for its strict laws and regulations, the city-state maintains exceptionally low crime rates. The police force is highly respected and efficient, and gun control laws are among the strictest in the world, with severe penalties for unlawful possession. Singapore’s political environment is remarkably stable, and its rigorous legal system is a significant deterrent against crime. This level of order and security makes Singapore an appealing destination for expatriates and their families.

A view of a building in Singapore
The list of the safest countries to move to includes Singapore.


Iceland has been ranked the world’s safest country for years by the Global Peace Index. With virtually no violent crime, a highly educated population, and a stable government, it is a utopia for safety-conscious individuals. Iceland has no standing army and only a minimal police force, with officers not carrying firearms. It is a country where trust runs deep. The police force is respected, and the legal system is one of the most effective in the world. With gender equality as a top priority and a strong sense of community, Iceland stands as a model for other nations looking to improve their safety and security.


Japan is renowned for its safety, with extremely low crime rates and a culture that values respect and harmony. Violent crime is rare, and petty crimes like theft are uncommon. The country has strict gun control laws, resulting in almost no gun-related crimes. Japan’s police force is known for its integrity and effectiveness, and the country overall is politically stable with low corruption levels. Additionally, Japan is proactive in preparing its residents for natural disasters, further contributing to its status as one of the safest countries in the world to live in.

A busy street in Japan, one of the safest country to move to
In Japan, there’s nothing to worry about when it comes to safety.

Enjoy without overthinking about your safety

Choosing where to move can be a task that requires looking at a lot of details, especially when safety is a top priority. However, this extensive list of the safest countries to move to offers excellent options. Each of these countries excels in providing not just safety but also a high quality of life, robust healthcare and education systems, and economic stability. They stand as top choices for anyone looking to start a new chapter in a safe and prosperous environment. We’re sure that whatever country you choose, you will feel at home and safe at all times.

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