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    When relocating your home, there are many different kinds of items you need to prepare and pack. Among many of them, some are more valuable than others. Packing all of your clothes, furniture, and all other possessions can be pretty overwhelming. On the other hand, when it comes to packing and transportation of your car, things are much different. There are many different things to consider. Your car is one of the most expensive items you possess. Sometimes you can hire the same international movers New York City to transport both your home and your car. On other occasions, a different moving company will only handle your car. In addition, car transportation needs a special kind of insurance. For this reason, it is necessary to inform yourself about different kinds of auto transport insurance. Read this article to find out everything you need to know.

    What is auto transport insurance?

    When in need to ship a car, customers usually ask how much it costs to ship a car. In addition, they want to know how long it takes to ship it. Finally, they need information on how car insurance works. When shipping a car, you need to understand how a car insurance policy works. For example, when moving to Norway from the USA, you should buy even basic car insurance. Since your car will be traveling a long distance, you need to make sure to cover every detail. By law, every reputable moving company must have such insurance. When contacting your shippers, ask as many questions as possible. There are different kinds of coverages. each one of them ensures different things and costs differently. Check with your movers if they will only cover the body or the total loss in case huge damages happen.

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    You should buy auto transport insurance

    What kind of coverage can you expect?

    There are different types of insurance, in general. Therefore, if you already have one, check your policy first to see if your insurance company may have this type of auto coverage. In case, it does not cover it, then you need to determine with your movers all the details. For example, when hiring door to door international movers, you should go for the full coverage. Some moving companies only cover the insurance while the car is on overseas transportation. While there is a different endorsement for the car insurance while on the way to the shipping company. You need to check everything. In addition, make sure to have everything on paper when signing a moving contract. Finally, check f the person giving you information is an official representative. If a third party will not cover truck driving, then make a separate deal with this transporter.

    Carriers and auto transport insurance

    Carriers are usually responsible for the items that are a part of the cargo on the ship. One of those items would certainly be your car.

    But remember that carriers have many limitations when it comes to coverage. In case of any accident, the insurance adjuster will check the value of your car at the time of the damage. In that case, moving companies overseas only cover the value at that moment. For example, if you bought a car for $15,000 and it is a two-year-old car, its value now is $12,000. In case of an accident, you will get a refund of $12,000. If there is damage that is not in the insurance policy, then you will need to pay out of your pocket. Carriers usually do not cover natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and other ‘Acts of God.’

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    Ask in detail what kind of coverage you can get

    Make sure you do everything from your side

    In case of damage, you can file a claim. After the inspection, if the fault is on the carrier’s side, you should get full coverage. If you are not sure about anything, contact an insurer for more details. But, first of all, make sure that you reduce the level of risk as much as possible. Almost any shipper will not cover what is inside your car. For example, if you have some tools, machines, or anything valuable, the policy will not cover it. For international car transportation, make sure to remove everything from your car. By removing CDs, gadgets, loose change, and other items, you reduce the risk of items becoming airborne. Your shipping company will check your car in detail before accepting it for shipping. They will not agree to ship your car if there are items somebody might steal, or which may disappear during transport.

    Other tips regarding car insurance

    When you ask for auto transport insurance, you want to make sure your car arrives safe and sound at its final destination. For this action, your car has to be in a good condition. It would be useful if you take your car to a mechanic for a regular check. It is better to repair any damage before you give your car for shipping. You will also have to sign the Bill of Lading. It is a condition report of your car. Therefore, check your car properly. Make sure that every detail works, starting from its engine. By signing off on the Bill of Lading, you complete the transfer and waive the company’s liability. When you submit all the documents, talk to your shipping company and ask if there is any additional documentation you need to provide. Remember that your car will undergo inspection at the customs.

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    Most carriers have limitations regarding coverages

    When shipping a car internationally, you need to have any kind of auto transport insurance. You need to have a reliable auto shipper to make sure your car arrives safely. Auto transporting is always a daunting business. A car is a very valuable item, and if a shipping company fails to transport it successfully, they will need to pay a large sum of money. Also, they risk creating a bad image in the shipping industry. Do not assume any information. Instead, contact your shipper to make sure what kind of coverage they will provide. After all, you do not ship your car every day. Make sure it’s safe.

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