Ways to avoid common shipping and freight frauds

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You are about to experience probably once in a lifetime event such as international moving. On one hand, you are excited about this upcoming relocation. On the other hand, you do not know where to begin. It is only natural to feel overwhelmed and scared. There are millions of questions you can ask yourself. Can you organize it all yourself? Or, since this is an international move, should you contact professionals? For such a complicated process we recommend hiring international moving experts. International moving requires months and months of planning ahead. There are many decisions you need to make. One of the most important lessons is how to avoid common shipping and freight frauds. You should plan every step and stick to it as much as possible. Our idea is to make the moving a fun, why not a relaxing experience. Therefore, let’s find out how to make it happen.

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Opt for reliable international movers

How to find reliable international movers?

As we already learned, moving overseas is not a DIY thing to do. Certain things you will definitely do on your own. But there are many different reasons why you should hire professional movers. A reliable company will make sure that everything goes by plan.

Sometimes it is not so easy to know if you chose the right company. There are several services that experienced movers to Australia offer. For example packing and storage services. Or car and pet transportation. International movers to Australia should make their services clear and transparent. The first thing we recommend is reading customers’ testimonials. This is one of the best ways to avoid common shipping and freight frauds. Experienced movers should have a certification for moving. Finally, they should be flexible to fulfill all your needs when moving.

Car transportation-ways to avoid common shipping and freight frauds

Transporting your car to another continent can be tricky and needs shipping professionals. Check whether the transportation company is really able to transport your car. You should be aware of common shipping frauds. The more you know, the less are the chances to be scammed. Spend additional time researching to avoid common shipping and freight frauds.

A trustworthy moving company should provide you with all the information you need when moving a car. Your car is a valuable property. Therefore, only experienced movers can take care of it. Therefore, do the research which moving companies do the international car transportation. A reliable moving company should lay out a detailed plan. In addition, here are some of the common scams that you can recognize.

professionals transporting cars to avoid to avoid shipping and freight frauds
For shipping your car, always rely on experts
  • Holding your Bill of lading
  • Stealing your cargo
  • The company often change their name and bank details
  • They only have the best reviews from customer
  • Hidden fake costs

How to avoid costly international shipping and freight mistakes

Moving to such a faraway destination already costs a lot of time and money. You need to stay focused and stick to firm plans to avoid any hidden costs.

Unfortunately, no matter how experienced the moving company is, something can go wrong. Your goods can get damaged or stolen It is crucial to ensure your shipment. Always request from an international moving company to measure the weight of your shipments. If the carrier measures it later and it turns out to be heavier it will cost you more. Ensure that you pack everything properly. Use quality packing materials to seal all boxes. Otherwise, they may get wet, damaged, or even lost on the way to Australia. Finally, be aware of the time zones. Plan your time ahead to avoid any delays that can cost more.

Why check reviews about the company?

Because this is one of the best ways to tell whether the company is reliable or not. There are so many moving companies on the market. But not all of them have good intentions or experience when moving. Each relocation is slightly different. So you should find a company that meets your needs. When reading customers’ reviews, you will learn a lot about their approach. We expect the company to be punctual, to act professionally, and be safety-oriented. Reviews will help you discover if some customers had a bad experience. Reliable companies should not only have all-stars and positive feedback. Also, check their reviews from all available sources. If they have exactly the same reviews both on Instagram or Facebook this is a red alert. Reviews can also reveal hidden, fake costs regarding packing, loading, and transporting.

reviews to avoid shipping and freight frauds
Read reviews from other customers to avoid shipping and freight frauds

Safe places to find safe movers

That means being very dedicated to finding professional movers. Since the first call or e-mail, you should pay attention to how they act. Every serious moving company should have a moving certification. To discover this, you can check their number on the FMCSA’s website. This site gives insight on all previous customers’ complaints about the moving company. This way you can avoid common shipping and freight frauds. In these very challenging times, we do not worry only about the costs. Professional movers can take precautions to protect their workers and you. When visiting you, they should wear safety clothes and keep the distance.

To conclude, it is very easy to get scammed in any way. Either you will pay more money, or not get the right level of service. When moving overseas, this is not the time for saving only. Sometimes it is better to pay a little more than sorry. It is important to be ready that anything can happen. It is good to know how you can get scammed. Therefore, let experienced people do this difficult job for you. As you already have so many new things to think about. Nota Bene: Read your contract and ask everything that confuses you. The more information you get the better. Last but not least, look forward to moving. There are so many new people and a new life that you will experience. We hope that you find this article useful when learning how to avoid common shipping and freight frauds


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