Ways to cope with the biggest expat problems in Luxembourg after moving from US

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Moving from the US to another state is such a big step. It often comes with the overwhelming feeling that there is too much to do. Don’t forget all those big emotions that you need to handle, too. We want to help you to cope with the biggest expat problems. So our first tip is to find the best international movers USA that will help you with your relocation. You can ask them anything you want and they will give you offers to choose from.

Find the best international movers

Moving to Luxembourg from US is a step that will ask you a lot of things to do and a lot of decisions to make. In a situation like that, you want to have an experienced moving company by your side. That way you can just keep on with your things. And if anything comes up as a challenge for you, you can always consult your movers and ask for some help.

moving company
Find the best international movers.

Before you sign the deal, read all you can find about the company. Look how long they are in business and never skip on reading reviews. International household movers that you want to hire will have about 80% of positive reviews or more. Because other people’s experiences can change your decision. One other thing, don’t make a decision before you get at least three quotes from different companies. Then compare them and choose the best for you.

What are the ways to cope with the biggest expat problems

And when you decide on your movers ask them to tell you your moving rights. Get as much information as possible and you will be able to handle the situation, especially if you need to cope with the biggest expat problems. Well, that is also one of the things you have to know before you move to Luxembourg.

Language barrier

If you are moving to Luxembourg from the US, the language barrier can be a real deal, for sure. But if you plan it in time, you can start learning a new language a year in advance. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, there are several official languages. The first one is Luxembourgish, but they also use French and German. In the early stages of living abroad, this can make your life more difficult, for sure. You have to find a new home, open a bank account, get a car, your health insurance and so much more. This really can be stressful, so as soon you decide to move, start with learning a new language. Because even basics will be seen as an advantage once you find yourself there.

Getting to know the local culture

Every culture has its own specifics so it can happen that you experience culture shock if you don’t prepare well. You will have to understand the local sense of humor, adapt to their work culture and all that can be challenging and bring some frustration. That can result in some homesickness or even regret. And if you want to avoid that, prepare as much as you can. Also, arm yourself with some patience. An adjustment process will take some time.

cope with the biggest expat problems
Cope with the biggest expat problems and that is often a language barrier.

Costs of living abroad

If you have to cope with the biggest expat problems, you can expect many things to be different than you are used to. Many people don’t accept the high costs of living abroad. Some indicators provide a general outlook of the most expensive cities for expats, but it is still challenging to give any forecast before you get to your chosen destination. Some costs can be much higher than they were at home and than you expect them to be. So prepare yourself by getting all the information you can before you make the decision to move.

Luxembourg is one of the best destinations to explore Europe

Luxembourg has less than 1 million residents. To be précised 600,000 people live there and it is noted that 47,2% of that population are foreigners. That means that almost half of its residents are immigrants. Even 170 different nationalities are recorded to live there, which is a lot considering the overall number of people who made there their home.

Is it expensive to live there?

We have to be honest with you, Luxembourg is pretty expensive to live in. Housing is a major part of the household budget there. You can expect a minimum of $1,700 per month to pay for accommodation for a family of four. And a single person will have to gather around $1,200 with the heating costs included. So thing twice do you have a job that will be able to support your comfortable living there.

What is Luxembourg known for?

Did you know that Luxembourg is a European powerhouse and the second richest country in the world? Like it’s not enough, it has award-winning wines. It has a capital that has the same name and a curious network of underground tunnels. It has the minimum wage in Europe and is the second-highest in the world with $2,135 per month.

Luxembourg is among the best destinations to explore Europe.

Cope with the biggest expat problems but try to get used to the new lifestyle

If you made a decision to move, you will need to cope with the biggest expat problems. But however you are ready, you will still need to get used to the new lifestyle. Transition can come with many big emotions. And that is fine. Feel them all, but don’t sit in your new beautiful home sad. Start exploring your new place, go for a walk, try to have small talk with a stranger. Get the sense of how is it to live there. Challenge yourself to find your new favorite places, restaurants, coffee shops, and a store. Things will get more interesting for you if you let them carry you. So try to get in the flow and to find the things you love and enjoy instead of thinking about what you don’t have anymore or what you are missing.


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