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Having to move means that you will have to deal with a lot of things at the same time. While some are better at multitasking than others, it is pretty much a fact that all of us work better when the paper does remembering for us. When in the mids of hurried work, when we forget what tasks await us, we have a trusted checklist to remind us. However, when you move, and when you move on short notice especially, you want to keep things simple. You want the list to be as short as possible! That is why we made this guide on the ways to shorten your moving checklist with ease. We will be going over every single aspect of the move, making sure to tell you all the tips and tricks on how to go by them with a breeze!

Start with your planning early

Be it that you are in a move that requires the skill and capability of global international movers, or that you are simply relocating few blocks away, you always need to make the relocation process serious and start planning on time. One of the best ways to make good plans is to keep them on point and well thought out and in order to do that, you need time! Starting early gives you enough time to address all the steps without having to mix too much work, and you will also have more time to find out exactly what part of the plan should be tossed out! After all, plans by themselves are more often than not changeable. However, the act of planning itself is what is valued, as with good planning you are familiarizing yourself with the situation and are, therefore, better at responding to the needs of the move.

to do list
Plan as early as possible and try to shorten your moving checklist!

But how does that help you shorten your moving checklist – you might ask? Well, starting on time is a good way to get an overview of the tasks that ought to be done. Once you start planning, you will be able to find exactly what you will need, and the sooner you start the sooner you will find the most optimal to-do list that you will eventually use on the relocation.

Figure out the big details first

When planning for moving to Portugal from US, for example, you want to keep things simple. Therefore, one of the best ways to shorten the checklist is to focus on the things that actually matter in the move. Your primary objective is finding a good mover and figuring out the paperwork. Here is how to do the former right!

Search for the movers with these characteristics in order to keep the search short!

  • Honest dealShorten your moving checklist by immediately choosing only from the licensed movers. That way you can know that you can rely upon your movers.
  • Good reviews – Then, narrow the selection further by turning towards review sites! There you will find out if their experience is great enough.
  • Good prices – And, from what few companies remain, choose the one offering the best deal! Simple as that! Ask for a moving estimate or moving quote and you will find out exactly how much they want to bill you for the job.

Secondary objectives

Now that you have chosen which among international moving services you will need and hopefully have figured out all the paperwork you need to do, you can now turn towards your secondary objectives. Here, you will need to do a few things. First, find packing material. Secondly, take inventory of what you want to move, and third, additional services you might need.

checking a box
What are your secondary objectives?

The first two are really about packing and making sure that portion of the move goes smoothly. The third one is where you will need to communicate with the movers in order to find out what additional services you might require for the relocation.

Shorten your moving checklist by moving light

One of the ways to keep your checklist short is to turn to downsize. Less you have to move, less you have to worry about. Therefore you can shorten your moving checklist with ease as long as you keep the inventory list short. That being said, once you find what you no longer need and have no intention of relocating, you need to actually think of something to do with the items in question.

One of the three main options you have is to turn towards America’s top charities. Charitable organizations from around the nation will take pretty much anything that they can use. From furniture to old electronics to toys and clothes. They are never short of needs, and they truly do some good work for those misfortunate. You donating to a charity would be a prime example of a person from the community helping those in the community, even if you are going a bit further away from the spot you are currently donating to. It is a good deed however you look at it.

shorten your moving checklist - hand helping hand
Try to donate!

However, donating is not the only thing you can do. You can also sell the items. Be it online or in a traditional garage sale, selling will help you both love the cost and increase the budget of the move! Finally, you can also recycle the items you wish not to keep when moving to Australia from USA. You can even earn a bit of money doing it!

It is our hope that this guide on how to shorten your moving checklist has left your plans concise and on point. No two moves are the same, therefore no guide can ever be followed to the letter. This article has, hopefully, left you with the general sense of what should be done during the relocation. You can use this knowledge to figure out the things you need, and the things you don’t need, on your checklist and optimize the way to complete them. Best of luck with your relocation!

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