What are the common items international movers won’t move from US to Denmark

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Moving is always such a challenge. And this is especially true if we are talking about international moves. If you are about to plan moving to Denmark from US, we strongly suggest you hire the best moving company you can find. They will know how to help you to stress less. And they will answer all your questions. There are no weird questions, you have the right to know everything before signing the deal, even which items international movers won’t move.

How to choose the right moving company for you

So when you decide to take a lip and move across the sea, the first thing you should do is to look for some international moving companies that can help you. And don’t complain. Take your time to check several moving companies. Always search to read something about the company and find out how long they are on the market and how experienced are in international moving.

moving company man
Take time to check several moving companies and choose the right for you.

You also have to know that the company will offer you many international moving services and that you are the one who’s going to choose which ones will use. The best you can do is to tell your future moves all the specifics of your move. That way they will know to suggest to you just what you need. Ask for several options and don’t forget which services will be charged extra.

Start with preparations

It is never too soon to start with your moving preparations. And that will, for start, mean that you should gather as much information as you can. Among them is a list of items international movers won’t move. The other one is which services will be charged additionally. International moving crates is one you can ask for, but it will also depend on your moving budget.

Which items international movers won’t move

To help you with bringing some of that information to your mind, we made a little list of items international movers won’t move. This type of moving is specific since it lasts a little longer than usual. In accordance with that, some items could be rejected by your movers. So it is best to prepare so that you don’t have any problems during this transitional period. Write down a list of the things to prepare well.

Some items are obviously impossible to move

Some items just won’t be possible to move and this can be obvious. Perishable type of food is just the right example of that. They have such a short expiring date so international movers won’t accept to move it. Just skip packing fresh food, like meat, fish, milk, eggs, and so on. This type of food could affect other belongings because they can parish.

food - items international movers won't move
Perishable food is on the list of items international movers won’t move.

If you are wondering what should you do with all that food, our best advice is to eat leftovers from your ridge. If you are not able to eat all by yourself, you can donate it to a local food bank. The food that you can move can differ from state to state, but you really shouldn’t take fresh food on your international relocation.

What about your family heirlooms?

Well, when it comes to moving your family heirlooms overseas, you should think twice. It doesn’t matter that the value is real or just emotional, the majority of movers will skip on moving it. The reason is simple: there is a risk of losing them and they don’t think that it’s worth of risk. So the thing you can do is to pack all those items with yourself. Also, you can take an insurance policy that will cover losing or damaging it.

Also, you should have in mind that the insurance will cover only the market value of those items. So even if you paid the bigger price, you won’t be able to cover that all. Don’t expect too much from liability coverage on those items. Rely the most on your care for them. Pack them well, so they don’t damage during relocation and keep them close to you at every moment of your move.

Can you move your plants with you?

A super delicate moving situation is moving plants to another country, let alone across the sea. There are some strict rules for packing and moving your plants. They are for sure on the list of the items international movers won’t move. Some countries abandoned moving some specific types of plants because they could carry diseases, pests, or insects.

Hazardous materials

You can be 100 percent sure that your movers will skip on moving hazardous materials. And you should think of recycling them instead of moving. Those things are motor oil, gas tanks, pool chemicals, alcohol, etc. They are not only dangerous but also a potential threat to nature. Don’t even ask your movers for moving them. And you really shouldn’t just throw them in the garbage. They could be toxic or flammable to the environment. Some laws could even punish you for trying to do that. So be conscious and do the right thing before you move. Take a list of those materials and drive them to recycle.

Hazardous materials are forbidden for moving.

Plan your move well and find out which items international movers won’t move

If you have a friend who moved recently, ask them if they saved their moving list. Writing down will help you not only as a reminder, but to help you save your sanity. Moving can be really stressful and just the idea that there are items international movers won’t move can raise the level of anxiety. But this doesn’t have to be your story. You can skip it if you prepare well and in time. Go one thing at a time and start as soon as possible. Imagine your new life in Denmark and all those differences that you are about to experience.  It will help you to keep your head up at all times. Check things and that will help you make better. And this time will pass and you will be left with one new beginning. How wonderful that is.

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