What are the qualities of good international movers?

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Moving on your own can be a very big challenge, especially if you are moving internationally. This is the reason why most people choose to hire international moving companies like international removals New York to help them out. However, it’s not as simple as picking a random mover and hiring them in a few minutes. It’s something you need to put quite some thought into. Doing thorough research to ensure that you are hiring a reliable international mover is a must. So what are the qualities of good international movers?

Reasons you should hire professional movers

Before we talk about the qualities of good international movers and how to pick a moving company – let’s see what are the reasons you should hire a moving company if you are still unsure whether you need professional help for your move. Planning and performing the whole moving process can be a very exhausting task – even thinking about it might stress you out.  Therefore, it’s very hard to handle something like that all on your own. This is why you might want to consider hiring a professional moving company. Here are some of the reasons for that:

  • Your move will be finished in no time
  • The safety of your items will be guaranteed
  • No risk of losing your belongings
  • It will save you both time and energy
  • You won’t be at risk of injuring yourself
  • No need for extra help from your family and friends
    a group pf people standing beside a white van during daytime
    International movers will help you move as fast as possible

Your move will be finished in no time

While it seems that moving by yourself won’t take you a lot of time – the reality is a bit different. This is something that could take you many days or even weeks to get done whether you are moving to France from USA, or somewhere else. You can plan everything out and how long it will take, the packing, organizing, and transporting your belongings, but things are not always going to go according to the plan you made. It may take you way more time and feel like it’s never going to end, like a maze with no exit. So why would you put yourself through all this? 

International moving companies that are reliable and have experience will have no problem performing a move in no time. They are well trained and have all the equipment needed. These are the people who have performed so many relocations and know exactly how to deal with every single part of the moving process. Their experience can even help them estimate how long each of those parts will take. As for the equipment, it’s not something you’ll have just lying around, like international moving crates. You’d have to put so much more work and effort into tasks that your movers can easily get done with all the tools and experience they have.

The safety of your belongings will be guaranteed

Moving internationally means taking all your belongings with you. This means you will be transporting a very large number of things. It’s everything you own, after all. Therefore, you might be in a hurry to finish everything as soon as possible. It can often lead to permanent damage to your items, and more importantly – you could injure yourself.

This is where help from door to door international movers comes in handy. As we’ve mentioned before, moving companies are experienced and well trained. They know how to take care of your items properly without damaging them in any way. When it comes to the boxes labeled as “fragile”, they will know exactly how to handle them and treat them with special care.

a woman and a man standing between moving boxes talking about qualities of good international movers
Professional movers know how to handle your belonging while keeping them completely safe

One more thing that’s very risky to transport is furniture. Professional moving companies have special materials for wrapping up your furniture and other items that can be packed into moving boxes and need to be moved individually. Their special equipment will also guarantee the safety of your belongings. Without the help of your movers, you’d have to rent them yourself – which would only be an additional moving expense. 

No risk of losing your belongings

The relocation process is not only stressful and exhausting, but it’s also very chaotic. This is why things can get lost pretty easily and you won’t even notice. Then after you move and start unpacking, you will become aware that something is missing when you want to use it. Well, it will be already late by then

When you hire a moving company, they will take inventory of all your belongings and take extra care of them. Your movers will make sure everything gets safely to your new home when moving to the UK from USA. If you let them take care of this, you can sit back and relax without having to worry if you forgot or lost something. This is one of the biggest advantages of hiring professional movers – it saves you from unnecessary stress. 


male employee looking at papers
Professional moving companies will take inventory of all your belongings making it impossible for something to get lost during transportation

It will save you both time and energy

We all know that relocation is no easy task. It takes tons of time and energy, there are countless tasks waiting for you to finish them. As you go further into the process, you’ll get more and more exhausted which will also make you feel like time is passing so much slower and that moving will never end. Why would you waste time and energy when you can hire professionals to help you?

It’s not only about saving yourself from hard work. Imagine all the things you could do while your movers are taking care of the relocation process. You could spend some last moments with your neighbors, explore the new city, finish cleaning up, and much more. All of this sounds so much better than moving boxes and loading them into the truck, doesn’t it? 

You won’t be at risk of injuring yourself

It’s true that everyone can perform a move. But can everyone do it properly? In the majority of cases, the answer will be no. There are so many people who got mild or serious injuries because they chose to move on their own. The biggest reason for this is that as someone who is not a professional, you normally won’t have a proper lifting technique. With this being the case, lifting heavy boxes and furniture can get pretty dangerous without you realizing it until something bad happens. The less experienced you are, the higher the risk of getting injured. Maybe you’ll spray your ankle or hurt your back, but it can be so much worse. 

The question is – why would you put yourself at risk of injuring yourself when you can let professionals handle everything? They are trained for moving furniture overseas and know how to handle it. While you might think you are saving money by doing a move on your own, you might end up spending way more. A hospital bill is not something you want to be taking care of in the middle of an already costly relocation process.

close-up photo of a man having neck pain
Injuries are something that often happens when lifting heavy boxes and furniture – hiring movers will help you avoid this scenario

No need for extra help from your family and friends

Moving all on your own is almost impossible. When you choose to move without professional help, you need at least your friends and family to lend you a hand. The question is – will they have time to help you? While they may want to help you out and support you, it might not be the right time. Most adults, like yourself, have a lot of things going on in their life. They have to work, take care of their family, and find some time to take a rest from all the responsibilities. 

We are talking about an international move here, which makes things even more complicated. It’s not as easy as spending one day in a week helping someone move their stuff. Therefore, it is highly unlikely they will have enough time on their hands to support you here. Nobody says that they don’t want to, but everyone needs to make themselves a priority. On the other hand, international movers are people who will lend you a hand anytime. You don’t have to worry about making them help you when they could be doing something more important. It’s simply their job. 

What are the qualities to look for when hiring international movers?

Now that you have decided to hire international movers to help you with your relocation, you need to know how to recognize a reputable moving company. When you hire movers, you are letting them take care of your whole move and you entrust them with your belongings. This is why you want to make sure you are hiring a moving company you can place trust in. So let’s take a look at some qualities of good international movers:

  • They offer affordable services
  • They are a member of FIDI
  • The company has experienced employees 
  • Storage is on the list of their services

The first thing on the list of qualities of good international movers – they offer affordable services

Moving is known to be very expensive in general. There are so many factors that determine the cost of your move, but no matter how hard you are trying to save money on moving, it will still be costly. When you are using international relocation services, the bar is raised even higher. Many additional costs will be added to your bill since you are moving out of the country. Not to mention that a big part of it is a very long distance itself. Even though you know it’s expensive, it doesn’t mean you have to spend money on something you don’t have to.

A reputable moving company will give you an insight into the whole cost of your move and some additional expenses if there are any. They will be open about it and let you know how much money it will be without hiding anything and trying to overcharge you. Scam moving companies will charge you more for services you didn’t even use and you’ll only see them on paper when you get the bill. This is why it’s important to talk to your mover before hiring them.

a person holding a black pen while reviewing a document
A reputable moving company will be open about the cost of your move and possible additional expenses

One of the qualities of good international movers is that they are a member of FIDI

Moving company that is a member of FIDI(International Federation of International movers) can be considered as a company you can completely trust. Movers that are a part of FIDI are all reliable and reputable movers with a lot of experience. How do you know they are reliable? Since they are certified movers, they undergo regular inspections. The fact that their services are approved by FIDI means they pass the highest standards for moving companies.

They have a lot of experience

One of the first things you need to check about a moving company when you are planning on hiring them is how long have they been in business. You are probably wondering what period of time proves that they are an experienced moving company. A mover that has been around for at least ten years should be someone you can count on. Why is this important? An international move is not as simple as moving across the street. When you are moving from USA to Germany and hiring someone for an international move, you want to make sure they are experienced enough to perform this type of move. 

a man and a woman loading a moving truck
One of the qualities of good international movers is that they’ve been in business for a long time which means they are experienced and reliable

Another thing to pay attention to is asking for experienced staff for your move. Moving companies have a lot of employees and not all of them have the same amount of experience. If someone is relatively new and hasn’t gained enough experience yet, they might make more mistakes and slow down the relocation process.

Storage is on the list of their services

When you are moving, you’ll probably have some items you don’t want to throw away. Let’s say you don’t have a space where you could store them either. In cases like this, companies that offer storage services are a lifesaver. A reliable moving company knows the needs of its customers very well and will provide them with space where they can store their excess belongings. One of the qualities of good international movers that offer storage services is also an advanced security system that will keep all your belongings safe during the time you are using their storage services. 

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