What happens if my belongings stay in storage longer than I contracted for?

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There are always some specific situations that are related to relocation that people are not aware of. That’s why our Transparent International Movers is here to clarify everything for you. In case you chose to store your belongings at a storage unit, you probably signed a contract. That guarantees your right to use that specific unit under certain conditions. Still, both sides have rights and obligations to fulfill while the contract lasts. However, what happens if, for instance, your belongings stay in storage longer than you contracted for? Let’s find out.

Storage unit in the open
There are plenty of benefits of using a storage unit.

Why is storage always a good idea?

First of all, there are many benefits of using a storage unit. You will see yourself once you try. However, you are probably here because you already have experience with that and you want to learn what to do in case you stored longer than you contracted for. Nevertheless, there are some things we should cover before we dig into the core of the issue. Firstly, if you’re moving to a new location, you need to prepare well for that trip. Therefore, one of the things you need to do is get in touch with our international services. This will come in really handy especially if you’re moving abroad.

Anyway, when it comes to using storage, there are plenty of benefits. The first one is the fact that you are able to keep your house clean from excess belongings that would otherwise keep on piling up in your house. Let’s see what are some other benefits:

  • Safety from theft and damage – Storage units have multiple purposes which is a great thing. In case you want to secure your belongings from an unwanted third party, this is a great way to do it. Moreover, when locked in a secluded space, your items won’t be damaged.
  • Climate controlled storage units – This one goes with the first one. If you want to prevent your belongings from being damaged, you need to use the ones that have climate control. Therefore, you will prevent any potential damage due to temperature oscillations.
  • This is the base for your stuff – While your items get scattered all over the house, this is not the case when renting a storage unit. This means that all your belongings will stay in one place locked and secured from any damage.
  • Great for seasonal items – Whether you’re storing your winter clothes and ski gear or your autumn coats and bathing suits, this is the place for it.

What does a storage contract consist of?

To continue, there are plenty of things to take care of before you get your storage unit key. For example, you need to sign a contract with the storage owner, get in touch with movers to help you move your items, and so on. We will try to cover what does a contract consist of. First, if you’re moving to France from USA, you need to read carefully all information because you need it in order to relocate there safely. Storage rental agreements, as they are typically called, are a confirmation that both sides are responsible and will do their part of the job. Moreover, this contract is a great way to avoid any potential miscommunication or unprofessionalism. They contain contact and payment information, terms and policies, and details regarding the timeframe of the contract.

Person about to sign the contract
Read the contract closely to avoid any issues.

Now, let’s see what a storage contract consists of:

  • Prohibited items – These are obviously items you are forbidden from storing. This refers to certain chemicals, perishable foods, plants, and people. Seriously, don’t try to live in a storage unit.
  • Payment propositions – This refers to payment guidelines and obligations meaning it consists of dates when you are expected to pay your storage rent.
  • Rules of terminating the agreement – In case you’re not paying for your rent or your belongings stay in storage longer than you paid for, you could lose your space. We will talk more about this later.
  • The time when you can come – Believe it or not, there are access hours on daily basis. Therefore, you can just barge in the middle of the night.
  • Security equipment used – This is good to know because you could sleep peacefully at night knowing there are cameras. Moreover, there are locks and sometimes sensors that help detect intruders.

Is it a problem if your belongings stay in storage longer than you paid for?

We’ve all seen Storage wars on TV. However, this is nothing like it and your stuff won’t be sold to people looking to get rich from it. Still, there are some things you need to look after in order to avoid keeping your belongings in storage too long. First of all, you need to be a responsible person. Nevertheless, let’s see what will happen if you do what you are not allowed:

  • Your storage will go into a default mode
  • The company will try to contact you
  • After approximately 30-90 days your stuff will go to auction
  • Then your items will be sold at an auction
  • This will be an issue the next time you try to rent something
Person yelling at a phone
Do your best to avoid unpleasant calls from storage owners.

Can your belongings stay in storage longer than you contracted for?

To summarize, you can keep your things in a storage unit. That’s not an issue. The issue appears if you keep on ignoring the company. You will pay a lot of money to prevent them from selling your stuff. Therefore, don’t be irresponsible especially if you need international car transportation and later on storage for your car. If your belongings stay in storage longer, there will be consequences.

Even if your belongings stay in storage longer we will figure something out

Finally, you learned all you need to regarding this issue. Also, you should learn how to use a storage unit before you sign the contract. Nevertheless, be smart and don’t allow yourself to get in the scenario where your belongings stay in storage longer. This can mess everything up for you. Anyway, good luck and make sure you contact us if you need anything.


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