What is lump sum relocation allowance?

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    A lump sum relocation allowance is a fixed amount that employers give to their employees for relocation. Usually, when employers are willing to pay for the relocation of their employees, it is to keep their current valuable employees. They help them relocate to a new home, city, country, or even continent. A lump sum allowance is given to the employee directly. A relocation package amount can be different, depending on the employer and how much is he willing to pay for the employee’s move. There is also a difference in whether the employee is using a moving company Transparent International NYC or is he moving by on his own, with lower expenses. And it always depends on the employee’s position in a company.

    When does an employer offer a lump sum relocation allowance?

    When employers offer a lump sum allowance, they are willing to pay for the moving expenses. You shouldn’t expect that every employer and every company will pay for the relocation package. When a company wishes to save their valuable workers, they are offering a package relocation as an incentive to move. It is a great way to help your employees to settle in and to stay on top of work-related expenses.

    boss in the office
    Your employer should cover your moving expenses

    However, a lump sum is a fixed amount, but you can still negotiate it. For example, if you are using international services you can open the dialog with your employees and check what approximate expenses are. See if they are satisfied with the package the company is offering. Will it be helpful for them to start a new job in a new place?

    What is covered by a lump sum relocation allowance?

    The average lump sum allowance covers basic moving expenses. Actually, the employer offers a few different types of lump sums. There are various kinds from basic ones to high-end relocation packages. It depends on the employee’s position in the company and their value to the business.

    The average lump sum allowance covers packing service, moving boxes overseas, moving company service, insurance, and temporary housing.

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    This allowance should cover all your moving expenses

    Additional expenses included in a lump sum allowance

    In case if employee negotiates a better package it can include more expenses. Relocation with family with school assistance for children; flights home for worker or their family members etc. Although this is usually a fixed amount it doesn’t mean there are strict rules with the expense coverage. If you are moving to Australia from USA, you can include new house haunting expenses. Or increase the sum for buying a new home.

    Today, in a modern age, there are far more people willing to relocate for work. Having the right incentive and help, the employees will be happy with new job opportunities. Also, the employers will keep their valuable employees. It is now common that entry-level workers also get a lump sum relocation allowance. Maybe it is less often moving to New Zealand from US scenario, but everything works with the right kind of company and the right incentive.



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