What is the cost of moving overseas?

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    Anybody who has ever moved knows that moving expenses can really pile up. Especially when it comes to long distance relocations. The cost of moving overseas can vary a lot. It depends if you hire global international movers or try to move on your own. Did you know that sometimes when you try to save money by doing things yourself, you end up spending more money in the end?

    Cost of moving overseas

    You can try to cover all basic costs and include them in your budget. International removals are usually complicated and it is best to hire professional help. At least they know the cost of moving overseas in advance. You can get a free quote or estimate from the most reliable moving companies.

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    Get moving estimates online so you can get the best rates

    Major moving costs that need to get into the budget

    These are only basic or better yet major expenses for international relocation. Every relocation is different and because of that its price is different as well. It is not quite the same when you are moving to Portugal from US and when you are moving cross country.

    Transportation cost

    Understandably this is the highest expense when you are moving overseas. If you are hiring international movers, they will transport your belongings. Till you need to pay for your trip. It can cost up to a few thousand – just for your flight. Also, you might need to go back a few times. That means you’ll have to buy more than one ticket.

    Customs and taxes

    Make sure to check with customs about rules and regulations, before you move. Especially if you are moving with some bulky or sensitive pieces, like a piano. You will probably hire international piano movers but also be sure to check customs taxes.


    You will need storage in case you haven’t found a new home. Also, you will probably have to pay extra costs for storage before you relocate. It might happen that moving days and shipping days don’t align. Then you will need storage to bridge this gap.

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    Maybe you will need to rent storage

    Learn about international moving and make sure that you find good and reliable movers

    Some of these costs might be necessary for you, however, a good plan and preparation will certainly save up time and money. Remember that hiring a good moving company can save you a lot of money in the end. Or maybe it is better to say that hiring a wrong moving company can cost you an arm and a leg. That is why when thinking about the cost of moving overseas, be aware that a lot of it will depend on whether you are successful in hiring reliable professionals or not. Another important factor is whether you are able to plan and organize the whole process so you can avoid unnecessary costs. Therefore, it is smart to spend some time learning about international moving so you can plan your move right.


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