What to do before the movers arrive?

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    Moving your home does not include hiring movers only. There is so much more to do before the moving day starts. No matter how good a moving company is, you have to prepare on your own. This is a very complex process that needs a lot of action. All the stories that you heard about trouble-free relocation can become true. What you need to do is to pay attention to every single detail. This way you will not cause any problem or delay in the moving string. Besides choosing an appropriate new home, creating a moving budget, and hire an international moving company New York, there is something else you can do. That means to prepare well before the movers arrive. In addition, there are a number of things to do to minimize the risk of damages. In this article, learn how to prepare before the moving day comes.

    two people sorting out clothes
    Decluttering and sorting out is the first step before moving

    How to prepare before the movers arrive

    Since you are moving internationally to the UK, you will certainly have more work to do than going locally. In addition, you need to make sure to get the packing materials, documents, licenses on time. It may happen that you booked the full moving service. Even if this is the case, that movers will pack and bring the items door-to-door, you cannot just sit and wait. Therefore, start the preparation about ten weeks before the international household movers arrive. First of all, start sorting out your belongings. Decluttering is the best way to simplify the moving process. While doing this, create an inventory. It will be very useful when organizing your stuff and will serve as proof of the contents of your household. In addition, list the serial numbers of all of your electronics and appliances, together with their brands and types.

    Going from the USA to the UK

    There is certainly a long way to go until you and your belongings reach your new UK home. After you have sorted out the items and created the inventory what is the next step?

    It would be a good idea to pre-pack small items such as decorations, organizers, jewelry, etc. . This way you will prevent them from scattering around when the moving starts. As a result, these will not make any delay for your international movers USA to UK. Also, even if you hired professional packers, try to pack and label as many of the sensitive items as possible. This particularly refers to your documentation. Get the climate-controlled storage units for packing documentation to protect them from moisture and mold. Finally, organize your pets, plants, and perishables, as they cannot be loaded with furniture and clothes on the truck.

    a couple packing items in the boxes
    Pre-pack small and sensitive items

    How to prepare your car before the movers arrive

    Your car is one of the most valuable possessions that can easily suffer damages during transportation. For this reason, it needs special preparation and handling. Of course, professional movers should handle car packing and transportation.

    Since your car will go across the ocean, this is something that you should not do yourself by any chance. There are certain steps to take before international car transportation. First of all, take your car to the mechanics. It should undergo a routine check to make sure that everything works well. The last thing you need is to reach your new destination and realize that you need to rush around and find a mechanic. Secondly, obtain the Bill of lading. You can also make a deal with a moving company to get all the necessary documents for you. Finally, wash your car before you hand it over to the movers.

    Additional packing tips to save time

    You have set up the moving date with professional movers. If you are in a hurry or scared that you do not have enough time to finalize everything, we have some tips. This also works even if you are not in a rush. You cannot just go around and put items in boxes randomly. Try to use your packing time effectively as much as possible before the arrival of the movers. There is nothing worse than trying to do everything last minute. Therefore, we recommend that you get the packing materials. Boxes of all sizes, packing tapes, cushioning, and labels should be on your list. In addition, you will need some tools to disassemble some furniture. Prepare an essential bag with some food and documents that have to stay with you at all times. Do not panic. Instead, go room by room, and follow the checklist.

    a mechanic mending a car
    Before car transporting, it is always good to do the routine check at the mechanics

    What to do with the items you no longer need

    Less is more as they say. This particularly refers to moving long-distance. Therefore, do not think that by any chance you will bring everything you have gathered through the years. Instead, check the size and shape of your new home and see what of your belongings can fit in. Maybe the previous owner of the house has left some furniture such as built-in closets, or a king-size bed. In that case, you will not need to bring those across the ocean. Consider selling all you no longer need. Donating is also an option. If you have enough time either organize a selling auction on eBay or organize a garage sale that you can advertise on Facebook or Instagram. The money you earn you can use wisely for the moving process. Optionally, you can donate something to your friends or relatives.

    As you can see, there are many actions to take before the movers arrive. You should start with separating and cleaning your items. It is important to obtain packing materials on time and start packing accordingly. Measure the doors and furniture. Get all the documents and insurance of your possessions. Take care of your pets and plants. Finally, arrange some snacks and drinks for the movers as refreshers. Just do not let yourself do anything important last minute as this will only cause you stress. Remember that good organization is the key to everything. Good luck in your new home!




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