What to do with your car when relocating to Australia

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Relocating to another place, especially if it is a distant one, is a task that you have to be serious about. It is not an easy thing to handle an international relocation, even if you have moving overseas companies to help you out. However, a regular move with regular items should be much easier than when moving some special items. For example, moving a car to another place is always a delicate matter where you have to be very careful. Moving a car to Australia is such a thing. But, the good thing is that there are many answers to what to do with your car when relocating to Australia. There are several options that you should consider and you will learn everything about them in the following article!

You do not have to move your car to Australia if you want to keep your relocation simpler

People have a tendency to become sentimental with items that are not usually considered sentimental. A car is a perfect example. Men are prone to this because they are the ones that are considering a car their second home. So, it can be a hard thing to leave your car behind. But, as you may think, this is a far easier deal because you will fewer things to think about when moving. There are a lot of regulations that you need to keep track of and not too many people want to deal with this, especially if you are moving to Australia from USA. There are a lot of miles between New York City and Australia and it is definitely a problem. So, the best option can be to leave the car behind.

cars on a ship
Moving a car to Australia will not be a piece of cake

First, you can give the car as a present to someone that is close to you. However, if the car is expensive, you may be reluctant to do so. The best option here would be to sell the car prior to the move and be done with it. You will also get some extra cash that you can spend on the move itself and therefore, increase the chances of everything going okay.

What to do with your car when relocating to Australia and you want to move your car too?

If you are thinking about actually shipping your car to Australia when you move, things become much more difficult. There are many other things that you have to do prior to the move.

  • finding the right international car transportation company that will handle the move
  • filling out all important paperwork in the US
  • applying for importation approval before moving the car
  • finding out about all the fees and charges before moving the car

Of course, you should not kid yourself that this process is going to be a short one. Some people take more than 2 or 3 months before they get the green light to move their car to Australia.

Finding a reliable moving company is of big importance

Your top priority if you still want to move your car when relocating to Australia is to find the right moving company that will do the transfer. As you already know, amateur or movers without experience are not an option. You want to work only with moving companies that have experience in this area. Naturally, the number of those companies is much lower and that also means that you will need more time in order to find the right company.

a man standing by the van
Experienced people are necessary to have by your side

The most important thing that you want to know is if and whether they have experience with moving overseas. And, not just cars. You are moving everything that you have so you want to have the right international furniture movers, pool table movers, and everything else. You will learn this by communicating with them and they should give you referrals. Also, there are other ways to find moving reviews on the company, especially in a big city like New York City. Moving reviews will give you a ton of information about the moving company’s both good and bad sides. It is something that you do not want to avoid doing because there will be big repercussions if you make a mistake as big as this.

Importation approval is crucial when moving a car during your relocation to Australia

This is also an important thing if you want to relocate your car to Australia. In order to get it, you need to send an application with an attached addendum. However, this is not just a bureaucratic thing that will go fast. You will have to wait. Most people wait for around 20 days but it can go up to two months. This is just something that you need to be prepared for and why you need to do it on time. Even though this can be done by international movers New York City that are taking care of your move, it is still something that we advise you to do on your own. This is still your responsibility and you should not rely that much on others!

a man signing a paper and thinking what to do with your car when relocating to Australia
Make sure to have all the necessary documents for the move

Even though there are a lot of questions about what to do with your car when relocating to Australia, there is one answer that you need to have prepared. Do you want and need to move your car there or do you want to make the move easier and let it stay at your current place? It is not easy to decide, especially if you like that car and you are connected to it.

However, no matter what you decide, you will want to make sure you handle the move as well as possible. With or without a car, your move is going to be hard because you are moving to another place with other laws and regulations. You have to make sure that nothing stays in your path to your new life in Australia. Dedicate as much time as needed to plan everything and you should not have too many problems on the way!

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