What to pack and bring when moving from the USA to Switzerland

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Relocating to another country can be daunting. Especially if you are moving from the USA to Switzerland. You might have doubts about what to carry with you and what to ship. This is perfectly normal, as every situation is different. However, there are some staples that you should be taking with you at all times. They include everything that is either extremely valuable or particularly important. Items such as documents, jewelry, and some art and antique pieces are among them. You might also want to ask your international moving expert for more details. There might be some items that are of particular note, that you will surely need for your first days in the country. In this article, we will be covering everything you need to pack and bring for your Switzerland relocation.

Things you should take with you when moving from the USA to Switzerland

Here are the main three categories of essential items to bring with you:

  • Important documents
  • Art and antiques
  • Jewelry

Most of these are easy to fit into a travel bag. You don’t really want to entrust anything really valuable to someone else in the first place. Even though you will be relying on international movers when moving from USA to Switzerland, you might not want to take any unnecessary risks. Situations that are out of anyone’s hands can occur, after all, and you don’t want to be on the worst end of them. Therefore, pack all of your valuables and take them with you. You are the best guardian possible.

Important documents need to be with you, at all times.

Other things you should consider when moving from the USA to Switzerland

That being said, here’s what you also need to consider when undergoing an international relocation:

  • Talk to your kids before they move
  • Arrange the transport for your pet
  • Prepare your car before the transport moving from USA to Switzerland
  • Pack an essential bag for the whole family
  • Hire a reliable and professional moving company

There might be more, depending on your particular situation, but these are the staples. If you go through all the steps above, you are going to create a better, and easier, relocation experience for you and your family. You might also want to consider international car transportation for your vehicle if you want to bring your “pet” with you to Swiss. After all, it is something else to be able to take in the sights in your own car. It can create some really cool memories.

Talk to your kids before the move

If you are moving with your children, you are going to need to talk to them at length. They might not fully understand the reasoning behind the move, and might be anxious about relocating to another country. This usually means that they will need to learn another language, something that can be really difficult for some. It is your job to make them feel comfortable (or at least less anxious) about the impending relocation. You will want to be calm, positive, and understanding. Even if your kids throw a temper tantrum.

father talking to his child
Explaining the necessity of the relocation to your kids is important.

You are the adult and need to behave like one. That being said, don’t be too hard on yourself either. No one is perfect and all things take time. Don’t be discouraged if you happen to fail to calm your kids, just “reset” and try again tomorrow. This is something that you need to do before you can hire household movers. Otherwise, you might invite more trouble into your home, something you definitely do not want. But, above all, remember to stay patient and calm. Shouting matches are seldom the best idea.

Arrange the transport for your pet

And if you have a family pet that you want to bring with you to your new home, you will need to jump through a hoop or two more. Visit your vet first, see what is necessary for the safe transport of the animal. After that, check into Swiss rules and regulations about bringing pets to the country and see to comply with them. Your best bet here is to involve your moving company in this, as they will be able to provide you with expert advice. Apart from that, you are going to need to make arrangements so your pet is as happy as possible during transportation. Moving pets internationally can sometimes be very difficult for them, after all. Thus, you need to make sure to prepare both you and them to the best of your ability.

Prepare your car before the transport moving from the USA to Switzerland

Speaking of preparations, we mentioned that transporting your vehicle is a really good idea. However, it is not as simple as just leaving it in your movers’ hands. You will need to go through a process that will ensure the safety and well-being of your vehicle, as well. Start by visiting your mechanic, see if there are any small repairs that might need to be done. After that, take pictures of both the exterior and the interior of your vehicle. Present them to your international movers and have them verify before you sign anything. Additionally, you might want to check on current regulations for importing a vehicle. You can talk about that with your mover.

female creating a list, moving boxes in the back
Prepare for travel, pack an essentials bag!

Pack an essentials bag for the whole family

Back on the topic of packing. You will want to prepare a bag for each member of your household that will include everything you might need for a couple of days. This is extremely important as the rest of your belongings might be delayed. It does not happen often, but it is not a terribly uncommon occurrence either. Consider that you are going to need to live off the contents of the bag for a few days and you have the right mindset. Pack a change of clothes, essential toiletries, entertainment device or two, that sort of thing. Basically, if you can’t imagine yourself living without an item for even a day, it needs to be in the bag.

Hire reliable and professional moving company

Lastly, you will want to leave as few things as possible to chance. This means that you will want to hire a professional mover with a great track record of international moves. This will enable you to worry less and enjoy yourself more. You can also ask them about anything you might want to know about your impending move. Their knowledge, experience, and expertise will provide you with a fantastic moving experience!

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