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    Finally deciding to take that life-changing leap of faith and move to a foreign country is always an exciting, as well as a scary thing to do. It goes without saying that you will be excited about the new culture, new people, and new surroundings – but you also might feel terrified at the prospect of venturing into the unknown. No matter which end of the spectrum you belong to, you can take consolation in knowing that you are definitely not alone. There are many different types of expats out there, and you will certainly find yourself to fit in in at least one of these categories. So whether you are moving to Australia from USA, relocating to Europe from Asia, or coming from some other place entirely, here are the types of expatriates you will be able to meet.

    The most common types of expats ranked

    Every person is different, so it’s a miracle that we don’t have a limitless number of expatriates. Perhaps there are many more types of people living abroad but, today, we’ll strive to cover the ones we meet the most often. As one of the best international relocation companies, we have definitely seen our fair share of people who have decided to move abroad. And we have been able to notice five distinct groups of people.

    The wing of a plane.
    All expatriates need to be saluted for their courage to move to another part of the world.

    1. The Go-Getter

    In case you are someone who is moving abroad for work (and loving it), you are most likely a go-getter. Go-getters are ambitious people who love to climb the corporate ladder – even if that means moving halfway across the world. While being a go-getter is usually a good thing, there are some downsides to it. Even though this isn’t the case with every go-getter, but it’s a common thing to see their private life suffering due to their professional ambitions. It’s just about finding the balance between the two.

    2. The Optimizer

    The optimizers are people who are able to notice all the benefits of living abroad. They usually look at things from neither a private nor a professional perspective. Instead, they try to balance these two spheres of life, and, in the majority of cases, they usually manage to do it. It’s safe to say that the optimizers almost never regret their decision to move. So if you think you could be one, feel free to request a couple of international moving quotes, see whether you can afford it, and finally be on your way to that city you’ve wanted to live in for so long.

    3. The Romantic

    Ah, romance – it makes the world go round for some people. Those people go by the name of romantics. The romantics are types of expats who usually move to a different country in order to be with their significant other. They do their best to fit in with the locals, explore the city, and make new friends. And needless to say, but they are usually successful in it. However, their professional life might suffer at times due to their pursuit of romance. So if you recognize yourself in this group, and you want to go forward with your career, try to find a good balance of work and pleasure and you’ll find happiness in any part of the world.

    A woman and a man holding hands.
    Some people would do anything to be with the one they love – they would be the romantics.

    Bear in mind that within the realm of people who move because of their significant other, we have a subset that could be named as the traveling spouse. These are the people who usually don’t have many choices other than to move if they want to keep the family together. How well they fit in will mostly depend on the individual. But what usually happens is that the unemployed spouse gets fed up with life abroad and decides to move back home.

    4. The Explorer

    The life of an explorer is always fun and filled with adventures. Explorers are people who move abroad simply because they want to challenge themselves, as well as explore other cultures. These types of expatriates usually have no problem forming new friendships, learning new languages, and getting used to the new way of life. It’s why they have moved at the end of the day. The explorers just have to remember to spend some time on their professional life in order to achieve that perfect balance we keep talking about.

    5. The Students

    Taking a year to study in a foreign country is one of the most satisfying and exciting experiences. There are so many benefits of studying abroad that most people who can afford it decide to spend at least a couple of months as a foreign student. These are the types of expats who move in order to gain a better education. Or they simply want to perfect a language and get new experiences. Even though their lives are usually exciting, students sometimes struggle with the financial challenges of living abroad. But the experiences are definitely worth it!

    A young female student - one of the most common types of expats.
    Being a student in a foreign country is one of the most cherished experiences a young person can acquire.

    Adjusting to your new life as an expatriate

    At the end of the day, all types of expats are just trying to get adjusted to their new life. Granted, that can sometimes be a challenge. Because when you move your home across the world, it doesn’t matter how adaptable or courageous you are – it’s going to be a bumpy road. That’s why you need to make new friends as soon as possible, as well as nurture old friendships. Luckily, with Skype and other social media platforms, keeping in touch with your friends is easy – no matter where you are. As for the new friendships, you might as well get out there and find a hobby you think you’ll enjoy. That’s the best way to meet like-minded people.

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