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When you decide to move abroad there are a few things to decide. One of them is the exact time of your relocation. You might think the time is now. Or you might change your mind and decide to move next month, or in summer, or delay it for next year. This brings up an important question: when is the time to move abroad? You might think the moving date depends only on which global international movers you choose and their availability. But that is not necessarily the case. We will look at some factors that can impact your choice about the moving date. Hopefully, this will help you decide when the perfect time to move abroad is for you!

When is the right time to move abroad?

If you are thinking about when should you relocate know that the answer is mostly connected to the moving process and your personal life. It’s surprising how much of a move can depend on one’s private obligations. We will look at some factors such as:

  • When the moving company is available
  • When your career calls for it
  • When you book plane tickets
  • When your instincts say it’s time to go
  • When the other factors are optimal
A picture of the clock
Answering the question of when is the right time to move is not easy because you have to consider different aspects.

When the moving company is available

One of the first factors is making a deal with overseas relocation services and deciding on a moving date. Their availability can greatly affect your moving process. However, you will most likely come to a conclusion that is tailored for you. That is why the moving company itself is not that big of a factor. Yes, their schedule can push your moving date by a week or something like that, but they shouldn’t affect your general moving time too much.

When your career calls for it

So, one major factor when deciding on the perfect time for relocation is your career. You might be moving because of your job, or you might be moving to pursue a different career. Whatever the reason may be, it can affect your decision greatly. You can’t exactly decide on hiring international furniture movers today and having them pick up your things tomorrow. There are some office rules that need to be respected such as giving a two weeks notice.

In some cases, there are legal things to be sorted out. Moreover, in order not to get fined, you need to sort out your occupation situation first. Look into your company’s policies as they can play a major factor in deciding when to move abroad. Additionally, you might even have a project you need to finish, so that can dictate your moving date.

When you book plane tickets

Sometimes an overlooked factor, and a factor that does not impact everyone, but buying plane tickets can change your moving date. Unfortunately, in most cases, you can’t just drive to your new place. And, while international car transportation takes your vehicle abroad, you need to find a different type of transportation to help you get abroad. That is why you need to book plane tickets. Those tickets can be quite expensive, and their price varies depending on a few different factors. One of them is the date. So, in conclusion, booking cheaper tickets can impact your moving date. Of course, this does not apply to everyone. But if you are looking to save money, this factor will probably apply to you.

a man on the street thinking when is the time to move abroad
When you are wondering whether the time to move is right you have to look at your intuition as well.

When your instincts say it’s time to go

One factor you might not even consider is your gut feeling. This isn’t based on any logical arguments, but on some unexplained, metascience feeling you might have. But, in all honesty, when you feel like it’s time to go it probably is. If you are not satisfied with your current life and think living abroad can change that, then you have already answered the question of when is the time to move abroad. All you have to do is hire door to door international movers and emotionally prepare for your new life. On the other hand, if you have already set up a moving date, but your gut feeling is telling you not to go, listen to it. Don’t force yourself into any situations you don’t feel comfortable in.

When the other factors are optimal

So, what exactly are “other factors”? Well, we wanted to touch on some things that can affect your moving process but are not directly connected to you. Even if you have a general idea of when and how to move abroad, these things can still have an effect on that process:

  • Your desired country’s internal situation and politics. If we look at our global situation, the chances that your desired country goes to war are low, but not zero. If there are some conflicts and tensions inside your desired place, it might not be the best idea to move there at the moment.
  • Natural disasters and weather. This is also a factor that can affect your moving process and that you should consider when deciding on when is the time to move abroad.
A woman sitting in a box
At the end of the day, focus on yourself and it will be easy to choose the moving date!

Finally answering the question: when is the time to move abroad?

If we looked at all of these tips and factors, there is one conclusion you can take away: it mostly depends on you. There are some other things that you need to consider, like whether you need to hire special help, like for international moving crates. But, it mostly depends on your private life and your obligations. When is the time to move abroad? When you are ready and feel like it. If you are not ready, then it isn’t the right time. So, keep that in mind and choose your moving date according to all your needs!

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