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Are you thinking about moving out of the country and starting a new life in a whole new environment? That’s a very exciting decision that comes with a world of new opportunities and possibilities. The world is your oyster, as they say. But how are you supposed to decide which country to move to? Well, something that can help you decide is knowing where your fellow Americans prefer to immigrate to. So, we’re here to give you a run-down of the places where Americans who leave the USA move to. We’ll give you an overview of each of the countries and, hopefully, help you choose the right country for you. Once you know where you’d like to relocate, you can start looking for an international moving expert and organizing this big transition. So, let’s start, shall we?

Mexico is the most popular place for Americans who leave the USA

Moving down south is a very popular choice among Americans leaving the USA. Sunny Mexico is not too far away, but it still gives you the chance to start fresh in a whole new country. Over 700 thousand American expats live in Mexico, so it’s definitely an in-demand place. Life in Mexico has a lot to offer and comes with many benefits. So, there are a few reasons to start brushing up on your Spanish skills and start packing your bags. Here are some things you should know about Mexico before getting international services and moving.

palace of fine arts, mexico city
Living in sunny Mexico is an exciting experience, so consider it if you’re thinking of moving abroad.
  • You need a visa if you want to live in Mexico. Otherwise, you can’t stay in the country longer than 6 months.
  • It’s often cheaper than the US.
  • You’ll need a Mexican guarantor when renting an apartment.
  • Do your best to learn Spanish – it can get you far. Speaking Spanish can even help you negotiate a lower rent! But that’s not the only reason to start learning Spanish – it will make your life easier in many different ways. Luckily, living in a Spanish-speaking country makes learning the language much easier.
  • Mexicans are very friendly and warm. It will be easy to make friends or get some help from the locals.

Canada – a lot of Americans who leave the USA choose to go north

Not all American expats choose to move south of the border, some of them choose to move up north. Our neighbor country is home to almost 10% of all the Americans who leave the US. It may not be far away, but there are definitely some changes and adjustments you’ll face after moving to Canada. Here are some facts you should know before taking the leap of faith.

canadian flag with mountains in the backround
Moving to Canada can be a great step, but you should do some research first.
  • Check if you’re moving to a French-speaking province, it might be time to start practicing French.
  • The cost of living is often higher than in the US. Of course, this is circumstantial and depends on where you’re moving to and from. If you’re moving from NYC, you’re probably used to the high living costs.
  • Expats don’t get to enjoy free healthcare –  you’ll probably need to invest in private healthcare and pay for most of the healthcare services you get.
  • Learn how to convert US dollars to Canadian dollars and get to know the metric system.
  • You don’t need a visa – if staying less than 6 months. If you’re staying for longer and moving for work, you need a work visa or permanent residency. 

Europe – the countries Americans who move across the pond choose

Moving across the pond is a big step, so there are fewer Americans moving to Europe than those relocating to Mexico and Canada. Still, certain European countries are pretty popular and make for great homes for Americans moving out of the USA. Here are the top 3 countries Americans choose in Europe and what you should know about them.

map of europe
Relocating to Europe from the US requires some adjustments, but it’s worth the effort.

The United Kingdom

  1. Healthcare is free, but you have to pay the immigration healthcare surcharge. Also, you’ll be funding the British NHS through your taxes.
  2. You can deduct your UK taxes from the taxes you’d pay in the US. However, you will be charged extra US taxes because you’re living abroad.
  3.  If you’re one of the American expats moving to the UK, you don’t need to worry about a language barrier, but you should still learn the British lingo.
  4. You probably won’t have AC or a dryer in your apartment.


  1. The cost of living is lower than back home, so it could be the reason why Americans who leave the USA choose Germany.
  2. Even though many people speak English, you should learn German.
  3. Get healthcare insurance and enjoy public healthcare.
  4. Look forward to 5-hour workdays.


  1. The prices of the basic amenities are pretty much the same as the US average.
  2. The City of Lights, tasty pastries, cute cafes – all that awaits after moving to France from USA. No wonder France one of the more popular European countries Americans relocating from the US choose.
  3. You can use public healthcare – the state usually covers 70% of healthcare costs.
  4. Your child can enjoy free public education, but many foreigners send their kids to international or private schools.

Remember, you need a visa if you’re moving to any of these three countries. So, make sure you have the necessary documentation before booking your flight.

Where will you move to?

Okay, so now you know some of the most popular chosen by Americans who leave the USA. Now it’s up to you. Does moving to one of these gorgeous countries sound like a good idea? Or maybe you’d prefer to pave your own path and choose a country you’ve been breaking about for ages. The reasons for moving to another country are many and finding yours can help you choose the right country. Whatever you decide, remember to always do thorough research before moving abroad. Whichever country you pick, we wish you luck!

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