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At least once in their lifetime, everyone feels the need to change the environment they live in. However, choosing a place that you know will 100% suit your needs is no easy task. It’s something that takes quite a bit of time and research. Since you are preparing for an international relocation, it’s normal that you want to move somewhere as similar as possible in terms of culture and lifestyle so you don’t have a hard time fitting in. Therefore, you are probably wondering where to move to avoid a culture shock?. We have a few suggestions, so keep reading!

What is culture shock?

Culture shock happens when someone moves away from the comfort of their home and familiar surroundings and into an unfamiliar area. For example, relocating from a tiny rural area to a huge city or relocating to another country. These are just two examples of situations where the adjustment phase can be rather tough. Moving from one area of a country to another within the same one can also cause cultural shock in some people.

Culture shock typically doesn’t result from a single occurrence, nor does it come on quickly or without warning. Instead, it develops over time as a result of a number of occurrences, and it can be challenging to recognize culture shock while experiencing it.

a person in a traditional dress at the street
After moving to an unfamiliar country with a completely different culture, people often experience culture shock

Therefore, it’s only natural that you want to avoid something like this and move to a country you won’t feel much like a stranger in. It’s a good idea for someone who’s moving out of the country for the first time or moving for the first time in general. So here are a few countries we recommend if you are wondering where to move to avoid a culture shock.

United Kingdom is a great choice if you’re thinking about where to move to avoid a culture shock

For anyone considering coming to the UK from the US, the island provides a ton of diversity, natural beauty, history, and travel options despite the UK’s size. London, the largest city in the UK, is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world, with over one in three residents being born outside of the country. With so much to offer, coming to London or the UK is a popular choice for expats. This is the reason why international movers USA to UK always have their hands full.

Living close to London gives you the best of both worlds: access to both the city and the countryside, a mix of the old and the new, and it’s ideal for families looking for an expat location that won’t cause a culture shock.

big ben in london, united kingdom which is a great location if you are wondering where to move to avoid a culture shock
United Kingdom is a great location for people who want to avoid experiencing culture shock

What are some benefits of moving to the UK?


Free education

There are many differences between the British and American educational systems, but one thing they both share is that all British children between the ages of 5 and 16 are free to attend public or state schools. In the UK, 94% of kids attend free public schools, and 6% pay to attend private, independent schools.

Zoning in the US is different from how you enroll your child in a British school, but knowing you are not required to send your child to the American School in London or another foreign school can make moving to London from the US much more economical.

No need to change your phone number

You’ll probably want to have your US cell phone number when you move to the UK. It’s easier to do so, instead of changing it, which would cause a mess since you’d have to inform everyone about it. Not only your family and friends but the companies you’re working with and other contacts.

While living abroad, you can use Google Voice to keep your US cell number and phone people or businesses who don’t have other ways to connect.

You can use your US drivers’ license up to a year in the UK

Even though you probably won’t want to drive when you first move to London, you might be forced to. This is only a temporary option in case you need to use your car or rent one right after you move. You are permitted to drive on your American license for up to a year, regardless of the reason why you are forced to do so, whether it be due to your job, school, or another situation.

a woman in a yellow shirt driving a silver car in the united kingdom which is a great choice if you are wondering where to move to avoid a culture shock
You can use your US driving license up to a year in The United Kingdom

Make sure you choose insurance when renting a car from a rental company or using a credit card. Driving without insurance is prohibited in the UK, and this applies to both the vehicle and the driver.

Get your UK driver’s license if you intend to drive there for a longer period of time than a year. Since there will be additional moving expenses such as hiring international furniture movers, you can use this time to save up money for getting your new license.


Many expats are curious about how difficult or simple it is to relocate to Australia while thinking about where to move to avoid a culture shock. If you already have a work offer or a contract for employment in this country, the procedure of resettling is rather easy and quick. Simply submit an application for a work visa issued by Australia. In many parts of Australia, there is a shortage of skilled workers. Your prospects of a smooth transfer and a successful work permit application increase if you can open a business and provide jobs for locals.

What other reasons do you have for migrating to Australia? Well, there are numerous advantages to living abroad, like:

  • high standard of living
  • excellent healthcare
  • terrific work-life balance
  • respectable job benefits from companies

If you like what you hear, you can give international mover New York City a call anytime!

Getting a Visa in Australia

There are many different visa categories to select from, which is good news for professionals who may be asking how to obtain an Australian visa and work permit. Finding the visa that is most appropriate for you and your personal employment circumstance is all that is required.

Depending on the kind of professional work permit you’re looking for, the country may demand a visa. The necessity for a proficient level of English language proficiency, fulfillment of Australia’s health and character criteria, and having a suitable job or profession are some of the most frequent conditions to meet in the visa application process. For example, to be eligible for the renowned Business Talent visa, investors or business owners must either possess adequate finances, assets, or have a minimum net value. Although there are a number of visas that are equivalent to permanent residency, the cost of this permit’s visa is about $5,100.

You can easily open a bank account even before moving to Australia

Starting your new life in Australia is much simpler if you have a bank account there. The good news is that, as long as you can provide your passport and visa information, you should be able to open your account online before making the big trip to Australia and moving with international movers to Australia.

You might only be able to make deposits and manage your account through the bank’s website and app after completing this online process. Withdrawals and other account features can be unavailable until you travel to Australia and are able to present official identification at a branch.

a grey calculator and a black magnifying glass on a brown wooden table
With barely any effort, you can open a bank account in Australia even before your move

Public transport

In Australia, there are several choices for public transportation. The accessibility of trains, trams, buses, and coaches makes commuting within and between cities relatively simple.  Sydney, which launched its first metro line in 2019, is the only city with an automated, rapid transit system, while Melbourne has the largest tram network in the world.

It’s wise to do some research in advance when it comes to prices because they will change depending on where in Australia you choose to relocate to. Depending on the laws in particular Australian territories, international students may qualify for reduced prices.

New Zealand is another great country to consider while wondering where to move to avoid a culture shock

New Zealand is about the same size as the state of Colorado, which means it’s a pretty small country.  The idea of a slower pace of life draws many individuals to New Zealand despite its size.

Despite the fact that the majority of people in New Zealand reside in cities, there are several possibilities to explore its beautiful nature. With its forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, and fjords, its rural environment is breathtaking. You can reach a beach, a national park, or a mountain biking route in less than 30 minutes. This is the case even if you live in one of the largest cities in the country. This is something that people usually love the most about this beautiful country. It’s also the biggest reason why people decide on moving to New Zealand from US.

What is New Zealand like compared to the US?

Since New Zealand and the US share a lot of cultural similarities, adapting should be pretty easy for you. The climate in New Zealand is less extreme than it is in the US. Due to its temperate climate, summers there are typically and moist. Although the north of the country is often warmer than the south, neither the hot nor the cold are frequently unbearable in New Zealand.

New York was named as the sixth most expensive city in the world to live in by Mercer in 2020. San Francisco and Los Angeles came in at 16th and 17th, respectively. In contrast, Wellington came in at 123rd and Auckland at 103rd, which is a big difference.

No language barrier

Learning a new language is something that prevents many people from moving to a new country. It can be quite hard to fit into a society you don’t even know the language of. However, we are speaking about New Zealand here! That means you don’t have to worry about the famous language barrier. English is the language that New Zealand resident use the most. Although Māori is New Zealand’s second official language, English is the primary language. You won’t need to learn Māori to relocate to New Zealand because barely 3% of the country’s residents are Māori speakers.

a woman and a men sitting on chairs and talking
You’ll have no problem communicating with people in New Zealand, as most of them are English speakers


Germany is becoming a more appealing country to relocate to. People from all around the world are discovering that Germany has advantages that few other nations do.

Many people, notably Americans, have expressed a desire to come to Germany from the US. This is mostly due to its favorable economic climate, career prospects, and superior educational system with low tuition costs. Let’s see what else is there when it comes to moving from USA to Germany.

Make an effort to learn German beforehand

Whether you are moving to Norway from USA or Germany, it’s very important to learn the language. Even though it may seem like a daunting task at first, learning the language will make your time in Germany easier and much more enjoyable.
Of course, knowing the language is also necessary for obtaining visas, getting a job, traveling, etc. Despite the fact that most residents in larger cities speak English, this isn’t always the case. It’s also not that tough to learn key terms in a language that features a word like bitte, which can be used in just about any context. This will help you feel more free and comfortable in a new country as an expat.

german text on pieces of paper in germany which is one fo the best choices if you are wondering where to move to avoid a culture shock
Learning German beforehand will make your life as an expat much easier

Take up cycling after your relocation

Germans are avid cyclists, and for a reason. The city infrastructure is usually built with cycling in mind, meaning bike lanes can be found almost everywhere. Cycling is usually the best and the cheapest way to get to know your surroundings. Used bikes aren’t usually expensive, and several cities have bike-sharing services. This is where you can use the public bikes for a small annual fee. Bonus – they’re emission free and will help to burn those extra calories from all the beer and sausages you stuff in your mouth.

Germans enjoy food as much as Americans do

Since you are wondering where to move to avoid culture shock, this is why Germany is a great choice. As an expat, you’ll definitely begin to miss your favorite dishes at some moment. Fortunately, German cuisine is fairly diverse – more so than you might anticipate! Even though it’s more difficult to find your preferred international foods, there are specialty food stores and international supermarkets. This is where you may buy anything you might be missing from home. However, there are also lots of Italian and Turkish food options in Germany. American-style burgers and vegetarian and vegan cuisine are currently very popular across the nation. Additionally, even if you have a taste for German food while visiting Germany, you have more choices than just sausages, beer, and potatoes.

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