Where to spend New Year’s Eve in Luxembourg after moving

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    Whether you’re about to move to Luxembourg or have recently done so, New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. It’s time to choose how to spend it. Moving to Luxembourg from US can be stressful, so a night of anticipation and fun can be exactly what you need. After you accomplish the challenging task that is relocating to another continent in the middle of winter, you certainly deserve said fun. Of course, we all have very different ideas about what constitutes fun. And while the grand duchy is a small country, there is plenty to do on this magical night, and you’ll surely find what suits you best. It doesn’t hurt that you’re a newcomer. Seeing it all with fresh eyes will only make things seem more enchanting. Here are a few ideas on where to spend New Year’s Eve in Luxembourg after moving.

    New Year’s Eve in Luxembourg

    Winterlights Festival

    There are many pros and cons of living in Luxembourg. Winterlights festivals is definitely a pro. Luxembourg City shines in the glow of thousands of lights from November 19 to January 2. The Winterlights festival offers an abundance of activities perfect to spend the last night of the year doing. You can glide around the enormous ice rink in the center of the city park, on the Kinnekswiss. Adjacent, you’ll find a gourmet food village, ideal for a snack after ice skating. Snuggled on the Place de la Constitution, there are about 40 chalets you could visit. Some of the highlights of the festivals include a proud, twelve-meter-high Nordmann fir on Place d’Armes, a Ferris wheel, carousels, etc. You can also visit café-restaurants with a panoramic view of the Adolphe Bridge and the Pétrusse Valley.

    Wherever you decide to spend New Years Eve in Luxembourg, you won't miss fireworks
    Wherever you decide to spend New Year’s Eve in Luxembourg, you probably won’t miss fireworks

    Do take into account any Covid-related restrictions before making any plans. Unfortunately, the situation can change very quickly, so keep that in mind. Other than that, if Winterlights Festival sounds like your cup of tea, prepare to dive into a winter wonderland. After researching international household movers, check out more details about this wonderful holiday event.

    A celebration in a restaurant or a hotel

    Many restaurants and hotels in Luxembourg offer New Year’s Eve packages including dinner, music, and dancing. A night in a warm place, with great food, drinks and music may be more your speed. Just make sure you find the perfect place for you. As soon as you book the best international movers USA has, find the proper restaurant for celebrating the New Year.

    Luxembourg City covered in snow
    Winter wonderland may include snow as well

    Spend New Year’s Eve in Luxembourg with Luxembourgers

    If you have friends, family or coworkers there, chances are someone has invited you to celebrate with them. Many Luxembourgers like to enjoy having a festive time at home, hosting a small party for their dearest. Don’t hesitate to accept such an invitation. It’s an opportunity to get to know the culture and customs of this European country. For example, at midnight, people may toast with Crémant de Luxembourg, a remarkable sparkling wine made locally. If you want to impress your hosts, wish them all the best in the New Year in their language – Alles Guddes am neie Joer!

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