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Whether you are in the world of business, or simply want to relocate on an international level, trying to save as much money as you can is the common goal. Luckily, because we have options to choose our cargo transportation method, we can choose how much money we want to spend. Moreover, choosing your preferred transportation method also allows you to have more control over several factors that impact the transportation process. Furthermore, by hiring an international moving expert to help you relocate your items across the world, you can get the best offers and choose all the right things. In this article, we will be providing you with some basic information about each transportation method, as well as the pros and cons of each. Instead of choosing for you, we will show you what your options are so you can choose by yourself.

What type of cargo transportation method will you encounter?

So, let us assume that you are moving from USA to Switzerland. You will need to relocate all of your belongings on this long, across the ocean, freight. Because this is a large distance, you would want to choose the best way to relocate your items. Now, we were saying how different transportation methods impact your financial aspect. Well, these methods also impact the overall safety of your items, as well as the speed at which they arrive.

a picture of a road that supports one of four cargo transportation method
Picking the best cargo transportation way is very important and depends on what your goal is

Furthermore, there are other things that might influence this, like cargo weight, complexity, density, size, etc. Therefore, the best way to make a choice, if you lack experience, is by hiring professionals to help you. Of course, you can do this yourself. However, relying on professionals with experience means making sure that all of your items are safe and arrive without any issues.

Road transportation

The first type of cargo transport is via roads. This means that you will be transporting your cargo with cars, trucks, vans, etc. Now, this method has its advantages. For instance, it is generally cheap to use, but it is not as fast. Furthermore, if you are moving to Australia from USA, for example, you will end up paying a lot more than you should if you go with this type of transport. Finally, road cargo transport is not advisable if you are planning on moving on long, international distances. However, if you plan to move on shorter distances, road transportation is your best solution.

  • Pro: Road transportation is both flexible and available much more than other forms of transportation
  • Con: This form of transportation often cannot support transporting certain items that require special conditions, costs much more if used for international relocation, and can be quite slow

Airfreight transportation

The second cargo transportation method is via air or planes. Now, this is the fastest method possible. Due to the constant economical growth in the world, airfreights allow multiple companies or individuals to have a better supply and demand relationship. This means that, when transporting items via air, you can overcome the obstacle of the distance between two parties.

a picture of the back of plane engines in the hangar
Air transport is one of the most expensive, yet fastest ways to transport cargo

Using international moving crates for this type of transportation is often the best as they provide adequate protection to items within. However, the transportation might end up costing you much more than usual. On the other side, you gain great advantages for the price you pay.

  • Pro: Can be tracked and offers optimal safety for the items you are moving, mostly due to easy handling and loading/unloading
  • Con: The overall cost of this form of transportation is amongst the highest ones out of all four methods

Sea transport or shipping is also a cargo transportation method

If you have time to wait and want to pay less than usual for the freight, sea transport is the best choice for you. Shipping via sea is great for international car transportation, for example. Due to the size and the weight of the car, shipping it via sea would be the safest option. However, if you are going to ship via sea, you will need to obtain a container either from the company you hire or from the harbor itself. Moreover, if you cannot fill the container by yourself you can always share it with someone with similar items. That way you can actually lower the fee you have to pay in half. This method of transport is mostly used by people who are exporting goods to other countries.

  • Pro: Low-cost transport that has a high limit on the good you can send through it
  • Con: Is the slowest out of all methods and can take quite some time to arrive

Railroad transport

You might be thinking that the railroad transport is a bit outdated, right? Well, what if we told you that railroad transport is still quite popular? Furthermore, that it is actually one of the safest methods of transport we have. However, railroad transport usually functions only within country borders, making it harder to export items. Moreover, transporting via trains means that someone has to go to the train station to pick up their items.

a picture of a yellow train on the railroad
Cheap and reliable, yet slow and lacks flexibility, railroad transport has its strong points

It is a close race when it comes to comparing road and rail transport. Nonetheless, as this is our final cargo transportation method, here are the pros and cons:

  • Pro: Very cheap and reliable way to transport items within the country borders
  • Con: Lack of flexibility and accessibility as one would have to transport items to the train station to send them to a new location

Each of these methods has their perks

Each method has perks and cons, as one might assume. However, the method that you should choose should depend solely on your needs. For instance, if you need to transport items to another country you should avoid railroad transport. If you want to make your items arrive as soon as possible to their destination, pick airfreight, etc. The form of transportation your items will require will depend solely on what are the conditions you are sending them in.

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