Why is Connectivity in a Global Manufacturing Footprint so important?

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    The advancement of the internet has been changing the world as we know it day by day. In that manner, businesses also have to adapt to these changes. That is why today we will discuss the importance of connectivity in a global manufacturing footprint. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, many businesses had to adapt and find different approaches to their business models. This mostly means that eCommerce is becoming one of the biggest selling strategies we know today. On the other note, if your business or residence requires relocation, you can contact Transparent International and acquire the services that can help you achieve that.

    Why is connectivity in a global manufacturing footprint important?

    Before we talk about the importance of connectivity in such a field, we have to understand what these terms mean:

    • Global manufacturing footprint: A production network designed on specific geographical locations and value chains.
    • Why is connectivity important? Because it will allow your manufacturing networks to work together, as a whole, instead of individually.
    a man with headphones working from office as a representation of why connectivity in a global manufacturing footprint is importnat
    The ability to communicate with your branches all around the world in time will make a big difference in your business

    Whether you are planning on moving to France from USA or not, connectivity allows your business production to continue working without any issues. It allows each segment of your company to communicate with each other to ensure everything is going according to plan. Additionally, by using the internet, your machines will be able to predict which aspect of production might stop working before it happens. This is a much better method than having to guess or wait for it to happen.

    What are the two important attributes to achieving this?

    If you want to have the right connectivity, you will need to incorporate two main attributes: capability and reliability. It is only then that connectivity in a global manufacturing footprint will bring some results. To do this, you need to have a WAN (Wide Area Network) and LAN (Local Area Network).


    The network you are using needs to have the capability to meet the requirements of your manufacturing footprint. When talking about network, capability means bandwidth. Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data your connection can handle at any given moment.

    cables attached to a device
    The faster and more stable your connectivity is, the better chance you have of completing your work on time

    However, pay attention to how much bandwidth you need as you do not want to pay additionally for something you do not need. Connectivity in a global manufacturing footprint can also help you know when to supply your business with what it needs.

    Connectivity in a global manufacturing footprint: Reliability

    To achieve this, you will need to establish connectivity with minimum latency and maximum security. Latency is a term that determines how fast your data is going through the network. High latency can affect even the smallest of actions, like sending emails, etc. Having high latency and low internet response can affect your business in many different ways. Hiring international services is a great way to move items from one place to another. However, the speed at which you can do that will depend solely on how you establish your connectivity between manufacturing footprints.


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