Why is your total bill different than your estimate?

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Many people don’t know a bunch of things related to their relocation. That’s usually the reason why they end up paying more money than expected. That said, we would like to explain why is your total bill different than your estimate. On the other hand, our international movers are here to help you move with ease to any place on the planet you need, including all your belongings. Anyway, if you would like to find out more about basic technical things related to your relocation, stay with us.

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You should know upfront about any potential costs that might come up during your move.



What should a total bill include when moving/shipping?

Moving is a big deal. You’re probably not in those top 1% that have to relocate on a month-to-month basis. Nevertheless, not even those people find it easy to move all the time. There is a lot you need to cover when relocating. And although it seems like it’s not much of a hassle, if you’re not well prepared, there is a high chance you’ll do something wrong. Still, we are here to clarify all the details regarding your relocation as well as some other things that might interest you. For instance, if you plan on moving from USA to Switzerland, our diligent movers can help you handle it in no time.

In order to know what your total bill will include when moving, you need to calculate your budget in the first place. Therefore, the first thing you should address when planning a move is your budget. Once you set your budget, you can plan out the rest of your relocation. Furthermore, you should count in all the potential costs you’re going to have during your relocation. This might include:

  • Hiring professional movers
  • Buying moving supplies
  • Purchasing moving insurance
  • Renting a storage unit
  • Canceling or redirecting subscriptions
  • Filling your house with your new furniture

What is a moving estimate and how to calculate it?

First of all, there are several types of moving estimates and you should know of every one of them. In case you’re reconsidering your options, these tips will help you decide what to do. So, let’s look into the types of international moving quotes and help you choose yours:

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It’s very important to know all the details of your move.
  • Non-binding estimate – This is the most common type of moving estimate. Therefore, it serves to presents you with the approximate price of your relocation based on which you will be able to choose your movers and plan the budget. What you should know is that the cost of your relocation is based on your belongings’ weight and size.
  • Binding estimate – There is a big difference between the previous type of estimate in terms of the final price you’ll pay. To illustrate, you will be obligated to pay the price of the transportation listed on your estimate regardless of whether it ended up being less than expected.
  • Local moving estimate – This one differs from the previous with one simple thing. It charges you by the hourly rate meaning you will end up saving more money than expected. However, this one doesn’t apply to international moving quotes.

Sometimes the total bill is different than your estimate and we will tell you why is that

Maybe you don’t really think that much about why your total bill is different than your estimate when moving to Australia from USA, but you should. As we said, there are several things that influence the cost of your move. That should stick with you because there is no need to waste more money than you have to. Here are the main reasons why your final bill turns out to be different than your moving quote:

  • Type of service you hire – If you hire movers to do the international moving crates, you will pay a different amount of money than by hiring movers simply relocate you locally.
  • Distance your movers will cross – For example, if you’re moving internationally, the moving costs will be much higher than relocating interstate or long distance within one country.
  • Total weight of your stuff – There is a lot to consider when moving and you might even forget some things. But, you will definitely remember that weight affects the overall moving costs.
  • Unexpected or hidden fees – In case you hire irresponsible movers, you might face hidden costs and unwanted fees. These could result in your total bill being different than your estimate.
  • Travel fees – You will have to include the gas and other expenses that are related to your transport from one place to another. You might face some unwanted scenarios such as a tire break or something similar. Include all those things.

Understanding that your total bill doesn’t necessarily have to be different than your estimate

You should keep in mind that your movers will only provide you with an estimate. That literally means you will have an approximate calculation of what your cost will be. Therefore, it’s usually not fixed and won’t guarantee that the price will be the one listed on the quote. If you have that option, go for those estimates that won’t bind you thus you’ll end up paying less than expected.

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Be sure to set your budget before starting your move.

Still, you should do your best to make a thorough plan for your relocation. Therefore, be ready for any circumstance and don’t disregard any potential scenario. That way, you will minimize the difference between your total bill and your moving estimate. You will see that things aren’t as bad as presented.

Once you learned why is your total bill different than your estimate and how to minimize the chances of that happening, you can move on to other things. For example, you should think about how you can protect your move by purchasing insurance. Afterward, you can pretend to pack and get your things shipped to your final destination. All in all, in case you need any additional help, make sure you give us a call. We would like to help you out the best way we can!


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