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    As we step into the future, we are looking for different ways we can help the Earth. How can we reduce our carbon footprint? Is there a way to reduce waste? How to use more renewable energy sources? The moving industry has some things to figure out, and zero-carbon shipping is the answer. Taking your whole life from one side of the world to the other one isn’t very eco-friendly. But there are ways you can make moving to the UK from USA, as green as possible.

    What does zero-carbon mean?

    To understand the meaning of the term zero-carbon, first, we need to understand what is a carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouses gases we emit because of our actions. Every individual and every company should work on reducing their carbon footprint. By reducing the volume of greenhouse gasses we create, we can weaken the effect of global warming. The term zero-carbon refers to zero carbon dioxide emissions. To clarify, it means changing our lifestyles to reduce carbon emissions to the lowest amount.

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    We should all work towards mitigating the effects of greenhouse gases.

    Our team at Transparent International Movers understands the risks of global warming. Likewise, we understand everyone has to do their part in rebuilding our planet. Zero-carbon shipping solves an ever-growing issue in the shipping industry.

    Why is zero-carbon shipping important?

    The shipping industry emits 940 million tonnes of CO2 every year or 2.5% of the world’s total CO2 emissions. These emissions will increase significantly by the year 2050. The rising levels of CO2 will have a major impact on climate change and public health. So, the next time you are looking for moving overseas companies, make sure that they are doing their best to reduce their carbon footprint.

    We must implement mitigating measures as soon as possible. The shipping industry has to work towards using better fuel for their vehicles if they want to achieve zero-carbon emissions. There are three different options the shipping industry should take into consideration.

    • Biofuels. Biofuels give off CO2 when you burn them in an internal combustion engine, but retrieve CO2 from the air during the production of feedstock.
    • Synthetic carbon fuels. Synthetic methane and synthetic methanol are two synthetic carbon-based fuel options. They are produced by mixing green and blue hydrogen with carbon retrieved from the atmosphere.
    • Green and blue hydrogen. Green hydrogen comes from water with the help of renewable electricity. Blue hydrogen comes from natural gas. But it is still uncertain how green the blue hydrogen is.
    Ship on the sea
    Zero-carbon shipping is the future of the moving industry.

    How can you help?

    We all should strive toward decreasing our carbon footprint. Likewise, we should always choose the best option for our planet. So, whether you are moving to the other part of the continent or across the ocean, look for moving companies that care. Simply because moving boxes overseas shouldn’t take a toll on our home.

    Hopefully, now you know what is zero-carbon shipping. Next time, think carefully about your moving company. Always choose green!



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